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Weaver Owner List
Full updated masterlist is over at the masterlist account! BananaDEX

Thanks to InkxInk for updating this for me!!
weeps this took so long omg
RaenCOMPLEX helped me hunt down some of these owners!! Ahhh thank you!
LIST IS NOT COMPLETE!! Some owners are unverified. If you're tagged and you no longer own the weaver let me know!!
MYO's will be on a separate list! I'll do it tomorrow hhhh lays down
GEN 1: !!

GEN 2: !!

MAY NOT BE 100% ACCURATE... Guys please verify your weavers with me I would greatly appreciate!!
CTRL + F to look up names / IDs
bolded entries need to be verifi
MYO Rules + MYO owners**Weaver MYO's are not open, and are not free to make!
Reference for trading purposes - If you're trading with someone note me or comment here (preferred) so I can edit this. You won't officially be considered an owner if you trade and then don't let me know.

 - !! If you trade for any weaver not on one of my bases, you need to check/verify with me to make sure you're not being scammed !!
 - MYO Permissions/unmade MYO's ("slots") CANNOT BE TRADED OR GIFTED. Finished MYO's may be traded, after approval.
 - I will not approve huge changes to MYO designs - No major palette changes (Mostly red weaver's red is changed to blue) or major marking changes. Small changes, such as accent colors, eye color, gender
      etc can be changed without approval. (Please respect that people often pick up MYO's with the idea they are going to create a whole knew thing out of it, and I don

Weaver-Fever is a Fan Group for bananamantis's species, Weavers
Weavers are a CLOSED species to bananamantis

Species ref!

Weaver Species Guide 2.0 by bananamantis
There will be a description and other stuff here soon ;v;

Group Rules:
- Anyone can join, you do not need to own a weaver to join
- Only submit art of weavers
- NO submitting art of fake weavers (we will know)
- NO seeking journals unless you're trading a weaver








Open Auctions!

OPEN weaver auctions!





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lunaLights90 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2020  Student Digital Artist
I saw a bunch of comment from mainly 2019. i dont know if this group is dead or not. Is it?
Pawsu-Productions Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2019
Hi! I made a weaver plush and was wondering which folder would be best to publish it to?

Plush:  Rainy the Weaver ( Custom Plush ) by Pawsu-Productions
Warped-Desire Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there, Are weavers breedable? ;; I was wondering if it was at all possible to breed one
kinqx11x Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2019  Student Digital Artist
How much is their rights?
wicker-witchcraft Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I've fallen in love with this species but it seems the group is either dead or dying? The last auction seems to have been quite a while ago according to the official weaver folder ;-;

So I was wondering if there would ever be a way to get one of these cuties such as MYO's or is anything else happening? Honestly I'd hate for this species to end
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