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If I visit your page, don't feel obligated to give me a llama or say thanks for faving something, I'm just visiting via the "random deviant" option and checking out other people's art (yes even the bot pages and the ones that fav really odd fetishes unfortunately) but if you do, thank you.

I Love Gundam Stamp by BrokenOpen I heart SD Gundams stamp by Knaaren Mech Fan --stamp by RenaInnocenti Proud To Be A Brony Stamp. by furywind Brony Stamp by SnowSniffer Brony stamp by danspy1994

Gundam series I love/ just watched:
SD Gundam Force Stamp by Knaaren Stamp: Gundam Seed Destiny Fan by Nawamane :: Stamp | Gundam 00 by mleko099 Gundam 08th Stamp by Aikurisu

Stamp COMMUNIST by Sinceritta Computer Love Stamp by Alpha-Wolff
Hey guys! If you've been with me since the beginning of this profile and my last one, you would know I was working on a Mobile Suit Gundam fan fiction. I haven't written anything new yet but I've decided to make public my "unofficial" original soundtrack.

Take a listen to it here:…

Hopefully I start getting inspiration soon and I'll start writing the new fan fiction when I do.

'till then, have a happy day!
  • Listening to: "Beautiful Lies" -B-Complex
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Deep in the heart of New York City, remains destroyed skyscrapers, but only one remains, the Freedom Tower. This city became the capital of the American Empire after Washington D.C. was nuked by the then Russian Federation 2 years into the nuclear war. At the top of the Freedom Tower is the office of the president of the American Empire, Nathan Price. He sits in his chair, watching the video feed of the mobile suit test range.

Price-incredible. This new weapon will surely be of great use.
Advisor-I think so too sir.

The feed ends. Price looks at one of his generals that are also in the room.

Price-how is our battle in South America going?
General-our troops have reached the capital of Brazil and are still pushing. Though in the areas that have yet to fall into our hands are experiencing flak from the locals of the countries. The other generals here and myself think that the uprisings will topple the other governments and that we should pull out.

Price twiddles his thumbs in thought.

Price-alright. Withdraw our forces. Now that we've destroyed most of our intended targets, they should no longer be a threat to us.
General-yes sir!

The general salutes and they leave the room. Meanwhile in the Japanese Empire, engineers are also testing a mobile suit. Though this one sports a "V" on its forehead. Its creator is Suguro Korenaga

Korenaga-amazing, Purojekuto "V" is running smoothly.
Pilot-sir, the beam saber seems to be overheating at a dangerous level.

The beam saber's handle glows red and explodes in the mobile suit's hand, destroying the hand and damaging the right arm.

Korenaga-get the emergency teams out there! And salvage what's left of the mobile suit!
10 :points: if you can name this song without looking it up:

"And then there she was,
like double cherry pie,
yep there she was"
Tom-dammit Jon! Don't push the thing too hard! The one you're in and the one in the hangar are the only prototypes we have!
Jon-you wanted me to test the thing's limits right? You're getting it here and now!
Scientist-core temperature is reaching dangerous levels.
Tom-you heard the guy! Stop the test now!
Jon-oh fine...

A strange looking hunchback machine slows down after running between some buildings in a test field. It is the American Empire's new "mobile suit" the AE-12 Hunchback.

Scientist-core temperature is falling to safe levels.
Tom-you can get out now Jon

A hatch at the top of the machine opens and an African-American man pulls himself out of it and removes his helmet. Tom and some scientists leave a building a few meters away from the machine. The scientists rush to it.

Jon-what's my score?
Jon-just 86? I figured it would be higher
Tom-I docked points because you almost blew yourself up. I've told you a million times; these things are very sensitive, push it too hard and you'll damage the core
Jon-yeah yeah yeah and the core will explode like a small nuclear blast, I get it.

They meet in the middle.

Tom-but at least you see the potential of the thing.
Jon-hell, one day, we'll be fighting in space with these things

The two laugh.

Tom-as if! If this world wide nuclear war continues, we'll kill ourselves before we even get into space.
Jon-looking at the positives I see.

He tosses his helmet at Tom and Tom fumbles the catch.

Jon-I'll be in my quarters.

Tom looks at the mobile suit and wonders.

Tom-hopefully this thing can end the war sooner...

Unknowingly to the two, a satellite watches from space and observes the machine. It belongs to the remnants of Neo-Germany. In the country, men and women staring at screens in the country's capital record their findings.

Technician-the target possess a fairly large body, can travel at 32 KM/H, and boasts an arm cannon.
Hein-interesting. Klaus! Did you get that?
Klaus-yes. Its similar to our "Projekt G" program. Though our machine can stand upright, while their's is hunched over. As to why they chose that design is beyond me.
Riess-our spies think its to add attachments to the underside of the chin, though that's just a "hunch"

Klaus laughs at the pun.

Klaus-and that's why the fuhrer made you project manager, you can keep men laughing.
Riess-I feel that that isn't the reason. I didn't graduate university to become a jokester.

Klaus clears his throat.

Klaus-right. Document this and have our factories speed up the process of manufacturing the Gelgoogs.

The people in the room scramble to their positions and begin carrying out his order.
My Collection
My collection of 44 Gundam models, 2 Ghost in the Shell models, and 4 G1 Transformers figures. I think it's safe to say I have a problem XD

edit: shoot! The bottom of the image got cut, there are 5 models that aren't in the picture.


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