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Daily Deviation
October 1, 2010
Grey Magus by ~angelusconna is a font with a lot of versatility. It hints at elegance, borders on haunting, and almost suggests boldness without overstating it's charm. The characters are nicely spaced, and it offers legibly edgy text.
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Grey Magus



A font I created originally intending it to look like the handwriting of a character of mine. Said character has a fondness for the quill and ink, so I tried to make it look as if scrawled with a dipped glass nib. It turned out a little more art-nouveau-ish than I'd intended, but I like it, and so here it is.

UPDATE: It is complete, or as complete as it's going to get-- numerals and most common accented characters are in the font now, so knock yourselves out. I won't be adding any more characters unless I get a lot of requests for certain ones, though.

Please drop me a note or email if you use it, or just like it-- I love hearing that my work is appreciated!

Hand-drawn then font-ified with High Logic's font creator program. This is my first font. Be gentle.

10-01-10: A DD WHAT? Holy cow. I never expected that! Thank you so much, ^FantasyStock! I'll try to get to as many comments as I can, but understand I may not answer everyone. But I love every kind word! Thanks!
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