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This would have only taken me maybe a week or two, but I took a break of about two months after I decided it looked bad. During that time, I worked on better things, which I’ll post later this month probably.

Anyway, I eventually went back to this one, and I think it turned out okay in the end especially considering how many firsts there were. For instance, I’ve never painted a big cloud of smoke before, let alone a big cloud of smoke with magic picture bubbles in it…

Besides the normal sphinx characteristics, you will notice four extra arms and a pair of antennae. I really can’t say why, except that creatures usually do sprout new parts as they pass through my mind. I think there is something very primal about an insect-like number of limbs, as if to say ‘I haven’t entered the physical world yet, so I can have as many of these as I like.’ A drawing of caterpillar-like people lying on a leaf (possibly by William Blake) once made a profound impression on me, if memory serves.

To avoid confusion, I will add finally that the green pig in the top left corner is a Mome Rath (© Lewis Carroll). Humpty Dumpty can tell you why. And the happy thing with no ears next to the Bedouin is a sloth. Sloths are pretty much my favourite animals.

Please do not use my art in any way other than to stare at it. Thankyou.
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Anjoo this is insanely good!! I love love love it!!!
Miss you. We really need to catch up soon. I'll even pull a day off work if I need to =)
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OMG You have no idea how happy you just made me! I seriously thought you weren't talking to me anymore! :lmao: Not that you'd have a reason for that, but you know... it's happened to me a lot lately! lol

Anyway, yes we must catch up soon because I have new glasses! I look Woody Allen now. =D
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strange but really cool, I like this surreal stuff.
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i like this piece!
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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!
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Kidding :D You said be brutal.

I really like this picture, the only thing that bothers me is how it goes from being white to being purple. I think the white is a little to harsh, and maybe going with a light lavender would be good. Also, the shading on the hair looks really awkward. Having the red just pop out of nowhere is a little distracting. :)
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Thankyou! I might do the whole lavender thing. It's probably a good idea. =)
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Ahh gorgeous use of colours and wonderfully detailed as per usual x3

I'm staring. And I don't think I'm going to stop staring for a while. There's so much to look at o_o Your attention to detail is remarkable x3
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Thanks! I'll try to work faster too from now on... That's a promise. Sort of.
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Quality over quantity!
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