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Hello and welcome to the We-Love-Wheatley group, which is dedicated to the personality core Wheatley from the game Portal 2!

If you are a fan of Wheatley, feel free to become a member and to submit your art here!

While we encourage everyone to just have fun, we also have some rules for when posting art here:

:bulletblue: The art MUST feature Wheatley prominently in the picture in any form you choose (as a personality core, human, android, even a pokemon if you desire).
:bulletblue: The art must be your ORIGINAL work. Please refrain from posting screenshots, traced pictures and pictures that were drawn on a base (unless it's a pixel doll).
:bulletblue: Please, no bashing/hate art, no overly sexual themes, or any excessive gore or violence.
:bulletblue: While we accept submissions from artists of various levels, we must encourage you to post high quality finished works. WIPs and sketches are also accepted, but they will be posted to their own folder.

Also, don't forget the general rules:

:bulletblue: Respect the admins and everyone in the group and their opinions.
:bulletblue: If you have any questions regarding the group, please write a note to the admins.
:bulletblue: No spam, flaming, or any other inappropriate messages. Any of the mentioned messages will be instantly removed and the authors will be given a warning or banned.


Because it has /test/ in it? Well.. Maybe my humor is a little too advanced for smelly hu- i mean.. friends. *nod nod nods* friends.

You know, I ran tests once. They were better then any of her tests. In fact, if I wasn't so rudely thrown-into-space, I'd be testing right now. OH! oh oh oh- wait. I have a brilliant idea. this is the best test.... How about you... come and rescue me?

-No no no dont change the channel- its a really good idea. ...uhh. Cake! You like cake right? Well there's lots of cake here in space. So why don't you come get me. And you can eat cake. You can even stay here if you want, because I know how much you love cake. I'd be perfectly fine returning to Wheatley laboratories. See- wait- no! Don't change the-!


*intercom crackles* Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your Aperture extended relaxation time. Soon it will be time for the summer endurance testing to begin. Tests- Ah tests. Where would we be without tests? In fact, I think we should celebrate tests...

With some tests!

I propose to you- a competition of sorts! Together, with the direction of Wheatley, you must illustrate a test.

:bulletblue: The image must have Wheatley present
:bulletblue: The image should have some sort of test being depicted. This could be a explosive jigsaw puzzle, spike plates, death jeopardy, laser turret endurance course, radioactive black widow fruit punch taste test, etc. It can be anything, as long as you are testing!
:bulletblue: The test subject(s) Can be anyone. Turrets, cores, chell, OC's, Wheatley himself, etc
:bulletblue: Entries must be submitted by July 1st, 2013 at 11:59 PM CST
:bulletblue: Entries must be submitted to the contest entries folder to be counted.
:bulletblue: Entries will be voted upon by the group for our winners!

Of course, those whom perform the most optimal tests will receive cake :cake:

1st :cake:
Digital fullbody of a character of your choice by Naeomi
Service of Coloring a piece of provided line art by I-Am-Imaginary

2nd :cake:
Digital portrait of a character of your choice  by Naeomi
Service of Coloring a piece of provided line art by I-Am-Imaginary

3rd :cake:
Digital chibi of a character of your choice by Naeomi
Service of Coloring a piece of provided line art by I-Am-Imaginary

Cake awards are subject to change based on amount of entries and available baking supplies. If you would like to donate some cake[prizes] please comment below in the Aperture public opinion entry box.

Other Changes

I am in the process of removing deactivated accounts from the group, as well as organizing the galleries. The contest entry folder is partially a test to see if members are responsible enough to know where deviations should go! If your deviation isn't in the right folder, it cant count for the contest- so there is an incentive!

Thank you for all your previous comments, it is great to meet you all and I am very happy to see so many active members! I hope we have a long future of fun and science!

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions- feel free to comment below!
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Okay, so, do other people view him as:
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Also I’m still super confused on how this works so if anyone is active and has basic knowledge of Deviantart do you mind explaining to me what some buttons do?
fionacle Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2020
How can you not love him?! I’ve made some sketches that are pretty bad but if I find a good thing to use for animation I’m gonna try to make something with him and Chell!
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I'm a fangirl of Wheatley >w< I love him! 
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Wheatley's not a moron... just a traitor
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I would LOVE to join! I love Wheatley!
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Hnnnn can you please have me join this? ;w; Wheatley is amazing and forever senpai!
"It's so twisty it's SPINNING! HAHAHAHAHA!"
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ikr?? also i think i died laughing playing chapter 8. "warning: core overheating. nuclear meldow--" "SHADDUP"
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