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    The Weapon Rangers are working at their personal hobbies as usual. Arsenal is fixing a gun for somebody, Blade is reforging somebody's sword, Artillery is tinkering on a vehicle, Shadow is counseling somebody, Warp is putting others through fitness training, Nature is fixing up pets, Fate is helping at the hospital, Echo is performing for a crowd, Techno is fixing a computer, and Emo is giving support to a grieving person. Business as usual, when suddenly, yet another Serg (Insectoid Cyborg) General with an army of Serg, as well as a Zenix (Giant Armored Dragonoid), are launched to Earth somewhere. Zorderon calls the Rangers to the base.

    The Ranger Morph summons begin: Arsenal spawns a massive number of firearms and explosives, which shift and interconnect to form his red Ranger suit. Blade has several sharp weapons and tools come out all over her body, then shift and split to form her yellow Ranger suit. Artillery drives a truck, which then transforms into his green Ranger suit. Darkness shrouds Shadow, which then solidifies into his black Ranger suit. Warp bends the fabric of reality to form her blue Ranger suit. Nature manipulates the natural elements to form her pink Ranger suit. Fate shapes the souls of the deceased to form his white Ranger suit. Echo shapes the noise around him into his brown Ranger suit. Techno shifts and connects several machines and devices together to form his purple Ranger suit. Emo condenses the emotions of living beings to form her orange Ranger suit. They each were transported to the base after morphing.

    The Rangers appear before a goth-looking guy in a tube with a clear blue fluid. He's missing his entire right leg, the lower part of his left leg, his left arm, and an eye. He also has a hole through the right side of his torso. He only has a pair of shredded jeans on his body, is connected to several tubes reaching up to the ceiling, and has a creepily cheerful smiling look on his face. This is Zorderon, the one in charge of the Rangers. "Hello there, rangers. As you probably have surmised, Mistress Xenova has sent another force to Earth. It's pretty much become a schedule." he said. "This has been about the fifth attempt this month. It's gotten very annoying." Warp said. "It's been approximately 1 attack every 5.48 days. I agree that this has become a major inconvenience." Techno said. "Where is the attack this time?" Fate asked in exasperation. "The current attack is in Techyo. They appear to be trying to assimilate access to the Internet for the 4th time. They're being delayed from the connection point due to the defenses put up after the last 3 attempts, but you rangers are still the only ones able to kill them for some reason, no matter how much we try to implement our capabilities into the world. Techno will be able to give you more details about the threat." Zorderon explained.

    Techno moves his arms in circular motions before clapping his hands together, turning into a cybernetic light that goes into every other Rangers' suits. A screen pops up in each Rangers' helmet with Techno's head. "Information on the current threat: Another Serg General and it's army has been sent. They've made a couple upgrades to attempt being a competent threat, but we will see how they fare. Xenova has also decided to send with them a sedated imprisoned Zenix as backup. It would hold great convenience if you got to it and killed it before it gets loose, as the sedative wasn't very effective." he explained. "Alright, now that we know what we're facing, I'm sure for the most part, the Weapon Force is all we need. The rest stand by just in case. Let's move, team!" Arsenal said. They then head off to fight.

    Everybody except Fate (who's in his Destiny Shuttle) gets into Artillery's Transport Train locomotive, and he speeds towards Techyo. The Rangers chat in the meantime. "We haven't actually fought a Zenix before, so this should be interesting." Blade said. "Yeah, we've really only seen them in the Omniforce max-security prison, though they all had more major restraints on them compared to other species." Shadow said, staring out a window. "From what I understand, they have great willpower, incredible strength, and a taste for blood. They're the 3rd most dangerous species in the universe, and as such they aren't allowed to roam free when around any species besides their own." Nature said, petting a rabbit on her lap. "I would quite like to see the Zenix and study it in action." Techno spoke from his tech-space. "I just want to get this over with. I don't want to waste more time than necessary." Warp said, her arms crossed. "You guys will get what you want when we arrive." Arsenal said, sitting in the co-conductor seat. "So long as we keep a stable system between us, there's no risk of failure." Emo said. "I can hear the sounds of frightened civilians. We're close." Echo said, hand against his ear. "Alright everybody. We're here." Artillery said. He stops not far from the connection point, and dematerializes the train, leaving them on a street. They look up and see Fate jump down from his ship, which then speeds off into the distance. They proceed to discuss a plan.

    "Alright, as usual we have Techno coordinate our tactics to keep us in sync." Arsenal said. "Affirmative. Role well acknowledged." Techno stated. "For the most, I'll stick to a distance and snipe what I can. We'll stick with the Weapon Force for now, so the Control Trio, Fate and Nature will stand by. Blade, Artillery, Shadow, and Warp, you will be the ones in the fray. Limit collateral damage as much as possible, as we're the ones who have to rebuild everything. Beyond that, let's get through this quickly before that thing wakes up and breaks out." Arsenal strategized. "You expended 4 minutes explaining that, so let's hurry up!" Warp said in annoyance. The 5 then start off towards the CP.

    Arsenal jets himself up to the top of a nearby building and creates a sniper rifle. He sees the main army not too far away, with the General near the back where the CP is. "Let's get started." Arsenal commanded. The rest of the W-Force heads towards the Serg. Artillery spawns a truck with which he rams through a number of Serg before being stopped by a rather tough-looking one. "Guess they did get upgrades." Artillery said before dematerializing the wrecked truck and starting a fight with the Serg. Blade is slicing through many of the Serg, wielding a Zweihänder in one hand and a Xiphos in the other, for slashing and stabbing respectively. She notices that some of them are still alive, albeit well injured, after she cut through them. "It looks to be that way." she said. Shadow is standing around, with the Serg coming at him. They try to hit him, but their attacks just go through his shadowy immaterial body. He then possesses a group of Serg and uses them against the others. As he is killing Serg with Serg, he notices one that looks different from the rest. He switches to possessing just that one. "Well, would you look at this, everybody. I found out what's going on." Shadow said, before crushing the heads of two Serg using his possessed Serg. Warp is moving fluidly around her enemies, punching Serg off into the distance through shifting their momentum and velocity as soon as she touches them, or make them gorily explode by increasing the density and force behind her punches. "What is it? Hurry up and tell us Shadow!" she said. Shadow is punching holes through the Serg with his Upgraded Serg. "Apparently, from our battles against Xenova's forces, there ended up being some residual energy from our powers left on the corpses. They were able to take all this energy and combine it to make an evil Power Orb. They sent these Upgraded Serg as a test run to see how this power would compare to the originals." he said. Another group of Serg are charging at the other Rangers, but several of them get shot through the head in rapid succession. Arsenal is still on that rooftop, shooting down Serg from a great distance with no scope on his rifle. "Good info to know, Shadow. We might actually have to get serious here." he said, noticing a few Serg heavily injured but still alive.

    Artillery continues trading blows with the Upgraded Serg, throwing punch after punch to little effect. "Guess I'll get serious." he said. After that, he bulks up in size to be about as tall as the Serg, and a barrier expands from inside him, knocking it away. His fists then get covered in his Armoured Gauntlets, and he punches the Upgraded Serg again. He rips off the Serg's arm with a single punch, and tears off the other one before punching the Serg in the head so many times so quickly, that a couples seconds after landing the blows, its head explodes. "That was rather exhilarating!" he said. Blade meanwhile is faced against a number of Serg that are resisting being cut apart. "This is starting to get annoying." said in exasperation. She proceeds to sprout metallic wings made of blades and fly up to the sky. She then motions her arms to her sides with her palms facing up, and raises her hands, which causes numerous sharp objects to come out of the ground and skewer the Serg. She than summons her Helicopter Quad-Blade, made of an incredibly strong metal with a copyrighted name, and slices off the heads of the Upgraded. "This is kinda pushing it." she said. Shadow is still crushing weak Serg when four more Upgraded appear. "Time to break out the big guns." he said. He exits his Serg before it dies, and emits a blinding light to disorient the Serg. He than shrouds the area the Upgraded are in with darkness, before throwing many of his Shadow Shuriken into their bodies, which weakens them enough for him to slice their heads off with hard light. "They were not prepared." he said. Warp is tearing through the Serg fast, with numerous Upgraded focusing on her. She proceeds to slow down time to a crawl, and punch Serg so quickly in real time that they're reduced to a bloody stain. A couple of the upgraded are still able to move with time slowed, and land a couple hits on her. "This is seriously lengthening the time we spend." she said. She changes up her Reality-warp Combos to combine her temporally-ignoring blows with her explosive punch, the power of which causes such a powerful shockwave that it tears holes through hundreds of nearby Serg, killing them all. "Let's get this over with." she said. Arsenal continues to try sniping the Upgraded, but they have tank-armor-like coating deflecting the long-range fire. "Gonna need to get up close and personal for this." he said. He walks to the other side of the roof, before running quickly towards the edge. He then leaps off the roof towards the battlefield, turning himself into a projectile. He speeds towards the fight like a human bullet, before crashing in the middle of his targeted enemies. As the Upgraded try to attack, he blasts them away with energy beams from his hands, before bringing out his Arm Tank Cannon. He shoots tank rounds through each of them, blowing a whole through either the heart or the head. "Boom! Your dead." he said. With that, the Rangers wound up all on the battlefield, slaughtering Serg left and right to get to the General and Zenix.

    As the Rangers are killing their way through the army, the General is standing at the back. He finally gives some orders. "Ogp! Kv ku vkog! Tgngcug vjg Zenix! Dguv vq dg gctna vjcp vqq ncvg!" he shouts. "Agu ukt!" a random Serg replied. <Their language's alphabet is English shifted 3 letters forward. A becomes C, Q becomes S.> The Serg guarding the Zenix cage proceed to release it. "Stop them! We can't let it get free before we kill it! The Zenix have rampaged through planets in the past, and almost always took some effort to take down!" Arsenal shouted to the Rangers. "You know how stuff like this goes. We won't make it in time and we'll have to fight it, culminating in the use of our Zords. Did you forget that in the Ranger Academy?" Warp said to Arsenal. "No, but I'd rather avoid that genre cliche if possible!" Arsenal said. "It's no cliche, Arsenal. It's a genre law." Warp said. As they killed off 90% of the Serg force, the Serg by the Zenix are a while away from releasing it. "Fgcvj hqt og ku kpgxkvcdng. Yg ctg dwv c vguv twp hqt vjg Ranger Orb'u rqygt! Jc jc jc jc jc!" the General said, laughing at his impending doom. He then injects into himself large quantities of Ranger essence from his armor. It causes him to bulk out a little and rip through his cybernetics, before a grey suit forms around his body, excluding his insectoid head. "It looks like the mid-boss has decided to reveal himself." Shadow said. The Upgraded General creates a shield around the Zenix and remaining Serg, then walks towards the Rangers. "Eqog igv uqog, Rangers." the General said before motioning to come at him. "This might be tough. While there's a limit to how long he can contain that power before it tears him apart, the average time is a day, and we don't have that much time. Until then, he has a good deal of our powers combined at his command, albeit weaker. We need to get really serious so we can get to the Zenix quickly." Arsenal said to the Rangers. They then start at the General all at once. Arsenal shoots at him with a gatling gun, but the General speeds himself up to block every bullet. Blade tries slashing him apart with dual katanas, but he armors his wrists and blocks them. Artillery tries punching through him, but every spot he hits shifts into shadows before they can land. Shadow tries possessing him, but a barrier of energy appears that blocks him out. Finally, Warp tries rapidly punching him, but he covers himself in spikes, causing pain to her fists. "He's using all of our abilities to counter the others!" Blade said. "I'm expectant that he will be able to rapidly shift through them if we go all at once, so that most likely won't work." Artillery said. "If the problem is he knows our personal moves and how to use them, let's shake things up a bit. Ready to try out those combos?" Arsenal said. "We've never done it before, only speculated the potential. Might as well give it a shot." Warp said. The General runs towards the Rangers with spikes coming out of his fists. Arsenal and Blade stand next to each other. "Power Combo: Energy Saber!" they shout in unison, before a blade of hardened energy appears in Blade's hand. She slashes at the speeding General, who attempts to armor his arm to block the blow, but the Energy Saber cuts right through it, slicing off the General's hand "Ewpv-hwemkpi yjqtg-ujkv, vjcv jwtvu!" he screamed. "Hey. Language." Arsenal said. Warp and Shadow then come together. "Power Combo: Dark Field!" they yell at once, which creates a large sphere around the Rangers and the General that blocks out all light. "Yjgte ctg aqw?" the General shouts in fear. The sound of movement is heard. "Power Combo: Eradicating Shine!" Arsenal and Shadow shout together, before a blinding light fills the sphere and burns the General into ashes. the combo items dissipate afterwards. "Phew, that was rough. At least now we can go and ki-" Arsenal attempted to say, before being interrupted by the ground shaking. The Rangers turn to look and see that the Zenix has been released. It roars loudly before running off towards a city, shattering the ground wherever its feet land. "Oh, f*ck this! Why?!" Arsenal said in annoyance.

    The Rangers run towards the Zenix, with it rampaging through the city. "The universe had to have set things up so that it would turn out this way, didn't it?" Arsenal asked in disbelief. "Yes. It did." Warp said. "No use complaining more. It's time to do the thing." Artillery said. He then whistles into the distance. A moment later, a long train comes flying across the sky. "We call upon our mighty Zords to vanquish this foe!" the Rangers said simultaneously. A tank falls out of the first train car, which Arsenal jumps into. "Blast Tank: Torso Configuration!" he shouted. The tank then transforms to have arm and pelvic attachments. A helicopter and jet fly out of the next two cars. "Blade Copter: Arm Configuration!" Blade shouted. "Warp Jet: Arm Configuration!" Warp shouted. The two transform into arms and attach, with the copter blade transforming into a giant sword. 6 motorcycles ride out of the following car. "Shadow Cycles: Pelvic Configuration!" Shadow shouted. The 6 cycles transform and combine to form the pelvis and hips. Finally, all but the locomotive and second car detach and disappear. "Transport Train: Legs Configuration!" Artillery shouted. The two train cars separate and transform into the legs. After all this, a head pops out of the Blast Tank. "Weapon Force Megazord: Version 1! Combat ready!" The Rangers shouted at once, followed by landing near the Zenix.

    As soon as the Megazord appeared near it, the Zenix let out a massive roar. It then lifts up a large building and throws it at them, which they block with a punch. "It's definitely strong, I'll give it that." Arsenal said. The Zenix rushes at them with its fists, rapidly punching the Megazord. They block by crossing the arms, then counterattack it by sweeping their legs and knocking it down, before punching it several times in the gut, causing it to spray blood. But before they could punch more, the Zenix grabbed an arm and threw them off it before standing back up. "As to be expected, it has the body to back up that power." Artillery said. The Zenix charges them again. "Time to get serious" Blade said. "Agreed" the rest said at once. They then pull out the Copter Saber, and start slashing and stabbing at the Zenix. After a bunch of stabs and slashes, the Rangers manage to cut of one of its arms. "Alright. We're on the right track." Shadow said. After that, the Zenix' eyes glowed a bloody crimson, and an arm made of solidified energy grew out. It roared again before charging at them. "I see why the Omniforce restrains these things now. They don't go down easily." Arsenal said. They block its next punch with their blade, but it grabs the blade with the energy arm and rapidly punches the torso with its other one, knocking down the Megazord after a good number. "Holy crap, this is bad." Blade said. "I didn't think it was possible for us to start losing like this. I misjudged what we needed for this. Time to call in the backup Techno. You know which one." Arsenal said. "Affirmative. To Fate: The others require your assistance. It would be appreciated if you came." Techno told Fate. "Alright, I'm on my way." Fate answered.

    As the Zenix threw a punch towards the Megazord, the Destiny Shuttle speeds through the air and plants itself between them. After the Zenix' fist collided with the Shuttle, the force of its punch is reflected back at it and knocks it a distance away. "The situation is not looking good." Arsenal said. "That is definitely a certainty." Fate said. The hull of the Shuttle detaches and splits in half. The right white half (left from how it's planted in the ground) then transforms into the Angelzord, and the left black half into the Demonzord, leaving the Balance Blade Ship in the ground with Fate inside it. "For most situations, we've only needed to combine with one Immortal Zord, but I believe this situation needs more than that." Arsenal said. "Agreed. It's time to give the Armor Mode configuration a go." Fate said. "Everybody ready?" Arsenal asked. "Ready!" the rest all shouted. "Alright. Initiate combination!" Arsenal shouted. The two Immortalzords transform, turning into plate armor all over the W.F. Megazord while adding wings and a yin-yang chestplate. "Weapon Force Megazord, Immortal Armor Mode!" the Rangers all shouted. Afterwards, they grab the Balance Blade Ship and pull it out of the gound. "Combat Ready!" they shouted once more. After finishing their combining, they find the Zenix already rushing at them. They separate the sword in half, taking on its Death Dealer and Life Stealer forms, while the crystal sphere that Fate pilots from is inserted into a holder on the Megazord's "gut". "It's time to finish this." Arsenal said.

    With that Megazord power-up, the tide shifted majorly to the Rangers' favor. The Zenix tries to grab them again, but they agilely maneuver over and behind it. They recombine the blades and slice off its other arm, which causes it to screech in pain. The Zenix attempts to turn around and ram them with it's head, but the Rangers maneuver behind it again, separate the blades again, and slice off it's legs, causing it to fall forward to the ground, smashing its head through a building. It wills another energy arm, and attempts to pick itself back up. "Not today!" The Rangers said at once, before slicing it's head off with both blades. With the Zenix dead, it's energy arms revert back to plain energy and it's remaining torso falls dead to the ground. The Megazord walks over and picks up the head. "Finally. That felt like it took hours to get done." Warp said. "Well, time to call in the cleanup crew and reconstruction drones." Arsenal said. "We should probably take this to the Omniforce station as well." Shadow said. "After we're done with this, I'm going to sleep. It's late." Fate said. The rest of the Rangers look and notice that it's already dusk. "Good idea. We all have a busy day in the morning." Artillery said. Artillery then calls a train car to hold the Zenix head, while the Megazord disassembles. Techno calls in the mentioned cleanup crew and reconstruction drones, and the Rangers teleport their separate ways.

    With that, another eventful day for the Rangers comes to a close. They go to sleep, awaiting their jobs the next day. The city gets rebuilt again. Mistress Xenova plans her next attack, while Zorderon stays as prepared as possible for when it happens. Overall, everything happens as expected. See you next time
The first of many "A Day in the Life of:" stories.
More will come, but first I must finish my introduction story to all of my OCs. Which will come "someday".
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