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Emee v.2
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Has it really been over a year since my last update?

Anyways. Here's my old Invader Zim fancharacter, Emee, redesigned to be more... better.

Emee is not a self-insert, but something about the human design just didn't seem quite right. And old Irken Emee might have been cuter than this, but her facial shape was too obviously a copy of Zim's. And now the clothes make more sense: her jacket is her own hoodie, just turned around and sliced open down the back. The rest of it is what happens when Gir puts a bottle of Acne-Blast through the wash with a load of Zim's uniforms.

Emee is essentially an intentional Sue meant to be played for laughs. I know a lot of Invader Zim authors write Mary Sues the same way they would write a Sue for any other fandom. But Invader Zim isn't about being popular or having a lot of friends or saving the day. And it doesn't make sense to me to make a Sue better than the story's protagonist in a setting where the protagonist isn't supposed to be very good at or succeed in anything, or more popular than the protagonist when nobody is supposed to like the protagonist anyways. Writing a Mary Sue is about writing a character that is MORE than what canon already offers. So if the protagonist is a bit dense, the Sue should be an utter moron. If the protagonist rarely manages to achieve their goals, the Sue should be completely incompetent. If the canon sidekick characters are annoying and unhelpful, the Sue should be even more annoying and even more unhelpful. Hence, Emee.

Invader Zim and the Irken species are, of course, © Nickelodeon and were created by Jhonen Vasquez.
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