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The Way To A Man's....Heart?

"So what do you do for a living?"

"I'm an artist."

"Artist, huh? That sounds pretty nerdy. Do you wear a turtleneck sweater and tell people about contemporary crap?"

"Nope, I just draw smut all day."

"....Alright, I'll bite."

Done for a contest over on The Daxter Sanctuary.
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I MUST HAVE THAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀
craptaincrunch's avatar
what did he draw?....
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
Kinda vulgar, but... I like the lighting. ^^; I also like your ottsel dude's design. :D
Weaselgrease's avatar

I have a fairly racy sense of humor. It comes from watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit one too many times. Some of Daxter's scripted dialogue in the games is about the same.
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
You're welcome! :)

I'm used to this stuff, I guess you could say. Nothing against you. :D I love that movie! And the Jak games were good too. I just kinda find it offensive how sexualized women are in media. That's all.
Weaselgrease's avatar
I purposely wrote the title and drew the picture to be as ambiguous as possible. That way the viewer can come to whatever conclusions they like as to what Daxter is actually looking at. =)
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
Lol. XD Maybe it would've been better for me had I not Googled the word "smut".
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MaryTheDog24's avatar
What is Dax starin at?
Weaselgrease's avatar
Considering that it's Daxter it could be anything!
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great job man
Silverspegel's avatar
Great! Just... awsome! :D
banksinc's avatar
Fav, watch, tweeted, and wishing I could draw that well. :D
Zen-with-a-bat's avatar
I find one thing out of place...

Where's your underwear hat? <:O

LOL, na, is epic as ever. :3
Weaselgrease's avatar
I traded them for shorts!
spasemann's avatar
i wonder what is on that screen :)
rezzerDude's avatar
I dig that pose on the chair.

The ottsel design is pretty epic as well!
Weaselgrease's avatar
That's literally how I sit while I draw all day.
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