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L.G.R.Schneider by mrhd
BENoe.P76.F3A TACTICAL RIFLE by b-e-noe
MPU-07 by St-Pete
Weaponry 724 by Random223
White Heavenly Mirror - Tower of God by Dimarya276
White Heavenly Mirror - Tower of God by Dimarya276
Dagger by blizzardblast101
Small Arms
police gear by No87
Tama Arms Industries Eko SP by NikitaTarsov
RZ 10 sidearm by XxPANZERlKE
Tiperyn Realm Guard Rifleer Section (1947-1956) by matsudesign
Machine Guns, Rifles and Shotguns
Unknown Norishian Prototype Bullpup. by NaullushTheLucario
Blunderbuss by GoldenGalleon
Sparrow and Bantam Patch by Shockwave9001
RZ 4 submachine gun by XxPANZERlKE
Energy Weaponry
Dziewana 'Dzida' Beam Sniper by HaruAxeman
Weapon Adopt No.2 [GIF][CLOSE] by TiroTetsu
Futuristic Handgun by Psycho4140
Laser Rifle by Imperator-Zor
Heavy Arms
(OPEN) :: Adoptable Weapon 2 - Angelical LongSword by lWolfkerg
Mark 4 heavy tank destroyer by XxPANZERlKE
150mm howitzer mod 1910 by XxPANZERlKE
People and Armor
Republic Regular by Imperator-Zor
Ork Concept by Katsica
stronk by WWadeWilson
Imperial Guardsman - Regiment Concept #2 by Katsica
Vehicles and Vehicular Weaponry
MT 12 fighter by XxPANZERlKE
P 37 fighter by XxPANZERlKE
An Interwar Tank by manchild70
Stratos - Italian Special Forces by tomzoo
Lockheed  XF-60 bobcat by bagera3005
Boeing FA-60  Cutlass 2 by bagera3005
F1 Technologies - M72 Frag Grenade by DeRezzurektion
F1 Flash Grenade by DeRezzurektion
Shields and Defensive
ww2 Allied Helmet by AndreaSilva60
Immovable by DCkiq
Airsoft shield by XxPANZERlKE
Giant's shield by blizzardblast101
Stationary Weapons
Wild West _ Revolver Canon by No87
Humanoid Weapons and Mecha
Nomu Goliath by meiyeezhu
Weapons of Mass Destruction
John Steele and The Doomsday Rocket GIF by MrJohnSteele
Weapon Collections
[Pixel Old work]Some old pistol by Shu-Stella
Ross and Enfield bayonets, first and second WWs by manchild70
Tips and Tutorials
Mixed Media Aircraft Tutorial by jflaxman
Works In Progress
Weapon Silhouette Sketches 4.2.2020 (I'm not dead) by DeRezzurektion
[OPEN] Adopt 81 by ieRence







AKA, people that love us. :D
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There has been a slight change to to the rules that everyone can find on our home page. After about 5 years, I have decided to expand our galleries to include weapons that actually exist or have been created before. This means weapons like a real world AK-47, Bolters from Warhammer, and the Nanosuit from Crysis are now among the vast list of things that our group now accepts.

TAKE NOTE THOUGH, these weapons and armors must still be created BY YOU. That means don't take a screenshot from a game or blatantly copy and paste someone else's work. The only exception to this would be applied to our new "Photographs" gallery, which now accepts real world photos of swords, guns, whatever.

PimpMyGun rules still remain the way they have been for now, so no, clicking the M4 preset in PMG does not count as a valid submission.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on the matter. Stay classy folks.
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Group Info

WeaponDesigners is exactly what it sounds like. A group built for weapon designers to come in and display their concepts to other Deviants, as well as to receive feedback for their designs, learn how to improve their skills and overall to show the creativity each Deviant possesses. Anything and everything goes here as long as it's within the weapon category. Swords, guns, rocket launchers, railguns, the sky is the limit. So come on in and show us what you got. You might even find some new tools of destruction along the way.
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Art Creation

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Updated on February 27, 2016

Before submitting any piece of work, be sure that you are first submitting to the correct area. Below, you will find a list of what kind of weapons would go in what category. If your submission doesn't really fit into any of the groups, submit it to the "Others" folder. Deviations that are submitted to the incorrect folder will not be approved.

When submitting a deviation to WeaponDesigners, there are only two big things you need to understand.

1: PimpMyGun submissions are on a stricter level and are judged in terms of quality. Here are some examples of what we accept into the group.
These guns are original and are what he consider of a high enough quality to be accepted. Now I'm not saying your submissions have to be overly detailed, but if I can see how you made your gun and recreate it with ease, then it will not be accepted.

And 2: If you have an assault rifle and you submit it to melee, we will not accept it for obvious reasons. We usually remind or tell you that your submission is either not original enough to be accepted or to resubmit it to the correct folder. Sometimes we forget to tell you, so please make sure that you are submitting to the correct category.

And that's it! Below you'll find a list of the categories and what you can expect to find within them. Welcome to WeaponDesigners and enjoy your stay.

  • Melee and Close Range: This category entails any and all close range and melee based weaponry, from katanas, knives, throwing knives, bayonets, claymores, bludgeons, maces, angry spiky things that you twirl around and smack people in the face with and any other weaponry that can be used to physically hit things.

  • Small Arms: This category includes pistols, revolvers, magnums, anything small like that but packs a punch.

  • Machine Guns, Rifles and Shotguns: This category goes for anything that has "rifle" or "machine gun" in it as well as repeating guns and shotguns. Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, light and heavy machine guns, sub and small machine guns, anything like that.

  • Energy Weaponry: This category is for anything energy based, including, but not limited to, lasers and plasma.

  • Heavy Arms: This category is for the big stuff. Rocket launchers, railguns, high powered lasers, armaments for mechas, whatever. All the big stuff that makes stuff blow up in fantastic ways goes in here.

  • People and Armor: Self explanatory. From soldiers in advanced battle armor to old fashioned medieval metal clad armor would be in here.

  • Vehicles and Vehicular Weaponry: .50 caliber machine guns on a hummer, vehicles that are decked out with various rocket launchers and machine guns, tanks, aircraft, etc.

  • Explosives: C4, Semtex, TNT, anything that makes stuff explode violently into many pieces goes in here.

  • Shields and Defensive: Also self explanatory. Things that prevent you from blowing up/getting shot/dying by using defensive means.

  • Stationary Weapons: This category is for sentry emplacements, SAM's and AAA, orbital railguns, any kind of weapons that are stationary while firing upon random things.

  • Humanoid Weapons and Mecha: This category features things that range from Gundam-esq machines to battle androids and the likes.

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: Nuclear warfare, science fiction planet killing superweapons, bases with extremely heavy defenses, war ships decked out enough make anyone cry, weapons that generally put everything to an end go in here.

  • Weapon Collections: This category is for multiple weapons, for example, if you got a piece that has a few handguns on it, some rifles and a rocket launcher, then it would go in here. A Deviation that has more than one weapon would go in here, unless it has multiple weapons from the same category, in which case it would go in it's proper category.

  • Photographs: Photos of weapon that exist in reality, both mass produced and custom made would go in here.

  • Tips and Tutorials: If you're looking for some new techniques on how to improve your designs or your art style in general, take a look in here and see if you can't learn a thing or two.

  • Works In Progress: If you are currently working on a design and would like some input/criticism for it before you submit the final version, submit it here.

  • Others: This category is for everything else that just doesn't fit into any other category.

If you believe that you have an idea for a new category or you think that I forgot a category, feel free to send a note to the group with any and all suggestions for new categories or ways to improve organization. Thanks. :D


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