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Ursa's birthdayIt was 3:00 pm Wednesday, which signified today was Ursa's weekly tea party. Her best friends Sakiko and Xiaoying would be there. So would their good friends, Yang, Kishi, Rei, and Saura. These weekly tea parties were the only times they could escape their hectic lives and take pleasure in each other company.After all, Xiaoying was a prominent culinarian and fashion designer. In contrast, darling Sakiko supervised various charities and was a part-time model for Xiaoying. Their other friends each had their own commercial enterprise to operate. Yang had her holistic healthcare facility, while Kishi had her jewelry store. Rei had her spa, and Saura remained a celebrated vocalist."I'm so thrilled to see you all! It's been so atrocious the last few days!" Ursa exclaimed cheerfully, hugging each of her friends in turn. Each woman returned the hug declaring it had been too long since they'd seen each other. Then, as the ladies gathered around the screened-in sundeck to enjoy their tea, they merrily gossiped."I agree with Ursa. It seems like forever since we've seen each other. So what did you bring for the children this time?" questioned Xiaoying respectfully. Everyone paused for a moment to consider their answer before answering."Well, Rei and I've brought our mid-season line designs and products that we developed for your impending fashion show," answered Kishi as she opened her unique case."I've crafted your upcoming fashion show the following accessories," laying out several velvet boxes with a uniquely complete set. Everyone was blown away by Kishi's mastery when it came to jewelry. Once again, she'd provided Xiaoying with dazzling bling for her outfits.One set was a pink tourmaline cat necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Another was a garnet turtle anklet and charm bracelet. The next one was morganite dragon earrings, necklaces, and bangles. The final pieces were a pink diamond tiara headband, choker, and earrings of dragonflies."I've designed specialized tailored perfumes. Each to go with your unique body chemistry. So it's of a kind scent to go with each of you," Rei informed them as she laid out the scents. Red lilac, fire flowers, fire lilies, sunflowers, pansy, and lavender. She even formulated beauty products for hair and skin care."You two are certainly geniuses in supporting Xiaoying with her fashion line. I'm working on a new song for my latest album. Does anyone care to hear what I've got so far?" Saura asked to which everyone nodded. So clearing her throat, she began to sing them a powerful and soulful ballad."Where have the stars gone?Dark is the land.How can I find my way home?Home is a smoldering ruin,Lost to the fire.I feel so alone,My family promised they'd be there, Whenever I needed them, Whenever I'd call a name, No one is there.I'm trying to hold on, Just waiting to hear a voice. One word, just a word will do, To end this nightmare.When will the dawn break?Oh, endless night.Sleepless, I dream of the day, When you were by my side, Guiding my path.I can't find the way, my family promised they'd be there, Whenever I needed them, Whenever I'd call a name, No one is there.I'm trying to hold on, Just waiting to hear a voice, One word, just a word will do, To end this nightmare.I know the nightmare must end, And the sun will rise, And the sun will rise.I know, yes, I know the sun will rise.Yes, I know, I know, The clouds must clear.I know the nightmare must end, And the sun will rise, And the sun will rise.I know, yes, I know the sun will rise. Yes, I know, I know,The clouds must clear. I know this nightmare must end, I know the sun will rise, And I'll hear your voice deep inside.I know this nightmare must end, And the clouds must clear, The sun, The sun will rise. The sun, The sun will rise!""Hmm, I'm quite happy you're doing well. So you are doing well, correct, Yang?" Ursa questioned her beloved friend, who nodded. She was sipping her delicious afternoon tea for a moment. Then, finally, she set it down before answering Ursa's question. "My medical institution has gotten several brand-new patients. You wouldn't believe how badly multiple individuals require acupuncture for back problems. Or seek my help, whether its Fung Shui or marriage counseling.In the last four months alone? I've rearranged seventeen newly married couples' residences, so they have the proper energy flow to guarantee good fortune in their marriage.""Well, you've done a spectacular job within all our dwellings regarding Fung Shui. I hope you can fix it when they get done with our apartment. They're going to devastate the energy flow with all this demolition!" proclaimed Sakiko angrily."Do not fret, Sakiko. I shall ensure your home has the correct flow once again. Now I get the nagging feeling I forget something," Yang replied. Glancing around the table, it seemed everyone felt they had forgotten something significant."You're forgetting it's my thirty-seventh birthday today," chuckled Ursa. Everyone faced palmed that they'd forgotten such an important date. The attractive woman only smiled warmly before saying."I don't blame any of you for forgetting. We've all been so damn busy the last few months. We're fortunate our heads are still attached to our bodies with how many directions we've been pulled in," Ursa reassured her friends."Is there anything we can do to make up for not remembering your birthday?" inquired Yang, to which Ursa smiled more brilliantly."I need nothing more from any of you then being in your company. Just having my friends around me even one day of the week is the best gift I could ask for. You are welcome to stay for the cake my children are baking for tonight. I hope you'll at least stay for that." They all agreed they would and enjoyed the rest of their tea party. Then some delicious chocolate strawberry cake later that evening. A perfect day in every way.
Queen Moon Shadow's ChoiceQueen Moon Shadow sat alone on her golden throne. Her husband, King Toothless, remained occupied elsewhere. Currently, before her stood a small assembly of Draco Beings and Humans. Usually, a conference of this magnitude would've been held before the entire council. Instead, however, these individuals requested her presence and hers alone.Consequently, she arranged a private gathering. She'd been incredibly fortunate that Princess Una Haddock had been able to cross over to their domain to assist with this discussion. Since the issues they were debating were now a raging point in her own world.One on the right side stood Deadly Siren, Honor Guard Astrid, and Princess Una. To her left were three individuals she wasn't knowledgeable with. But again, it was one Draco Being and two humans.Everyone in the chamber was female. But, again, today's summit had been called to debate a woman's right to choose. In short? They're here to discuss whether or not the Dragon Kingdom should prohibit abortion as the SCOTUS just did in Una's world."I'm willing to listen to both sides of the controversy. However, everyone will get an opportunity to speak. Yet, you'll respect each other as we examine these issues. Now, I give the floor to Drakaina and her party. You may proceed," acknowledging the opposing group.Drakaina and her companions all shouted that abortion was unethical. A preplanned murderous deed and that it was immoral and unsuitable. Furthermore, it should be outlawed altogether. Queen Moon Shadow listened attentively as they laid out their case. Even noting they utilized Silver Queen's name and how it went against her wishes to have an abortion.She then turned to Deadly Siren and allowed her party to describe why abortion should be permitted. Deadly Siren, Astrid, and Una initiated their argument. Pointing out everyone had free will. Furthermore, you had no right to impose your will onto others. That there were several acceptable motivations for wanting an abortion.Una questioned Drakaina's group if they believed it was acceptable for a rape victim to be coerced to carry the rapist's baby? A living reminder of a traumatic event? That is, forcing a woman to do that would conceivably result in suicide.Astrid likewise pointed out multiple medical and financial justifications for why abortion should be permitted. However, they highlighted again you cannot force others to follow your wishes.Deadly Siren concluded that no one had the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Unless they are the individual themselves? Plus, they are living all their current circumstances?They had no right at all to tell others what to do. Una even chimed in that even if you're religious? That doesn't mean you can force that on someone else. Taking away a woman's right to choose is taking away a fundamental right.Queen Moon Shadow listened carefully to all of this before ultimately communicating. "I understand why there are so many passionate emotions regarding this subject. However, I do agree you cannot force your will onto others. Deadly Siren's party brings up an essential point. You are NOT the individual in question. You do NOT know anything regarding them, their existing circumstances, or how they even became with child.Either way, I refuse to misuse Silver Queen's name as a justification to take away someone's right to choose. Silver Queen is our mother and her son Prince Aaron Morningstar.Yet she is also a sage woman. Therefore as a woman, I don't believe its against her wishes for women to have a choice when it comes to this particular matter. I'm confident she wanted herself to have the same option as she wants for all her worldly children—the right to choose what's best for themselves.After all? She and White King bestowed upon us free will for a reason. We're all well aware everyone will do as they please. But moreover, we cannot force anyone to do what they don't wish to do.Therefore, I'm pro-choice. I will not outlaw abortion, for its not my place to. However, I will not force my will onto others and take away their fundamental right to decide what's best for them.Therefore, you have my answer. I'll permit anyone who wants an abortion to have it. I'll offer counseling and alternative options if they can be utilized. However, I refuse to prohibit it altogether.That is my final decision. If you disagree with it? That's fine, but you'll not execute brutality to get your way. So accept my choice for what it is, not what you wish it to be. This meeting is concluded," the captivating monarch finished. The anti-abortion party looked extremely dissatisfied yet accepted their Queen's will. Princess Una only wished Queen Moon Shadow could talk the same sense into the SCOTUS. Sadly Queen Moon Shadow could not. However, she won't allow her citizens to be forced to do something against their will.
Crime TimeSpace and time were similar in several ways.The concept of space encompassed the entire universe in its vastness and magnificence. The Infinite Realms was no exception being a parallel dimension to the cosmos. It correspondingly extended on eternally. It was challenging for most to understand that there was no ending to the journey. There was no possible way to go to every point in space. No matter how long one's existence lasts.Well, one being could.Time was an expanse in another dimension. Utterly independent of space and still closely interconnected. No one could stop the flow of time. Time was like a waterfall; it was impossible to swim upstream, no matter one's will or ambition.Well, one being could.Paradox liked to believe that he and Clockwork understood each other in a way that no one else could, burdened with so much knowledge and responsibility to the universe for millennia.However, Paradox had never desired to be a deity.They sighed and shook away their thoughts, returning their focus to the task at hand. But, unfortunately, they had to hurry as the Master of Time could only be distracted for so long.He penetrated the clock tower. It was the same as he recollected, which didn't surprise him. Clockwork had enjoyed having constants when he could. Paradox wandered through the ticking labyrinth, disregarding any recollections that found him. He didn't desire to dwell on the past. The future was what mattered.The ticking seemed more audible than he remembered. He had continuously despised it.Finally, he reached his destination. The ceiling rose several stories high, giving him the space to breathe. Elaborate designs and carvings embellished the top and walls of the clocktower—several depicted symbols for time. In contrast, others were referencing the Ancients. Shades of blue and purple filled the room, not unlike the remainder of the clocktower. However, Paradox knew that his teal and black coloring stood out substantially.He unconsciously recalled that one time he had attempted to lightheartedly persuade Clockwork to add Paradox's colors to his lair if only to add some contrast and diversity. The Ghost of Time had responded by arranging an enormous teal and black carpet on the floor, dotted with stars and a ridiculous, embarrassing depiction of Paradox. It had clashed with the rest of the room horribly. He begged for it to be removed. Instead, it stayed there for years, much to his annoyance and Clockwork's amusement.He noticed now that Clockwork had removed it. What a relief. He ignored the inkling of another feeling he couldn't identify.Sighing, he returned his attention to the rest of the chamber. Multiple floating gears encompassing the room depicted different glimpses of time, changing so rapidly that he couldn't comprehend them. Nevertheless, the ticking persisted, echoing through the enclosure and growing the flicker of annoyance he felt.They took a deep breath before looming over one of the gears. They had to do this. Or the last thousand years were for nothing. The memories meant nothing. They were from another time before he realized the realities he knew.The ticking continued.Calling up their powers to the forefront, they flew in. The time stream washed over them: foreign, freezing, and prodding at his core. The familiar feeling of space grounded them and gave them some semblance of control. The when might have been variable, but at least he had control over the where.This was it; he was in. He smirked under his helmet, and with a flutter of his cloak, he permitted himself to drift through the time stream. Then, with his gloved hands alight with teal energy, he dug his hand into time and ripped.A gaping black hole opened, with what seemed like wind whistling into it and pulling some of the time streams in. He flew away and ripped another hole, and another, and another.The time stream was fragile, he knew. But, hopefully, this would cause enough chaos to occupy Clockwork and the other Ancients for a while. Long enough for him to sow some doubt in their capabilities and eventually free the Infinite Realms of their control. He knew it would be for the best, ghosts and the living alike. They would thank him someday.He smiled.It was, fortunately, an accident that they noticed.Dimensie, the Master of Dimensions, wasn't known for orderly work schedules or constant attention to every single dimension and the pathways between them. In actuality, there were an infinite number of dimensions in the multiverse. Far too much going on in each one to keep a constant watch. Contrary to what the other Ancients seemed to believe.Dimensie preferred to let their attention wander, going wherever they were drawn to at any moment. Occasionally they immediately detected problems. Other times it took enough time that the issue escalated before it was caught. This was one of the lucky moments when they paid attention to the correct dimension at the right time.Dimensie may have been an expert at knowing attributes regarding every single dimension, including their many differences and similarities. However, abnormal black portals to who-knows-where were not exactly their forte. But thankfully, they instantly recognized that the circumstance wasn't typical in its dimension.They concentrated their watch on the portal, looking for additional information to determine how significant this situation was and how to deal with it. When a ghost emerged from the doorway, immediate warning bells nudged Dimensie's core.It was a breach between two dimensions and a breach in time. Clockwork would need to hear about this and the rest of the Ancients. Something like this didn't happen randomly.Dimensie picked up their Portal Staff and opened a swirling green portal in front of them, the green glow casting light onto their purple and green attire. There was no time to lose.
Mother's Lullaby In the beautiful paradise of Elysion, the heart of the Golden Kingdom, two siblings were enjoying tending to the temple's magnificent rose garden. The elder sibling was a young man with sky blue hair dressed in immaculate white robes.His name was Helios. He was the high priest of the Golden Kingdom. Furthermore, a protector of Prince Endymion, who'd been reborn as Mamoru Chiba. His younger sister was named Helena. She greatly resembled a redhead version of Luna's human form. Only her dress was rosy pink with rose decorations.As they tended the roses, Helena started singing about love and roses. Helios admired his sister's beautiful singing voice. Truthfully given her responsibility, it made sense she would have a beautiful voice.While Helios and the priestesses, Maenads took their duties quite seriously when protecting the shrine and Elysion itself. The Maenads were also quite kind to Helios's younger sister.Helena also held great responsibility within this sacred land. Every night she'd sing a special lullaby to protect Earth's children from the evils of nightmares. However, she also happened to be the mother to all Dream Faeries. Thanks to the powers of the Golden Crystal mixed with starlight magic? She'd been able to give birth to Dream Fairies.Like their mother? It was their duty to safeguard the children of the world's dreams. So she'd granted each of them a magical flute to help them with their responsibilities.However, like any family? There were a few rotten apples among her children. A few of them had fallen to the dark side and encouraged nightmares. She'd been forced to take drastic actions to punish her fallen children. If one of her children broke their vows? They wouldn't die. Instead, they'd be transformed into hummingbirds. However, they'd lose all knowledge of their former identities.Helena despised casting this curse upon her beloved children. However, she couldn't bear to kill them outright. So transforming them into birds remained the most lenient punishment she could conceive.She bid her brother goodbye before heading to the amphitheater to begin singing her nightly lullaby. Once she stood center stage, glittering stardust began swirling around her body. She then began to sing her lullaby as she imbued her magic into the stardust."Hush now, my babyBe still, love, don't crySleep like you're rocked by the streamSleep and rememberMy last lullabyAnd I'll be with you when you dreamDrift on a riverThat flows through my armsDrift as I'm singing to youI see you smilingSo peaceful and calmAnd holding you, I'm smiling, tooHere in my armsSafe from all harmHolding you, I'm smiling, tooHush now, my babyBe still, love, don't crySleep like you're rocked by the streamSleep and remember this river lullabyAnd I'll be with you when you dreamI'll be with you when you dream."Helena finished her nightly duty only to hear a flute playing the melody of her lullaby. She gazed her royal blue eyes at the youth that stood in front of the stage. She smiled happily as it was her favorite son, Perle. Due to their eternal youth, he resembled a preteen boy—however, Perle had been alive nearly a millennium."You've been practicing, haven't you, my son? Seeing how that is your best performance thus far."The fairy gazed up at his beautiful mother. "I'm quite pleased with myself as well, Mother. I feel such joy when playing with the children. However, I wish I could walk among them. Be part of them, seeing how it sometimes gets lonely here.""I know you wish to walk amongst the humans as you did in your youth. However, things have changed, and I refuse to put you in danger until the above world is safe.""But when will it be safe again, Mother? How do you or Uncle Helios know what happens in the surface world?""Our time to return will come only when our King and Queen declare it. No sooner or later. I assure you they've not forgotten about us, seeing how closely we're tied to the royal family. I pray to myself each day that we shall return to the surface. However, until then, you must remain here where you are safe.""This wouldn't be you being overprotective of me, Mother? Given my other siblings who went to the surface fell victim to your curse?" his mother hung her head sadly.Perle never liked seeing his mother cry. He knew mentioning his fallen siblings always made her heart ache. Nevertheless, he'd like to know if she spoke the truth? Or if she couldn't bear to lose another son.After wiping away her silver tears, she answered her son. "Perle, I'll be honest with you. I am overprotective of you, given what happened to many of your brothers and sisters. However, I'm also truthful as I was with them. That we cannot leave our sanctuary until the royal family calls upon us again," taking a deep breath, she continued."I realize mothers aren't supposed to have favorites. Yet I cannot deny Perle. You've been my favorite since you were born nearly a millennium ago. But, even if we're immortal, I will die if I lose you, my precious. So please understand I do what I do because I love you. And a mother must protect her child. Do you understand?"He nodded as he fell into her arms. Mother and son hugged each other for a long time. Their teardrops become a small garden of beautiful flowers. Little did they know they'd soon be called back to the world above. Yet the reasons would be a total nightmare.
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