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Burning Fist: Chapter 1Chapter 1: First stop, Greenwood! The Journey Begins! Three men dressed in dull brown tunics, most likely farmers, could only watch the horrific sight that they witnessed. A red cyclops raised its mighty hands into the air, letting out a blood-curdling roar that shook in the forest as it held a pair of women in its clutches, one in each hand, its single red eye alternating its gaze between the two. The two women screamed and struggled in its tight embrace while one of the men, the shortest of the three, rushed forward, gripping a pitchfork tightly in his hands before thrusting it towards the monster’s foot, hoping to injure it somehow.That hope was all for naught, as the metal tips shattered like glass upon making contact with the foot, causing him to look up at the creature in horror, just fleeing back to his brothers before the foot could crush him underneath. Once out of the way, they watched as the cyclops prepared to devour the two women, frozen with fear and a sense of powerlessness.“Dammit!” The shortest man said, his face filled with frustration and a pinch of horror. “If we don’t do something quick… The ladies’ll be…!”“I… I’m afraid there may be nothing that we can do for them now…” The tallest man said dreadfully.Both watched as the two women dangled over the monster’s mouth, which slowly began to open, a sign that their doom was drawing near. The man that was between his brothers in height then looked up to a nearby treetop, suddenly seeing a pair of blurs jump out towards the beast, grabbing the two women the moment the monster released them. The men were in awe and slight relief as the two women were brought down to the ground, set down gently before they rushed over to the men.The group of five looked upon their saviors, surprised by their humble-looking appearances; On the left was a young man, about nineteen in age, in a sleeveless white shirt, which tucked into a pair of brown trousers. His blue hair came down just before his shoulders. He cracked his knuckles before stomping his brown boots into the dirt path, raising an arm as he took a fighting stance similar to that of many martial artists, his blue eyes staring down the creature with an enthusiastic grin.Beside him was a girl around the same age, dressed in a yellow martial arts gi, tied together by a black cloth belt. Her hair was mostly black, though the ends, which came down to her shoulders, were a bright blonde. She took a moment to adjust her black gloves, glancing at the quintet behind her, her green eye visible as she locked her gaze with them.“You… Might wanna start running,” she said, her voice filled with confidence. “This could get a bit messy.”The farmers hesitated at first before running off, but not before one of the women could quickly yell “Thank you!” to the two youngsters, who soon looked to each other as the cyclops took a step towards them, it’s eye glaring at them, yet it did nothing to intimidate them.“Ready?” the girl said.“Yeah, let’s do this!” the boy responded before suddenly jumping high into the air, letting out a loud battle cry as he struck the cyclops in the forehead, exerting loudly as he unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks. The girl soon joined in, attacking the back of the monster’s knees, needing several strikes on each before it fell to its knees.The cyclops roared in pain as it tried to swat at the boy, who instead landed safely before joining with his companion, staring down the beast as they each reared back an arm. The boy’s arm soon began to glow before bursting into flames, while the girl’s became surround by crackling electricity. The two then rushed forward in unison, charging straight for the monster’s chest, soon shouting in unison.“COMBINED ATTACK, FIRESTORM FISTS!!!” they both cried out just before striking the monster’s heart, causing it to burst into flames while also being electrocuted, causing it to roar in agony as it instinctively knew that it was at death’s doorstep. Several minutes passed before the cyclops’ body was nothing but a pile of ashes, the one part of its body surviving, its eye, looking right at the girl, who, despite her previous bravery, could not help but shiver as she met its gaze.“G-Geez, who knew a cyclops’ severed eyeball could still give a girl the creeps like that…” she mumbled to herself before turning to her companion, who was swinging his left arm in a circular motion. His face was blank as if the intensity of the one-sided battle did not affect him at all. Once she got his attention, she pointed towards the eye. “Think you can carry that, Damion?”“I suppose,” he responded plainly, walking over and picking up the eye before stuffing it into a nearby leather bag, slinging it over his shoulder before meeting her gaze once again. “Hey Mira, why are we taking this thing with us?”“I hear the next town has a magic shop, and those places usually pay big money for rare monster body parts like this. We could use the money for food and housing while we’re on our way to Northveil.”“How much you think its worth?”“I dunno… Six, maybe seven thousand gold?”Upon hearing the possible amount, Damion’s mouth began to water as he began to daydream, which was usually about the different types of food that he had imagined from the outside world. He let out a chuckle while smiling as he tried to reach for the food in his daydream.“Ooooh, think of all the food we could buy with that kind of money…!”“We’re not spending it all on food! If we do, we’ll never get to Northveil in time for the tournament! Now come on, we need to get to the next town soon if we want to make any decent progress today.”He then let out a disappointed sigh as he soon followed her down the forest path, the food in his daydream disappearing. As they continued down the road, he looked up to the sky; the treetops doing little to block out the sun, which looked to be reaching its highest point, the lack of clouds meaning that its rays could shine down on the two unopposed. He then stretched his arms out as he soaked in the sun, letting out a relaxed sigh before finally breaking the silence.“Looks like it’s about midday now,” he said with a smile.“Yeah, though it is starting to get a little hot now,” she replied, rubbing the back of her hand against her forehead as she felt a small bead of sweat forming there.“It’s not that hot out, right? It’s just now getting to where I’m not cold.”“Damion, it could be over a hundred degrees out, and you’d still be cold!”They shared a chuckle before suddenly seeing what looked to be the end of the forest, which led onto a vast expanse of flat plains, filled with lush green grass that swayed slightly by a gentle breeze. They soon came to a stop, both breathing in deeply before exhaling in unison before Mira pointed up the road, seeing several small buildings within proximity of one another. Her eyes lit up as she turned to Damion before starting down the path again“There it is!” she exclaimed. “The town of Greenwood! Our first stop on the road to Northveil!”They quickly jogged into town, which in comparison to the monastery, seemed quite different and much more prominent. Mira nodded her head as she looked around the group of buildings while Damion looked on in astonishment.“Woah…” he breathed out with wide eyes, “I’ve never been to a place this big before…”“You think this place is big, just wait until we get to Northveil!” Mira responded with a wink and a grin. “It’s one of the largest cities on the continent!”The two then found the establishment that they were looking for in, a small building made from polished stone, a sign hanging above the door that read “Thurman’s Magic Shoppe.” Mira took Damion’s bag and walked in while he stood outside. A couple of minutes pass before she exited the shop, holding what looked to be a large bag above her head, a massive grin on her face as she giggled enthusiastically.“How much did you get for the cyclops eye?” Damion asks upon seeing the back, causing Mira to hum as she lowered it from her head, now holding it as if it were a child. Her face was a clear sign that she was delighted with the amount.“Oh, not much…” She said with a slight snicker. “Just a measly ten thousand gold! This should last us until we get to Centralia at worst!”His eyes widened at her words, causing his mouth to water slightly as they began to walk down the cobblestone street, once again resulting in daydreams of food to dance in his mind. This time, those daydreams faded as they walked through a nearby alley, soon finding themselves at a dead end. Both blinked curiously as Mira looked at the buildings around them as if trying to use them to navigate.“That’s strange…” She said while rubbing the back of her head. “I could’ve sworn the inn was around here somewhere… Guess we took a wrong turn somewhere. C’mon, let’s-”As she was speaking, they turned around to see that their path was blocked as a result of four men, all wearing sleeveless white undershirts and black trousers, three of them having shaved heads and lean builds. The fourth, most likely the leader of the group as he was far larger in both height and weight, took a step forward, his short black hair spiking straight up akin to that of a porcupine. They all gave off the look of street thugs, and they backed it up as they all brandished daggers and pointed them at the two youngsters.“Looks like we got a couple of kids who came to the wrong side of town, boys!” The leader said with a sinister smirk, eliciting chuckles from his trio of underlings. “And they brought us a nice little gift. How nice of them!”“No way, this gold is ours!” Mira responded, clutching the bag while staring them down. This action only caused the four thugs to take a step closer as the three underlings all locked eyes on her.“Hey, check her out!” One said.“She looks like a cutie, don’t she?” Another added.“She could fetch us a pretty penny on the slave market, wouldn’t she, boss?” The third underling concluded.The boss nodded as he locked his brown eyes on her as well, causing her to take a step back as she processed their words through her mind.Their way of thinking’s just as disgusting as their looks. She thought with a shiver, though soon composed herself as she handed Damion the bag of gold, walking up to the thugs, causing him to tilt his head in confusion as the three underlings surrounded her.“Oh, please don’t hurt me!” she said with a tone that came off as somewhat dramatic, leaning her head back to hide a secret grin on her face. “I do whatever you want, so please be gentle with me, you brutes!”The three underlings closed in, two grabbing her arms and holding them out, allowing the boss to lean in close and examine her body at a glance. He didn't look for long before moving up to her face, nodding with a slight grin, which grew as he saw that she was not resisting in the slightest, garnering a chuckle.“Someone’s smart by knowing her place,” the boss said. “You got a nice face there, girly, though the chest needs a bit of developing. Regardless, with the gold you’ll fetch and the gold from your fri-”He stopped as his eyes met those of Damion, who merely stood where he had been at the start of the encounter, holding the bag, his face neutral, confusing the boss as their gazes locked onto each other.That’s weird… He thought as his grin slowly disappeared from his face. He’s looking mighty calm, given the situation. You’d think he’d be at least a little concerned with what we’re about to do to his friend here.His thoughts soon ceased as he looked back towards where Mira had been standing, only to realize that she was no longer there, the three underlings looking just as shocked as they all started to look for any signs of her. He then felt something rest against his shoulders, at first responding by glancing behind his back, only to notice one of two black boots, a yellow stripe running down the length of the boot, sitting on his shoulders.He finally looked up, his widening brown eyes meeting the green eyes of the woman he thought to have in the palm of his hand, smirking at him.“Hey there!” She said, cracking her knuckles slowly. “Nice to see you again.”His first response was to swipe at one of her legs, only to see her jump off his shoulders, doing a front flip before landing just in front of the three underlings. She stood her ground as the three rushed her, disarming one before throwing him into another, causing them both to crash into the wall before falling onto the ground.The third got up to her face and slashed at her with his dagger, his movements being sloppy, proper form nonexistent, allowing her to dodge them with ease. As he prepared for another flurry of slashes, his eyes suddenly shot wide open, almost bulging from his skull as he weakly dropped his weapon. He let out a breathless gasp as he looked down, finding the toe of her boot wedged between his legs.The boss could only watch as his final underling slowly crumpled to the ground, weakly holding his hands between his legs as he groaned in agony. With them out of the way, she walked up to him, watching him sneer and growl as he put away his daggers and reached behind his back, pulling out a small battle-ax. He glared at her, growling as he raised his weapon over his head, preparing to use all of his strength to bring it down upon her.“You little bitch!” “He yelled as he stomped his front foot forward, the first part of his attack. “This’ll teach you some man-”Before he could finish, he felt all of his momenta come to a screeching halt, feeling a sudden surge of pain wash over his entire body. He could not speak any further, feeling all of his strength having been sapped away, soon causing him to lose the grip on his ax, allowing it to fall behind him. He weakly looked down, seeing Mira look right at him, her left arm stretched forward, the fist pressed deep into his ample gut.Slowly, she removed her fist, allowing the large thug to fall to his knees, bringing him down to her eye level. Her left hand then grabbed a hand full of his black hair, her strength the only thing keeping him up as she looked right into his eyes, now seeing only defeat with a pinch of fear, causing her to smirk.“That was for the comment about my chest,” she said bluntly before pulling her right arm back, clenching her hand into a fist, choosing to hold back her power this time. “Nighty night, punk.”The blow came so swiftly that the boss had no time to process the sight before he fell to his side, falling unconscious without a sound. Once the thugs were unconscious, Mira turned to Damion, who finally moved from his spot as he walked to her, his disposition the same as before.“You alright, Mira?” He asked plainly, receiving a nod in response before leaving the dark alleyway to the sounds of the thugs moaning weakly from their unexpected defeat.They made it to the inn as the sun began to set on the horizon, needing to use only one gold coin each to pay for a room and a hot meal. Once the night sky replaced the sun, the two retired to their room, preparing to turn in after a long day. Mira let out a loud yawn as she sat down on her bed, hiding the bag of gold under it for safekeeping.“Man, today was a long day, huh?” She said. “First killing a red cyclops, then dealing with a group of thugs. And to think that this was just our first full day of travel. Who knows what’s next for-”She had turned her head to the right as she spoke, stopping to notice that Damion had unbuttoned and removed his shirt. His now exposed bare torso was somewhat lean with muscle definition that was slightly above average for someone his age and body type. Upon seeing it, she couldn’t help but blush a little as he turned to her, raising an eyebrow.“Is something wrong, Mira?” He said, completely unaware as to why she was staring at him. “Your face is all red…”She squeaked softly before turning away from him, pulling her covers over her as she began to settle down for the night.“N-Nothing, I was just thinking to myself, that’s all…” She grumbled, trying to get the image out of her mind as she closed her eyes.He shrugged as he soon did the same, quickly falling asleep himself.As the two slept, little did they know that a small figure wrapped in a cloak took refuge on the roof of the inn, just above their room. All that was visible from the hood of the cloak was a pair of blue eyes, as well as three locks of hair, one colored blue, one yellow, and one green. He looked around the streets below, shaking as if trying to hide. He found nobody, helping him to relax somewhat as he laid a sort down, laying next to it before falling into sleep as well…End of Chapter....
Kirito and Asuna by sarifromwonderland
Sailor Moon Redraw by sumawesum

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Xaela on Bed Commiss by Emerald--Weapon
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contract.png by jonathantaniuchi
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Mai Valentine: Card Carrying Beauty (Nude) by TheNaughtyGoblin
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Boxing You - OCs by Jose-Ramiro
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Wall-E + Eve: Regeneration by Acaciathorn
Anathoth by Nerozhilai
Your story 2
Dracula Crossover Style Ch 1Disclaimer: I do not own MLP, JJBA, Mortal Kombat, and DraculaAuthor's notes: This story take place where all the MLP characters and anime characters are human. Which is rated PG-13. May contains character deaths, some course language, and violence. Reader description is advised. Now to the story.The story took back in 1913. A wolf howled at night where all the other wolves howled.In the ocean where all the thunderstorms booked and the waves going out of control which a boat appears. Waves crashing onto the boat and the wheel of the boat moving. The lantern moved which all the rats sqeauks. Growls began appear. All the people began to talk."Here! Here!" A man shouted as he found a box which is labeled.King SombraCrystal EmpireGrowls began to grow louder. As the tide began to move uncontrollably which all the people grabbed the box and began using the crane to lift the box up. Thunderstorms began boom louder and the tide making bigger waves. A Captain named Kano came over to the wheel."Overboard.! Throw overboard.!" Kano shouted as the box began crack open due to Sombra who is sealed in the box as Kobra and Kabal lift the box and was about to be thrown off but it got stuck."Hurry up.!" Kano shouted as dirt began appear out of the box."It is stuck.!" Kabal shouted as Sombra began punch the wood out with his hand and began to choke one of her crew members."Aaah!" Kobra shouted as Kano was shouting at him which King Sombra tears Kobra's throat. Waves going out of control which a Kabal fell off the boat and into a ocean. A Demon wolf in which King Sombra shape shift into began to growl at the Kano which he stuck onto the wheel and Sombra began to attack him. Which Kano ends up getting killed offscreen. A lighthouse shined at Equestria in Canterlot. Which all the people screamed inside the Asylum. A man with dark purple long hair and red eyes named Kars opened the door which he finds Starlight Glimmer while running through the crowd."Get off!" A person shouted."Starlight Glimmer, for God's sake, give these poor wretches some laudanum to calm their shattered nerves!" Kars shouted."They won't take nothing; Dr. Kars." Starlight Glimmer answered as she shouted through the microphone."Then give them something.!" Kars shouted."I can't do anything. Come on." Starlight Glimmer replied as she tries to calm the people down."Dr. Kars.! Dr. Kars" Candace shouted as Kars turns seeing her who is holding Flurry heart."Where's Miss Scarlet?" Candace asked."Where's Miss Scarlet to help with my baby?" Candace asked as Flurry heart began to cry."Mi Amore Cadenza where is my daughter?" Kars replied as Luna approaches to him."Miss Scarlet's is upstairs in the house looking sir after that friend of hers." Luna answered as she went to find Scarlet."Fine time to abandon us. Starlight Glimmer, I'm coming down." Kars replied as he went to help Starlight Glimmer with the patients.In the bedroom a seventeen year old girl with dark brown hair and Hazelnut brown eyes named Scarlet Okami with a fifteen year old girl with light blue curly hair and pink eyes named Cozy Glow. Scarlet finishes reading the letter."But anyway, you needn't worry. As soon as you finish law school, I'm sure our firm will hire you in a second." Scarlet replied."Hey!" Cozy Glow replied"You will make a beautiful addition to the firm of Snodgrass, Shilling and Wollop." Scarlet replied as the storm blows bedroom window open. Which scares Cozy Glow while Scarlet came over to the window and closes it."Good Lord! Is it all right?" Cozy Glow asked."Yes...yes." Scarlet answered as she sat down."You know, Scarlet, you're so much braver than I am...taking on all those men like that." Cozy Glow replied."But don't you think we ought to have some influence, some say on things? After all..." Scarlet replied."We are not chattels!" Both Scarlet and Cozy replied."No, I know we're not." Cozy Glow replied as Luna enters Scarlet's room."Scarlet!" Luna shouted."Yes?" Scarlet replied."Your father says he needs you in the wards right away." Luna replied."Yes, I'm coming." Scarlet answered as Luna leaves her bedroom."Oh, do you have to go now Scarlet?" Cozy Glow whined."Yes. Into bed." Scarlet replied."All right." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet sets her bed up."Thank you." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet tucks her in bed."Now remember, Cozy. If you don't rest, you'll be stuck in this bedroom all winter." Scarlet replied."Yes, you're quite right. You go down to them. I'll be fine." Cozy Glow replied."Good night, Cozy." Scarlet replied."Good night." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet leaves her bedroom. Cozy Glow turns off the light and went to bed.
Cosplay 2
Eli Ayase by sarifromwonderland
Han N' Chewie by AliceAcorn6003
Line Art 1
Truth-Seeker- OC Design (Hidden Rage)|Tlakuilo by TheUnlimitedFortress
Line Art 2
Sailormoonredraw by SRTETUDO
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Master Ori n Tesa - Mentor n Disciple| Ryuichirou by TheUnlimitedFortress
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streaming some online magic classes by Wafferscotch
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Random Doodle 3 by WoRLDLeSS-Heart
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R. Mika and Ibuki Arguing Reimagining  by KaigunMontoya
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Fa5-1 by AswinArtz
Line art 4
June Wallpaper 2020 Inks by undeadfriend
Fan art 7

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Isuke Inukai by BlackRoseHalfeti
Fan art 8
Sylvanas Windrunner by Esther-Shen
oc 6
Friendship by TheKohakuDragon
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With love to you! Female Mewtwo! by plua3dart
18+ 2

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[NSFW] Cortana by NaaN-AnA
Fan art 9
San #ghibliredraw by MrElementron-dA
18+ 3

Mature Content

Majin 21 NSFW by neoreptilZ



Blooming Flowers by Anzel-X Blooming Flowers :iconanzel-x:Anzel-X 64 31 OC Wendy Steinberg from SOULGATE project by WSKIEY OC Wendy Steinberg from SOULGATE project :iconwskiey:WSKIEY 10 4 Younger Cylika by MisunderstoodYin Younger Cylika :iconmisunderstoodyin:MisunderstoodYin 2 0 Determination makes me more human than you by crapopabo Determination makes me more human than you :iconcrapopabo:crapopabo 12 0 [ES]Behind Curtain by UtingY [ES]Behind Curtain :iconutingy:UtingY 120 21 Kid Goku by Shinnh Kid Goku :iconshinnh:Shinnh 14 3 Roy Mustang the fire alchemist (color adjust) by Shinnh Roy Mustang the fire alchemist (color adjust) :iconshinnh:Shinnh 3 0 Sasuke-naruto by Shinnh Sasuke-naruto :iconshinnh:Shinnh 4 6 Last warrior standing Bardock by Shinnh Last warrior standing Bardock :iconshinnh:Shinnh 10 1 [OPEN] Set priced gals adopt collab lower price by KPJ11 [OPEN] Set priced gals adopt collab lower price :iconkpj11:KPJ11 291 3 Horns by Tan97 Horns :icontan97:Tan97 19 8 Doodle 03/14 by marinaogaeri Doodle 03/14 :iconmarinaogaeri:marinaogaeri 31 2 What kind of bird is that? by Damariwiss What kind of bird is that? :icondamariwiss:Damariwiss 3 2 Yamatonokami Yasusada by Mangetsuchan Yamatonokami Yasusada :iconmangetsuchan:Mangetsuchan 7 2 Chuu? by Wildhadow Chuu? :iconwildhadow:Wildhadow 18 10 It's Raining...? by DotLia It's Raining...? :icondotlia:DotLia 3 0

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