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Darth Mouser by Weatherfac Darth Mouser by Weatherfac
I'm not dead in case anyone was wondering, I've just been very inactive.

I also haven't had much to post, as this is the first picture I've really worked on for the past year or so. This is a redrawing of the first ever real fancharacter I made. His name is Darth Mouser and I created him when I was, oh, six years old I think.

Bear in mind that this was years before Episode I came out. I'd seen the original trilogy but didn't know there were books or anything else. My father knew a good deal more than I did, but he wasn't quite straight with me about what was wrong with Darth Vader; when I asked what had happened to Darth Vader to leave him in that suit, he told me that it was because he had some kind of disease.

The Darth Mouser story arc involved Darth Vader having a pet mouse named Squeak (all pet mice in my stories had the same name, despite being different mice and--on occasion--even different genders), which he had had since back when he was still Anakin Skywalker. Squeak contracted the same "disease" he had, and had to be put in a tiny suit. So logically (6-year-old logic, mind you) Vader named him Darth Mouser, and trained him to use the Dark Side. Darth Mouser was semi-anthropomorphic; he couldn't talk, but he was smarter than real-life mice and he could wield a lightsaber like it was nobody's business.

Of course, that lightsaber was about the length and width of a toothpick, but still.

While Darth Vader went around terrorizing the staff on the Death Star, interrogating prisoners, or hunting down stray Jedi, it was Darth Mouser's job to keep the Death Star free of other mice. Jedi mice, of course, because everybody always had pet mice in my fanfics. It was weird. In this case the mice had been the pets of the Jedi Darth Vader had killed, which meant that Luke notwithstanding, the traditions of the Jedi Order were being carried on solely by a bunch of mice.

For a long time I wouldn't touch Mouser, first because my interest had shifted to other things and then because I realized he was just really, really serty. But with the introduction of newer characters like Darth Plagueis, Darth Malgus, we know that Darth Vader is hardly the only Sith to need a rebreather. Who knows... with a little back story tweaking (and a new name), maybe he'd still work. :P

Star Wars, the Sith, and Darth anybody are Lucasfilms. Mouser is mine.
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gawd your artwork is amazing
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