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    You stand in front of the portal on the outskirts of town, ready to go in. Everybody else in town, as well as the military personnel sent to investigate it 3 years ago, were too afraid to risk their lives for a possibly meaningless endeavor. As a mute orphan with barely any worthwhile abilities, you didn't see yourself as much of a loss if something went bad, so you entered it against the military's warnings. After that, you had a momentary sensation of being pulled apart before appearing in a long hallway. Your heart and brain catch up to the rest of you, and you attempt to catch your breath. You check behind yourself, and see no exit. You decide to continue along this hallway to see where it leads. After a short while, you notice something in the distance. At first it looked like a moving blur, but when you got close enough, you saw what appeared to be yourself wearing a bartender outfit and cleaning their desk. After a minute, they stopped and looked at you.

    "Greetings to you, friend. While your fear is unfounded, your confusion is understandable. I mean, almost everybody gets confused when they meet me and see themself in a suit." The person said. They then got up and walked around their desk to stand next to you. You feel nervous. "With that out of the way, I welcome you to the Interdimensional Cafe, where anything can happen and everything will happen." They said, extending their hand. You tilt your head in a questioning way. "Think of it like a vacation spot from reality. Time outside barely flows, but at the same time nobody ages inside. There's sub-sections for every type of genre, medium, and creator, allowing for a multitude of variety to this place." They continued. You express even greater confusion at what they're talking about. "It's a place where you can enjoy yourself without the burdens of life and reality, to put it simply. You can even meet people from other realities. Need a clearer explanation?" They finished. You shake your head, then give a thumbs up with a less confused look on your face. "Good, because I don't think I could have made it any clearer. As a show of hospitality, how about I show you one of our lively bunches?" They said. You shrug and nod your head. "Oh, I almost forgot to tell you my name. I'm Aiyoff Thebb Houlder. Call me Aiyoff. Now then, let's get on with this." Aiyoff said. You and them then start walking down another hall.

Along this hall stands countless doors, each one with a somewhat different design. You and Aiyoff walk past many of them, with Aiyoff muttering something about "author's OCs". After around 3 minutes of walking, Aiyoff stops, and you stop behind them. "This is the place! Now, let me warn you, you are going to see a variety of people that look weird. Until I've acquainted you with the place, it would be best to stick by me. Understood?" they said. You nod worriedly. "Great!" they exclaimed. The two of you then proceed through a door with the depiction of various religious deities on it.

After walking down a short hall from the door, you see what Aiyoff meant by weird-looking people. Lining numerous seats were various unique-looking characters. You decide not to stare more than necessary, and continue following Aiyoff. They proceed to go behind a bar counter, and gesture towards the stool in front of them. You sit down and watch as Aiyoff starts cleaning a glass. "While there are many other areas in this place to go, this is the one I frequent the most. It never gets dull around here." they said. You shrug. The moment afterward, a gong sounds off. Aiyoff looks towards a clock nearby. You look closer at it too, and see it says 9:15. "9:15 on September 1st. What was that one again?" Aiyoff pondered. They pull out a small notepad, then put it away and pull up a microphone. "It's time again for a fight. The match for today will be: Mark Johnson vs Dark Blade. Let's set things up now." Aiyoff announced. They proceed to snap their fingers, and the room distorts, looking bigger. Two people then get up and walk towards the center. One has extremely spiky hair, a blue longcoat with sleeves that cover his hands and a collar that goes up to his nose, and dark sunglasses. The other has messy hair, a formal coat over a T-shirt, black jeans, and a purplish-black glowing aura around him. They stop halfway from the center, and stare at each other. You look at Aiyoff with concern. "Don't worry. They are both skilled fighters, and have no intention of killing one another. The worst that could happen is they wreck part of the place. Now, who's ready for a brawl?" Aiyoff said. You shrug. A number of the patrons raise their fists in agreement. "Alright. Ready, set, FIGHT!" Aiyoff shouted.

Mark (blue coat) starts by summoning whips of paper from his sleeves, followed by Dark (purplish-black aura) shaping his aura into a sword. They charge at each other, poised to attack. Mark leaps into the air before twirling around, lashing his arm-whips against Dark, who's blocking the attacks with great speed and finesse using his sword. Mark lands on the ground, and then disassembles his paper whips and wills them into paper-shuriken to strike Dark from every direction. Dark dissipates his aura-sword before rapidly blocking the shuriken from every direction. Mark then forms massive paper claws from his sleeves and lunges at Dark, who in turn forms claws around his hands from his aura. They clash and proceed to slash at one another trying to land a blow. Meanwhile, on the sidelines: You and Aiyoff, as well as everybody else, are watching as they throw down. "Like I told you, there's rarely a dull day around here. Whether it's scheduled fights, momentary disagreements that result in some destruction, a new arrival, or what comes of somebody getting bored, I'm always finding this place livening. The rest of the cafe is sometimes exciting, but mostly it's rather peaceful, which I don't mind either." they said. You nod in agreement while watching the fight. Suddenly, during the fight, Mark dodges one of Dark's strikes, which breaks a large piece out of the ground and sends it flying at you. You brace for impact, but when you aren't hit, you turn around to see Aiyoff having created a wall of light. "One of the great things about scheduled fights like these, is that so many of the people here have me in their peripheral vision. At least one of them is bound to have an ability that can defend multiple people at once." they muttered to themself.

After several minutes of fighting, Mark and Dark start to tire themselves out. Amidst this exhaustion, Dark finds an opening and slashes Mark's side. "GAME!" Aiyoff shouts with an echo. The two then stop. "The two weren't really fighting to the best of their ability, so this is a believable time. If they went all out, it might take some time to rebuild this room." Aiyoff explained to you. The two return to their seats, and the room shrinks back down to its original size. "This is just part of sticking around this place. There are also a number of things that go on in the back room, but that's not anything you need to know about." Aiyoff said. You nod in understanding. "Great! Now that I've acquainted you with everything that goes on here, I think it's time to acquaint everybody with you." Aiyoff said. You express a worried face. "Hey, everybody! I'd like you to meet our newest audience member!" Aiyoff yelled. Everybody then directs their attention towards you. You start to feel very nervous. Some of them stare at you with a friendly face, some look like they don't care, and others have an expression saying they'd want to kill and/or dissect you. "May you get to know each other well!" Aiyoff exclaims. Everybody then goes back to what they were doing. "Welcome aboard, my friend." Aiyoff said, extending their hand. You shake it, then nod your head worriedly.
It begins.
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