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How To Write A Summary
I see many fanfics with summaries like "Summary sucks plz read" or "I cant write summaries, just read the story" or "story not as bad as summary".
Although anyone can tell you that the summary is less important than the actual story, a good summary does go a long way in making your story sound interesting and encouraging more readers to check it out. Because the summary is something that the author writes, like the story itself is, the fact that a single-paragraph summary may be poorly written doesn't bode well for the story it is attached to.
Although I make no claims that I am especially good at writing summaries, I do know a few things that have proved helpful to me while writing them for my own stories, and I believe that young writers might be able to benefit a little from what I've figured out. At least, hopefully it will give some writers the confidence to not feel the need to apologize for a sucky summary when they post their stories on the web.
Writing a good summary doesn't h
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A Lovecraftian Limerick
There once was a sharp criminologist
Who thought himself an astrobiologist
And the more he exposed
His strange mind composed
The nature of that eldritch colonist
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Steve Grand, the creator of one of my favorite game series (Creatures) has announced a new project: Grandroids. He's currently looking for backers to help fund the project--and he offers some neat rewards for people who participate.

I've been playing Creatures for some fifteen years now. It's usually described as a virtal pet game, but in reality it's much more than that. Norns don't come with preprogrammed behavior trees like Petz or Tamagotchi, which only give the appearance of meaningful behavior. Instead, Norns have complex virtual brains complete with emotions, instincts, drives, and the ability to learn from past experiences and formulate new decisions based on learned information. (I'm hungry, I need to eat something--I see a toy--are toys good to eat? Nope, can't do that--maybe I'll try that cheese instead.)

The first game in the Creatures series was released in 1996. Steve Grand was churning out complex AI long before we even had the technology to make games like Spore or The Sims possible. These later games still have nothing on Creatures in terms of AI--they rely on adding complexity to behavior trees, instead of a system that offers dynamic learning and decision-making capabilities.

It's been fifteen years since the first Creatures game was released. What will Grandroids be like?

I can't wait to see, but it's going to take some help for Steve to be able to pull it off. I hope that anyone with an interest in artificial intelligence--yes, even virtual pets--will be willing to lend Steve a hand.


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I am a web programmer and artist who loves watching and drawing cartoons, playing with (or creating) virtual pets, and modding for my favorite games.


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