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frog by Telemaniakk
Felix Argyle by Thea-B
Joe - Megalo Box [FanArt] by TheLittleWhiteDevil

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Ama by jcorbari
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Elsa by Flowerxl
Jeremiah by jt-designs-123
Sunset by jt-designs-123
C - The 3 with golrious Hair by Isi-Daddy
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Tory chan X3 by Bee--48
Black Rose Chapter 6- Page 6 by SunlessRose
Black Rose -Chapter 6 Page 1 by SunlessRose
Comission 2021 20 by Anji-Melody
Comission 2021 21 by Anji-Melody
Comission 2021 22 by Anji-Melody
the archer girl by abiboge
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Kaiju #8 by zarkdmacabre
Adopt 267 : Baby Mechamon XLV | OPEN (1/9) by I5HIMARU
Jibril by abiboge
Mudrock by Strartoz
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Desert Rose- Kishar by SunlessRose
Big Boobie Uniform Waifus by thek0n
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Shh Shh, Mom is here. by Alex-kellar
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Commission: Hinata and Tsunade by Ewder
Hey Frieza! You Should Split! by KovenantKonceptions
#047w Aiko by Ewder
Nobara Kugisaki by CeePandan
Looney Cave Tunes by Jose-Ramiro
Amphibia by DarkerEve
Dr Arnold and Susan Richards by Jose-Ramiro
Angelica's Album - Let's Be Mother Heroes by Jose-Ramiro
NaruTema: Autumn Love (Close-up) by JuPMod
NaruTen: Bean Bag Love by JuPMod
NaruTema: Hug of Love (Full-version) by JuPMod
Shikamaru and Ino by Hadirutopia
Ordalia 5-65 ENG by Ewder
My Hero Academia S5E11 Scene Interpretation #2 by meiyeezhu
Ordalia 5-64 ENG by Ewder
1056.8 FGB Kokoro and Akane Comic WIP 8 by veika by Dinobolt6
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Summer~ by Angeliiu

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Purple Dragon Girl by abiboge
your story

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YCH Cow girl - CLOSED AUCTION by Cogamori
Oh You're Here (Misaki from Railgun) by Heatray2009

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Midna (Reflection)[Fixed] by TheUsualBunny
TG Spray by MrSmuttyDoodles
Lenny and Jenny by Jose-Ramiro
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Morrigan commission by JBMDoolio
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MP100: Glamorous Bruiser by HaraaJubilee
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Himiko Toga - Take What You Love (V2) by SketchMeNot-Art
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Bday - LDFEnterprises2013 by Jose-Ramiro
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school couple by abiboge
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BNHA: Leave No Trace Behind by HaraaJubilee
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HB: Thinking Of You by HaraaJubilee
Devour by silverdrake-style
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I wanted to be a wolf... by EliTanDark
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Marlin Nemo and Dory by Artfrog75
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Yanfei by Khaezher
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MHA Kuki Sanban - HotStuff by Jose-Ramiro
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Tesa Lykia | Queen of Battle (Sketch01)|[PI] by TheUnlimitedFortress
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MHA Nadine (Hey, Arnold) - Arachnia by Jose-Ramiro
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Asuka Blade by BoScotty
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MHA Tommy Pickles - OkeyDokey Jones by Jose-Ramiro
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Plastic Deku by Jose-Ramiro
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Tilly Chillin' by aycrin-28
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Pufferfish Ladies by Jose-Ramiro
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Sam Samsung Assistant by Emerald--Weapon
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Kadz pinup by Andrieus

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Reiko 600 by Mastergodai
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Commission - Something Sneaky by Meryosie
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Sunnyside Serving of Extra Beef 4/8 by KaigunMontoya
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FULL BODY [OPEN] Auction Outfit Adoptable SET 5 by iononion
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Super Lynn Loud by Jose-Ramiro
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Gym Couple - Suga Mama and Papi by Jose-Ramiro
YCH AUCTION - Princess [ CLOSED ] by Cogamori
Your story 2
Not Dead Fish headSummary: Jade aka Scarletokami75 takes her friends to a sushi restaurant to celebrate that school is finally out. They got a platter of sushi and Sashimi but Jafar got something on his plate that grossed him out.Disclaimer: I do not ownI do not own Batman vs Dracula, Total Drama Island, Bleach, JJBA, Hercules and Aladdin.Warnings: This story is rated PG due to some language.Jade, Dracula, Leshawna, Gwen, Aizen, Kars, Marceline, Jafar, and Hades were in the sushi restaurant to celebrate that school is finally out for the entire summer. Which they order a sushi and Sashimi platter with a couple of drinks.When the waitress brings out a food they ordered. Which they were happy but Jafar the eighteen year old who has black long hair, facial hair and wore casual clothes has a bowl of sashimi with a fish head on it."Um... Guys I think I don't want to eat now." Jafar replied."Why is that. Jafar?" Hades asked."Because I got a dead fish head on my bowl!" Jafar answered as Jade, Dracula and her friends sees his food on the bowl. It was Sashimi with a fish head on it."Geez Jafar did u order something wrong?" Hades asked."No. It was probably miscommunication. I never been in a sushi restaurant" Jafar answered as the fish head began to breathe which it freaked Jafar completely."Oh my God.!" Jafar screamed."Oh don't be such a sissy. The fish is probably breathing due to the salt that it got put on." Hades answered as the fish head continues to breathe again which Jafar screamed again while Jade, Dracula, Leshawna, Gwen and Marceline laughed at this while Kars and Aizen watched as entertainment."Is the fish still alive?" Jafar asked as the fish head breath again which he got scared again. The waitress came over to see the communication."I can't do this." Jafar replied as he grabs the bowl with a fish head on it."Please take it. I don't want anymore."Jafar begged as the waitress grabs the fish head bowl from him and walks away with it.Jade still snickers at him that Jafar freaked out that the fish head scared him."That's not funny." Jafar replied."Yes it is." Jade replied."I agree with her. The fish did freaked you out." Aizen replied as he drinks his tea.Jafar got over it but at least he can celebrate with Jade and her friends.Owari
Cosplay 2
Ghosts N' Goblins Online Conjurer Cosplay 07 by ILoveLadies2
Commission - My aunt by Arthursirius
Line Art 1
Trixie's Magical Hat and Cow by Jose-Ramiro
Line Art 2
Vampire Diaries Battle by Jose-Ramiro
Adopt 37 : Battle Wolf Full armor | Close by I5HIMARU
Manga 3
Wrestling Fire Emblem Tag Teams by Jose-Ramiro
Digital 5
Yafita by BoScotty
Digital 6
Beyond what you know by MaikelKing
traditional 5
Wile's New Prey by Jose-Ramiro
traditional 6
Wrestling Muscle Belle vs Jasmine by Jose-Ramiro
Line art 3
Wrestling You vs Mirko by Jose-Ramiro
Line art 4
GNG OC Kokoro Bellydancing WIP 3 by DS-smile by Dinobolt6
Fan art 7
MOON RABBIT HYPE!!! by dengekipororo
Fan art 8
Afternoon at Library by MythPy
oc 6
Darling Sunrise Cover by KaigunMontoya
3D 2
Boop by silverdrake-style
18+ 2

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[NUDE] Ghislaine by NaaN-AnA
Fan art 9
(Persona) 3/5/10 by MythPy
18+ 3

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My Hero Academia S5E11 Scene Interpretation #4 by meiyeezhu
manga 4



Blooming Flowers by Mom0San Blooming Flowers :iconmom0san:Mom0San 65 31 OC Wendy Steinberg from SOULGATE project by WSKIEY OC Wendy Steinberg from SOULGATE project :iconwskiey:WSKIEY 10 4 Younger Cylika by MisunderstoodYin Younger Cylika :iconmisunderstoodyin:MisunderstoodYin 2 0 Determination makes me more human than you by crapopabo Determination makes me more human than you :iconcrapopabo:crapopabo 12 0 [ES]Behind Curtain by UtingY [ES]Behind Curtain :iconutingy:UtingY 118 21 Kid Goku by Shinnh Kid Goku :iconshinnh:Shinnh 14 3 Roy Mustang the fire alchemist (color adjust) by Shinnh Roy Mustang the fire alchemist (color adjust) :iconshinnh:Shinnh 3 0 Sasuke-naruto by Shinnh Sasuke-naruto :iconshinnh:Shinnh 4 6 Last warrior standing Bardock by Shinnh Last warrior standing Bardock :iconshinnh:Shinnh 10 1 [OPEN] Set priced gals adopt collab lower price by KPJ11 [OPEN] Set priced gals adopt collab lower price :iconkpj11:KPJ11 287 3 Horns by Tan97 Horns :icontan97:Tan97 19 8 Doodle 03/14 by marinaogaeri Doodle 03/14 :iconmarinaogaeri:marinaogaeri 31 2 What kind of bird is that? by Damariwiss What kind of bird is that? :icondamariwiss:Damariwiss 3 2 Yamatonokami Yasusada by Mangetsuchan Yamatonokami Yasusada :iconmangetsuchan:Mangetsuchan 7 2 Chuu? by Wildhadow Chuu? :iconwildhadow:Wildhadow 18 10 It's Raining...? by DotLia It's Raining...? :icondotlia:DotLia 3 0

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Please join these cool groups they have alot of good people!
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Lets make 2019 a year to remember!
Hope everyone is having a great time this year. What are you thankful for? for me is having this great group and a big family.
have a happy holiday everyone be safe and watch tons of anime :D
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