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Starting today, you can submit your work to the proper folder and it will be automatically approved.  You no longer need to worry about the "Submit Art Here" folder.   That folder is closed so we can place the submissions in their respective folders.  Our guidelines for submissions are still in place and we will still monitor the folders to make sure your work is in the correct folder.  Admin feels this will makes things run a bit smother until  we can add a few more people to our team.    Here are the current changes :

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Thank you very much.  I hope this helps you folks out and makes everything a bit easier.
Starting today, all submissions to the "Submit Art Here" folder will be automatically approved.   This will cut back on the waiting time for the members of this group.  Thank You


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Morning at Lake Garda by Malleni-Art
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Prehistoric Beasts - Metriorhynchus,

IntroductionHi, welcome to Enchiridion. I am glad to share with you these facts on Metriorhynchus!Metriorhynchus was a marine crocodyliform that lived in the oceans during the Late Jurassic. The type species, Metriorhynchus brevirostris was named in 1829 as a species of Steneosaurus prior to being named as a separate genus by the German paleontologist Christian von Meyer in 1832.Metriorhynchus is one of the better-known marine crocodyliforms with features that show it was more at home in the water than on the land. The legs have evolved to become more like flippers, and the tail sports evidence of a tail fluke. It is likely that the tail provided primary locomotion in the water with the legs being used for maneuvering. A Life In The WaterOne strong piece of evidence to suggest that Metriorhynchus spent most of its life in the water is the presence of salt glands. Salt glands are found in numerous marine animals and work by extracting excess salts from the blood so that they can be excreted externally in a concentrated form. By having an active gland constantly removing salt from the blood, marine creatures, including Metriorhynchus would have been able to drink seawater as well as eat other marine animals that would have had a higher salt content than land animals. Did It Return To Land?It is not known for certain if Metriorhynchus spent all of its time in the water or if it returned to the land. On land, Metriorhynchus would have been more cumbersome, as evidenced by its marine specializations, but it too may have had to for special tasks like laying eggs, just like turtles do. While other marine reptiles like ichthyosaurs almost certainly gave birth to live young, it needs to be remembered that these evolved from different lines, and that Metriorhynchus had more immediate terrestrial ancestors, meaning that it may not have had enough evolutionary time to develop live birth at sea. Possible ScavengerAlthough an active predator, there is also evidence for Metriorhynchus scavenging on animals like plesiosaurs, suggesting an opportunistic lifestyle. In turn, Metriorhynchus may have been preyed upon by larger predators like the short-necked pliosaurs including Pliosaurus and Liopleurodon, that swam the oceans at the same time. Other well-known Mesozoic marine crocodiles include Dakosaurus, Geosaurus, Plesiosuchus, and Torvoneustes. DiscoveryFossil specimens referrable to Metriorhynchus are known from Late Jurassic Kimmeridgian deposits of France. Valid SpeciesOnly one valid species is recognized today, the type species Metriorhynchus geoffroyii, now called Metriorhynchus brevirostris. Metriorhynchus hastifer and Metriorhynchus palpebrosus are generally distinct from the Metriorhynchus type species, with hastifer being recovered as a geosaurinae. Species in this genus were traditionally classed into two skull groups: longirostrine, or those with long, narrow jaws, and brevirostrine, or those with the short, broad jaws. Nonetheless, most brevirostrine species have been transferred to the genera Purranisaurus and Suchodus. Metriorhynchus superciliosus has recently been shown to be distinct from the type species, Metriorhynchus brevirostris, and now has its own genus Thalattosuchus. The genera Purranisaurus and Suchodus have been considered junior synonyms of Metriorhynchus. Nonetheless, recent phylogenetic analyses do not support the monophyly, or common ancestry of merely Metriorhynchus, as conceived of in the 1960s to 2010. In 1867-1869, Eudes-Deslongchamps recognized four Callovian species of Metriorhynchus: Metriorhynchus superciliosus, moreli, blainvillei, and brachyrhynchus. Later, in 1913, Andres considered there to be seven (7) valid species: Metriorhynchus superciliosus, moreli, brachyrhynchus, durobrivensis, cultridens, leedsi, and laeve. However, in 1987, using linear morphometrics, Adams-Tresman could only distinguish between the two skull groups, so she discovered there to be two species from the Oxford Clay, Metriorhynchus superciliosus and Metriorhynchus brachyrhynchus. Nonetheless, in 1997 yet another change was made, with Vignaud considering there to be three Callovian species: Metriorhynchus superciliosus, brachyrhynchus, and leedsi. Unnamed speciesFragmentary remains attributed to Metriorhynchus are known from South America during the Bajocian and Bathonian, both in the Middle Jurassic. In spite of that, phylogenetic analysis has shown that these species cannot be referred to Metriorhynchus. NamingMetriorhynchus means “moderate snout”. It is derived from the Greek Metrio- meaning “moderate”, and -rhynchos, meaning “snout.”Named ByIt was named by Christian Erich Hermann von Meyer in 1830. Scientific ClassificationIt belongs to the Kingdom Animalia, the Phylum Chordata, the Class Reptilia, the Suborder Thalattosuchia, the Family Metriorhynchidae, the Subfamily Metriorhynchinae, the Genus Metriorhynchus and the Type Species Metriorhynchus brevirostris. SpeciesSynonyms include Suchodus, Gavialis jurinii, Metriorhynchus geoffroyi, Streptospondylus geoffroyi, Steneosaurus brevirostris, and Steneosaurus rostro-minor. Species include the type, Metriorhynchus brevirostris. DietIt was a carnivore, possibly feasting on squids, shellfish, and other fishes. SizeIt was 9.8 feet, or 3 meters, long. Known LocationsIt has been discovered in France, Europe, though possibly also in other locations. Time PeriodIt lived in the Callovian to Kimmeridgian of the Late Jurassic, 157.3 to 152.1 million years ago. Fossil RepresentationFossil representation includes many known specimens. OutroAnd with that, thank you for watching! Thank you to the people that pointed out a minor inaccuracy in the Sarcosuchus video; Sarcosuchus wasn’t a crocodile but in fact a crocodyliform. Recently, the Goblin Shark video surpassed 4,000 views so that’s great news, yet since the creation of this video it has surpassed 5,000 views, even better! I’m just very excited to make a lot of very high-quality documentaries on Prehistoric Beasts and Dinosaurs! As always, thank you for watching. This is Enchiridion, see you next time. #Enchiridion #PrehistoricBeasts #MetriorhynchusTable of Contents:0:00 - Introduction0:43 - A Life In The Water1:13 - Did It Return To Land?1:46 - Possible Scavenger2:13 - Discovery2:20 - Valid Species4:15 - Unnamed Species4:30 - Naming4:38 - Named By4:44 - Scientific Classification5:01 - Species5:18 - Diet5:24 - Size5:28 - Known Locations5:33 - Time Period5:42 - Fossil Representation5:47 - Outro_____Sources:Metriorhynchus. (2021, March 23). Retrieved March 26, 2021, from, D. (n.d.). Metriorhynchus. Retrieved March 26, 2021, from T Young, FLS, Arnaud Brignon, Sven Sachs, Jahn J Hornung, Davide Foffa, James J N Kitson, Michela M Johnson, Lorna Steel, Cutting the Gordian knot: a historical and taxonomic revision of the Jurassic crocodylomorph Metriorhynchus, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2020;, zlaa092,, Z., Marcela Cichowolski, & Dario G. Lazo. (2005). First Record of Metriorhynchus (Reptilia: Crocodyliformes) in the Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) of the Eastern Pacific. Journal of Paleontology, 79(4), 801-805. Retrieved March 26, 2021, from
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