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Lucky mineThe mothership had gotten close to a planet full of goodies, thus Aldhir had descended to go mine up some goodies. He was humming an old song, which echoed in the tunnels he had made. He swung the pickaxe on the rhythm of the song and continued mining. Just when he thought that the planet turned out to have nothing of value, a colourful light passed him. He didn’t know how or why, but somehow there was a rainbow all the way down where he was. In front of his eyes suddenly appeared a pot of gold. It was definitely his lucky day.He took the pot of gold, but attached to it was a small creature in strange clothing. He plucked it off of the pot of gold by the creature’s jacket and looked it into its eyes. The strange creature was giggling.‘Hi there lad, today is your lucky day it seems! You have found our pot of gold! We are eternally grateful for you finding this for us!’ the little creature happily exclaimed. Aldhir raised an eyebrow, not sure what he was seeing in front of his eyes. ‘What are you and why are you attached to this pot of gold.’ Aldhir was not too happy with finding the creature attached to the pot of gold.‘Aye lad, have yee never heard of leprechauns?’ the creature asked while somewhat trying to get into a more comfortable position. ‘No and I don’t really care.’ He dryly stated and was just about to put the creature down when it started to frantically speak.‘Hey, wait, no, hold on, we can give you even better things than the gold! We swear!’ Aldhir paused and brought the creature back to eye level.‘How can I trust your words when I don’t even know you. For all I know, you just happened to be attached to this pot of gold that suddenly appeared.’The leprechaun smiled and rubbed his hands together.‘We, us leprechauns, bring luck! So we can make your expeditions very lucky, so that you will dig up even better things than this pot of gold! Look, if you dig in that spot right there, you’ll be able to find a diamond!’ Aldhir looked at the spot it had pointed at and figured it was worth a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained after all. He swung his pickaxe with one hand, not letting go of the creature, and as the leprechaun had said, he uncovered a brilliant, shining diamond after a couple of swings. Aldhir paused and thought for a moment.‘You said this pot of gold belonged to your people right? Fine, you can have it back in exchange for the luck you promised.’Aldhir put the leprechaun down gently on the rocky floor and put the pot of gold besides it. The leprechaun smiled from ear to ear, seemingly truly happy with the deal.‘Say, how’d you even end up here in the first place? This is pretty deep down, you know?’ ‘Well, I was trying to escape this weird green creature, one that kind of looks like you.’Aldhir sighed, immediately knowing who the leprechaun was speaking of. He looked at the leprechaun and spoke up again.‘say, I suppose you could use a lift on my shoulder to get out of here. How about we head up to the surface and get you back on that ship. After all, you mentioned ‘’we’’ and ‘’us’’, so I assume there’s more of you. They’re probably on the ship, so how about I give you a ride?’ The leprechaun agreed and was reunited with his fellows, which had been rounded up by others from the ship. As thanks, Aldhir received a single gold coin from the pot of gold. He was happy enough that he got a diamond and a gold coin out of the expedition.
Bachus and the mystery of the bullsHe couldn’t believe the pile of paperwork on his desk. The pile was taller than he was, though that didn’t say much as he wasn’t that tall, but still. He sighed deeply and rubbed his temples. He knew that the celebratory times were busy for them, but there was always one particular individual who could create such a pile of paperwork. The only neb on the entire mothership that could bring so many problems with him, was none other then the nebnom Bob. The green bean was always up to no good. Curiosity and festivities are a good thing, but one can also take it too far.He sat down and started to work through the paperwork. There were a lot of different things that had transpired, but the thing that stood out most was that there were live bulls that had broken out. The cause seemed to be that the gate’s bolts had come loose. Bachus raised an eyebrow at the pictures with the files. Something didn’t add up, but he wasn’t quite sure what it was.Another piece of paper told him who had helped round up the bulls. One particular individual called Markus had helped out a great deal. Viv seemed to be very thankful for his help. But the red flames that had appeared were weird. Red flames don’t just appear out of nowhere, someone must’ve used either chemicals or their nebular.Bachus scratched his head, thinking hard on what could have transpired. The whole ordeal just didn’t make sense at all. He sighed and decided he needed a breather.Bachus exited the office and walked through the halls of the mothership. He had a mighty need for a good cup of coffee. He hoped it would clear his head a little or that he at least could relax. However, before he could even reach the place, he heard some familiar voices. It was Bob and Viv.Bob seemed a bit down, probably because he hoped for a fun event with the bulls, which didn’t go too well. Viv seemed to be deep in thought the moment Bachus approached them.‘Hey you two, what’s up?’ he asked, wondering if he could help out so that there wouldn’t be another big pile of paperwork. Viv turned to him, somewhat surprised to see him there.‘Ah hey, Bachus, sorry for the pile of paperwork.’ She smiled wryly as she apologized. Bachus waved it off, saying it was no problem and that they were used to it.‘We were just somewhat brainstorming what to do with the celebration now, as live bulls are not a great idea, it seems. The problem is, we have no idea what to do now. Do you have any ideas?’ Viv’s eyes had a glimmer of hope that he would be able to help him out. This was the perfect opportunity to get something going for the festivities that wouldn’t create a huge pile of paperwork.‘I’ve just had a great idea! I know live bulls aren’t great, but what if you get mechanical bulls? People can do some bull riding without there being actual bulls involved. You can also do something with archery and give a special prize to those who hit a bulls-eye. How’s that sound?’ Bachus tried to hide his smug look, thinking he was brilliant.Bob perked up at the ideas, his eyes bright again. It seems Bob had some ideas again after hearing the suggestions. The look in his eyes made Bachus a little bit nervous, as Bob’s ideas always brought problems, but as long as Viv was there to keep him in tow, everything should be fine.‘That sounds like a great idea! We’ll have to set the mechanical bulls up and an archery range, but I think we can still manage that in time. Thanks so much for the great ideas, Bachus! And again, apologies for all of the problems Bob has caused. Honestly, I let him out of my sight for one second…’The remark made Bachus chuckle and after a while of just talking, Bachus waved goodbye and headed for a nice cup of coffee.About a week had gone by and it was time for the festivities to begin. Bachus still had some paperwork to do at the office, so he would join in later. Luckily, most of the paperwork of the bull incident had been finished up during the week.It was starting to get somewhat late. Bachus put down his writing tools and went home first to get changed from his uniform into his regular outfit. After changing, he headed towards where the events were being held. He wondered if Bob had used his ideas.Upon arrival, the first thing he saw made him facepalm. It was utter chaos. Bob had indeed used his ideas of the mechanical bull and the archery spot, however it seemed that he had taken it to an extreme.Next to the mechanical bull was a pile of nebs, all seemingly dizzy or feeling outright unwell. Bachus walked up to the pile and asked the most okay looking nebnom what had transpired. The nebnom was able to explain that it was all fun and games at the start, as it was a challenge to stay on the bull. The moment Bob came in, he turned the bull to the max and every single one of the nebbers on the pile had tried to stay on.Bachus sighed and looked for the control panel. Once he found it, it was quite easy to figure out how to change its setting as there was a single dial and an on/off button. He dialed it down from extreme to moderate and sighed deeply.Next up was the archery spot. Bob was still there shooting, but instead of loading one arrow, he loaded 4 or 5 arrows at once. He got ready to fire and once he did, the arrows flew everywhere. The next ‘’arrow’’ he picked up was actually a piece of firework. Before Bob could light it to fire it from the bow, Bachus took the piece of firework away.After a good talk with Bob and a phonecall to Viv, who had been stuck with other duties, everything was quickly cleaned up so the festivities could continue. As for Bob, he was taken to the office and put in the holding cell for the night. No more shenanigans this night, Bob.
Markus pranks new yearIt was a new year, which meant it was time for new pranks. Luckily for Marduk and Markus, Bob already had a strange idea to celebrate the new year. You see, Bob had gathered a whole bunch of bulls. They didn’t seem all that pleased to be crammed with each other in a small area. The sound of hooves hitting the metal bars could be heard. Bob tried his best to keep the bulls calm until the start of the event. Unfortunately for him, Markus and Marduk had already seen the predicament he was in and had sinister expressions on their faces. With a short moment of eye contact, the two knew exactly what the plan was.Markus, looking quite innocent, distracted Bob while Marduk walked towards the enclosure. He was that the metal gate was close with 4 pins in total. To weaken the gate, he took out 3 pins, but left the last one. He quickly moved away and signed towards Markus that he was done. Markus, seeing the signal, thanked Bob for his help and said goodbye and good luck. Bob found it a bit strange but shrugged it off as he had more pressing matters to deal with.While Bob was going back to calming the bulls, Marduk and Markus moved to the back of the pen, where they weren’t visible to Bob due to the many bulls in the pen. They both snickered, thinking about their devious plan.‘’Alright Marduk, do you think it’s time to scare them with a bit of fire?’’ Markus said whilst snickering away.‘’show them hell’’ Marduk answered.Markus started to change form, where his golds were replaced by a crimson, glowing red. His horn broke into multiple pieces, the core glowing red. Dark patterns grew on his body as his eyes turned into a deep black, as if one was staring into the void. His wings started to web at the ends and his claws elongated. Fire started burning on the tips of his wings, his shoulders, his wrists and tail. From the tail end, a spear-like object was now protruding.The bulls flew into a frenzy when they saw Markus. Even Marduk felt intimidated at his cursed form, though he was also proud to be able to call him his friend.Markus, filled with glee and malicious intent, poked a few of the bulls who were still close enough to touch. The bulls all started to run and push towards the gate, trying to get away from the incredibly scary individual.The gate creaked harshly for a moment until the last pin flew out, not being able to take the pressure. The gate flew open, sending bob into the air. The bulls stormed out of the holding pen as bob landed on one of them. Not wanting to get trampled, he tightly grabbed the bull’s neck he was on to not fall.All was set into motion, but Markus wasn’t done quite yet. He flew away from Marduk, leaving him behind as he couldn’t fly, and flew until he was a bit ahead of the bulls, who had now formed an unstoppable force.‘’now, wouldn’t it be nice if I helped you out, Bob?’’ Markus whispered to himself with a mad grin on his face.The stampede closed in on Markus, who was standing there on his own. Even though his presence was remarkably sinister, the bulls were in such a frenzy that they didn’t care who was in front of them.Markus readied himself as the stampede grew closer. Bob yelled at him to get out of the way so he wouldn’t get run over, but markus wasn’t listening. He had other plans. To make things more fun for him, he used his elemental nebular to set fire to the sides of the road. There was nowhere to go for the bulls but forward. Backwards wasn’t an option as ‘’the threat’’ was possibly still there. The blank minds of the bulls, scared of the new threat called ‘’fire’’, stamped towards Markus.Just has the stampede got incredibly close to him, he created a wall of fire in front of him. The bulls tried to stop before the fire, but their speed and momentum were so high that they didn’t have a choice but to go through the fire. Markus flew up quickly and watched the first part of the herd jump over the flames. The latter part was able to stop. To ‘’help’’ Bob out a bit, Markus created another flame wall behind that part of the herd to create a circle of red flames to trap them.Markus cackled at the chaotic scene. It was beautiful. There was fire, panicking animals and a Bob who was… Wait, where was Bob?He looked around while flying in the direction where the first part of the herd had run to. He quickly spotted the dust cloud and flew towards them.While flying above them, he saw the predicament Bob was in, as he was almost falling off of the bull he was on. Markus had his fun and was thus in a great mood and decided to help Bob out. Before diving in to rescue Bob, he changed back to his gold and white form with the pristine feathered wings and the golden halo. His flames and dark patterns disappeared as if nothing had ever happened.Markus flew down and scooped Bob up right as he had lost his grip on the bull. Markus took him to a hill nearby, away from the bulls, to bring him to safety. They landed safely on the hill and Markus checked up on Bob. Bob was completely dazed from what just had transpired, but was glad that he was still okay. No more bull wrangling for Bob.Markus watched the first part of the herd disappear into the horizon and smirked lightly at the thought of other nebnoms having to clean up his mess.Viv quickly joined the two and checked whether Bob was okay. Luckily, he only had some minor bruising from riding a rampaging bull. She thanked Markus for saving him.‘’Ah, it was nothing really. I happened to be nearby and heard them, so I flew here to see what was going on. When I saw Bob in that predicament, I couldn’t help but fly down to get him out of there.’’ He answered with a shy façade. Viv sighed and took Bob with her.The bulls that were trapped by the flames were all captured and the flames were doused. The nebnoms that helped capture these bulls were wondering where the crimson flames had come from, but were thankful that it had captured most of the herd.As for Markus, he rejoined with Marduk and told him what had transpired. They went to drink some alcoholic beverages to celebrate a successful prank. Marduk was however a bit worried about how it almost went wrong and was actually somewhat sad that he didn’t get to wrangle one.
A bright year aheadOrion had prepared for this day in last few weeks. Today was the day that it had been a year since he met Zora, who had melted his frozen heart. The thought of Zora made him feel warm on the inside.He quickly finished wrapping up his present and started writing his note. While writing, he sometimes looked over to see the sleeping Zora. His face looked so peaceful while he was asleep.Orion finished up the note quickly and left it in a place that was easy to find for Zora. He checked done last time whether all preparations were complete and left their quarters.A few hours later, Zora woke up. He called out for Orion, who he knew had the day off, but didn’t get a reply. Worriedly, he looked around and saw the note. He picked it up and started reading it.‘’To my dearest, Zora: Today I have some nice plans for the two of us. I had to head out beforehand to make preparations. I hope you remember what day it is today, as it truly is a day to celebrate. I have a fun day planned out today for the both of us! To celebrate today properly, I have arranged some clothes to wear. They’ll be hanging on the closet door. I’d love to see you wear it! I bet it suits you. Once you’re all done preparing, come to the Christmas tree at the Christmas market, I’ll be awaiting your arrival there.Your sweetheart,Orion’’Zora lowered the letter and looked over at the closet. There was a tuxedo hanging there, but it wasn’t in regular colours. Deep blue, purple and light blue stripes went from the shoulder to the waistline. Orion really did have an eye for fashion.After putting on the tux, Zora looked in the mirror. He had to admit that even he found the suit to be well suited. There was even a custom part in the pants for his feathers. Being ready, he took the note with him and took off towards the Christmas tree.The market was incredibly busy, so it was hard to get through the crowd. After a good while, he finally had the large tree in sight. Because of the crowd, he couldn’t see Orion standing yet. After some more crowd walking, he arrived at a more open space and saw Orion. His jaw almost dropped to the ground as he saw him standing next to the big tree. He was also wearing a tuxedo with the same stripes, but instead of Zora’s colours, it had Orion’s colours of soft blue, soft orange and a light blue. Zora stood there for a moment, completely stunned. When he had finally gathered his thoughts on how stunning Orion looked, he started to walk towards him.‘’Zora, you’re here! I knew it, that tux looks amazing on you!’’ he exclaimed happily as he walked towards Zora with arms wide open. Zora took the hint and hugged him tightly.‘’I can’t believe how stunning you look, Orion.’’ Zora softly said. Orion stopped hugging and held Zora by his shoulders to look at him in the eyes. There was an enormous grin on his face.‘’I’m glad you like them, I got them custom tailored for the both of us. Classy, yet matching.’’After the exchange, Orion took Zora by the hand and took him to the first place that he wanted to bring Zora to. The first place was a chocolate milk drink stand. There were large pots with steaming coming out of them. The one behind the stand stopped stirring, lowered the fire and came towards the two. He asked what he wanted, as he also offered other hot drinks like gluhwein, and after Orion ordered, the nebnom got them two hot chocs.After they got the drink, Orion took Zora to the next place. While walking, they gently sipped the chocolate milk as it was piping hot.The next place they arrived at was a place with many miniature houses, ships, trains and the cutest thing of all; mini nebnoms. There was a special offer going on where you could ask to commission a mini figurine of yourself or of your partner. Orion had ordered ahead, so they would be ready by the time they arrived and had asked to place them in the landscape as a surprise.After enjoying the miniatures, Zora suddenly spotted two very familiar looking figurines. He pointed at them and asked Orion about them. Orion smiled and said surprise. He picked the two up and gave Zora the figurine of him.‘’Now even when one of us is far away, we’ll always be with one another. Sometimes we might be away from each other physically, but our spirits are always together.’’Zora blushed deeply and admired the craftmanship of the small Orion. They had perfectly replicated his likeness.Orion offered once again his hand to take Zora to another place. Zora took his hand and followed his lead. Where would they go this time?The surroundings started to change as they left the ship. Snow crunched under their feet as the only lighting were the few lanterns hanging above the path. Snow gently fell down from the sky.Not too far from the ship was a wooden bench, covered in snow. It seemed like it hadn’t been used yet. The rims of the bench had a couple of festive lights as decoration. Orion started to wipe the snow off of the bench and offered Zora a seat. Orion sat next to him and the two admired the silence for a moment. That is, until Orion broke the silence.‘’Hey Zora, do you remember why today is special?’’ He asked in a soft tone.‘’Yeah, I do. How could I forget? You are the one that helped me break the curse. You are the one that made me feel wanted. With you by my side, or in my thoughts, I no longer felt lonely. I can’t believe it’s been a year already.’’Orion turned to Zora and rummaged in his pocket to grab the gift. He offered the gift with open hands and a smile. Zora gently grabbed the gift and started unwrapping it. Under the wrapping was a box and as he opened it, his eyes grew wide for a second. Tears of happiness started to well up after that.‘’Zora, will you stay by my side forever? Will you stay the warmth that melts my icy heart?’’Zora, who was wiping his tears, answered Orion.‘’I do’’ he said. He put on the ring that he got and put the other ring on Orion’s hand. They gently kissed each other on the lips and leaned against each other after that to enjoy the scenery.
Artisan Crafts
Newt Scamander Wand Wood Replica by SRG-Wands
The Elder Wand by SRG-Wands
HANS by wanderer1988
EMD rifle by wanderer1988
Beat Eve Mix Night Club Flyer by n2n44
Like Curves In Detroit Motor Show Flyer by n2n44
Squared Chinese New Year Flyer by n2n44
Coffee Time Flyer by n2n44
Fan Art
Altered Screenshot by HectorEDefendi
DANCIN' WITH CLEO by Tim-Kangaroo
Galaxy Man by G-Bomber
Fnia_Chica_Remasted_By_Wasapichos by Wasapichis
Mature content

Mature Content

Cleo by Draftsman01

Mature Content

Nude the pregnant adult woman (adult woman) by pozahara

Mature Content

Josina 2 by lily-toy

Mature Content

WIP: Demanding by halfro
Powerpuff Girls : Buttercup Cosplay by EroticNeko
Devious Folder
I noticed my fur baby wasn't looking too good.
She had the chills and her ears seemed warmer than normal.
I tried feeding her and giving her water but she refused it all.
My heart nearly fell thinking of what happened to my previous dog Lexie.
I just got back from the vet.
My baby girl Holly Bell had a very high fever and had blood in her stool.
She has been given new food and antibiotics for the fever and diarrhea blood.
She is doing better, and more hydrated than before. I'm very relieved thatshe isn't in any danger.
Her bill, however, put me a little in danger for about 2 weeks before my next paycheck. I need some money for family reasons now. If any of these resells, or any of my MerMay adopts interest you, just let me know. Everyone's help is very much appreciated. ♡♡♡♡
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