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I'm a little tired, with each coming morning and every decent of the sun. As the sky turn a slow orange to yellowish hue to finally clear blue sky. Sometimes covered with a mix match of clouds, thick sometime like cotton candy that will make a child cry out in sweet induced joy, some time it is not but a wisp of smoke like some dream lost in the steam of lost stream where the invisible crush object of all that was lost flow along with this wisp of smoke. Continuing on as it reaches it's zenith where its great blaze its great radiance rain down upon all. Where some covers, while others reach out their all for it. Then it recedes slowly to the west grabbing with it the blue and the light, leaving behind a trail of yellowish orange tendrils like tentacles crawling and snaking across the vast sky.
I stand here now at this height looking at this dull yet magnificent and unbelievable sight. Am I still tired and sick of this. I think to myself. Maybe I just need a new
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Far and distant,
beyond the horizon
where the sky and sea meets.
Time awaits
Long roads ahead,
regrets and struggles aplenty
remember them but never dwell.
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Fantasy grows ever duller
            with age.
We grow ever cynical and compliant
            with experience.
Search and fail for that moment
            with eagerness.
Through the eyes of a child,
all is simpler.
A world simple made complicated,
for what?
Awake from that fog of denial.
Emerge from the smoke and dusts.
Emerge and just observe.
By the street or atop a great mountain.
Just observe.
No judgment, no sound but the sound of the world.
Just observe in silence.
As everything turns,
a moment might be glimpsed,
a moment might appear,
a moment of pure fantasy,
a moment of miracles. 
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Drip, Drip, Drip
Drip, Drip, Drip,
raindrops on the pavement,
cold mossy fresh air,
trees rough, soggy to the touch.
Drip, Drip, Drip,
raindrop on my jumper,
cold yet refreshing,
the ground Muddy and starting to pool.
Drip, Drip, Drip,
raindrop on my notebook,
my hands chilled to the bone and loosing it’s senses,
ink spreading across the pages.
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Time to Nut Up or Shut Up
It is not the heart that longs for another. It is the soul, for a heart will stop and rot away, a soul will linger.
Staring at her under the lantern lit walkway. Then at our friends, standing around stalls of games, food and merchandise, still discussing where to go. She wore a white yukata with a cherry blossom design. Her back to me, her hair tied into some sort of bun with some hair pins stick into it; playing on her phone.
Even now, after so long of exchanging messages, whenever we’re face to face we are without words. After five years of friendship (very long to the modern teen), we still feel like strangers. With the smells and sound of the festival around us, where people of all ages still flock to enjoy a mixture of tradition and the modern mixing together in a strange but beautiful way.
Crowds of people walk past us like water on rock and she just stood there. Just slightly outside the group not far enough to be out of the conversation but clo
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It is Done
Cigarette smoke dissipating shadows hiding half her face. Blood pooling beneath her heels, “How many?”
“He’s the last.”
Slowly she sinks back into the shadows. 
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The Grizzly Slumbers-
Within the Great Earth it lays
Awaiting its call.
:iconwearethenation:wearethenation 0 0
The Grizzly Awakes
Droopy eyes scan the trees-
For his stomach growls.
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Sakura Blossoms
Signalling the Hanami-
The old shall linger.
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Mature content
For Them :iconwearethenation:wearethenation 0 0
of blackest coat,
stares into the distant.
Passive and stationary like a God.
Weariness clutches on as I past. 
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You Weren't There
I opened my eyes and you weren’t there,
that special blend you smoke wasn’t in the air.
that smell that grew on me,
the bed did not sink or rise when you wake.
I opened my eyes and you weren’t there,
on that chair across the room.
Bent over your notebook scribbling away,
as the morning rays slowly move across your skin.
Your pipe dangling on the corner of your mouth,
your guitar resting on your lap.
I opened my eyes and there you stood in front of your fans,
as they howl and cheer together.
Even with exhaustion weighting you down, you never disappoint.
You look back at us for approval and on you went with another.
Now, on this chair as the sun slowly light up the room,
I sit here with your pipe barely dangling on.
As I stare at your open notebook,
smoke rising and dispersing like a small camp fire.
Your body, your voice, your writing, your music, gone now on this day.
Your ashes spread across the beach in our hometown,
Remembering all the m
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Revolver in holsters
Next to bottle and glass
Rain hitting window and roof
Old scars aching
With joints following close
Weathered face look back
With sleeves rolled up
Calloused hands holds glass
Scotching the mouth
Faces flashing before him
From both dead and alive
Caused by the choices he made
His phone vibrates
Unhooking from his belt
“Precinct” visible on the screen
Downing last of his whiskey
Pulling down his coat from the hook
Closing the door behind him
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Backs I Watch
In the darkness I walk,
through a door of splintered oak.
Absent of stars or light.
In the dark, myself I still see,
moving aimlessly
then, a light appear from nowhere.
Illuminating a chair
a simple chair of polished wood.
A smell of familiarity.
Of what I couldn’t place, only familiar.
I sat as everything starts to shift,
a pair of leather boots, battered and weathered, appear before me.
Colors splashed across the darkness.
The floor came, realizing barefooted I was.
She appeared then, like when we first cross.
In red coat, hair in dreadlocks,
looking smaller then when we first cross.
Reaching out but I stop short, like I hesitated before.
Scared of what to say or do,
looking at her back, like always as I watch others passed.
A chance in a million, passed.
As I rise, the darkness returns.
Realizing when my eyes open, another lost chance stood before me.
As she faced me, sometime I can see her eyes sometime not.
Her mouth moving as if try
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Words dried on paper-
as the candlelight wavers
thoughts of choices made.
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The Man In Scarlet
The man The man
In Scarlet,
Strolling under the Scarlet Night,
no worries upon his shoulder
even with Sin and Death
left at his wake,
The man The man
In Scarlet,
strolling under the Scarlet Moon,
leaving footprints as scarlet as blood
The man The man
In Scarlet,
strolling under the Scarlet Night,
upon the stoned pavement
along the smooth tranquil river,
The man The man
In Scarlet,
strolling under the Scarlet moon,
covered along his stroll
by branches of cherry blossoms,
The man The man
In Scarlet,
strolling under the Scarlet night,
no eyes rest upon his shoulder
only the unseen
watches his stroll,
The Man The man
In Scarlet,
strolling under the Scarlet darkness,
still dripping Scarlet droplets
upon the stone pavement
Drip, Drip, Drip,
The man The man
In Scarlet
strolling under the Scarlet moon,
his hair wet
move slightly in the wind.
petals of cherry blossom
carried in the wind
float around him,
The man The man
In Scarlet,
strolling under the Scarlet night,
look from a far
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Commission: Emma and Riley by eleth-art Commission: Emma and Riley :iconeleth-art:eleth-art 117 10 Long walk by eleth-art Long walk :iconeleth-art:eleth-art 220 23 Trip it on the light fantastic toe... by rdhobbet Trip it on the light fantastic toe... :iconrdhobbet:rdhobbet 310 23 Ruins by AlbyU Ruins :iconalbyu:AlbyU 59 1 Work (11) by wazlinecyber2 Work (11) :iconwazlinecyber2:wazlinecyber2 3 0 Work (10) by wazlinecyber2 Work (10) :iconwazlinecyber2:wazlinecyber2 6 0 Evening by wazlinecyber2 Evening :iconwazlinecyber2:wazlinecyber2 9 4 Gnome by wazlinecyber2 Gnome :iconwazlinecyber2:wazlinecyber2 10 1 Warhammer FB -  Empire Lieutenant Klaus Vogel by OrangeRoom Warhammer FB - Empire Lieutenant Klaus Vogel :iconorangeroom:OrangeRoom 412 67 Rize Tokyo Ghoul by Dzikan Rize Tokyo Ghoul :icondzikan:Dzikan 276 9 Elegant Beauty by rdhobbet
Mature content
Elegant Beauty :iconrdhobbet:rdhobbet 195 3
Asteria by rdhobbet Asteria :iconrdhobbet:rdhobbet 381 23 Doodling#063 by Razaras Doodling#063 :iconrazaras:Razaras 101 3 cyber Rei by Ururuty cyber Rei :iconururuty:Ururuty 119 9 Abandoned Uranium Facility by eddie-mendoza Abandoned Uranium Facility :iconeddie-mendoza:eddie-mendoza 512 12 Atlantis Before the Fall by eddie-mendoza Atlantis Before the Fall :iconeddie-mendoza:eddie-mendoza 1,873 40
    The bus got lighter as it continue onwards on its plan route. Passing each stop, homes, fields, mountains. Like a time travelling machine going through from towns to more and more naturistic places. High rising buildings turning to smaller ones as it continues down its path.

    Coming back after some errands in town. Reading a new novel I bought in the local bookstore. Nothing more than a rundown shack. But the owner keeps it well kept and well stock. Trying to read as the bus continue on.

    Being in the countryside people relies on this bus for a number of reason. Looking at the vast field that stretch towards the mountain on the horizon. Then my thoughts went towards the chores that still awaits me when I get back. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. JUST READ. JUST READ. Just Read. Just read the book.
. Feeling a presence beside me, curious I look up. WAHHHHHHHHHTTT. A Girl. Wait why is she seating beside me? Wait red hair that's weird. WAIT DONT STARE DONT STARE DONT STARE JUST READ YOUR BOOK JUST READ.


The bus's already almost terminating. There shouldn't be anyone on the bus at this point. The only place you can get to on the last stop is my families farm and some other naturistic stuff. She can't be interested in this kind of stuff who is she I wonder. I look over again.

Where did she go.
Looking around the bus there isn't anyone in.
That's impossible no no no yeah I must have been just too concentrate in reading yeah that must be it don't have to panic yeah no panicky.




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