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Welcome Valix Lovers!

Welcome to the Valix group!

You can find all info and ref-sheets in the featured folder, as well as more species I've created!
All species, except Valix are open, this means you can make and sell your own, as long as you credit me for being the original creator! ~

If you want to make a Valix, please note me ~

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Closed Species: Valix - Complete by CherrysDesigns
Complete Valix sheets and info,Valix have many variations. Colors, patterns, looks, themes...The valix live in different tribes. Each tribe has their own way of living. The tribes: Iramu Tribe: the wild hunters - the only ones that sabre tooth tigers had chosen to work with. Shiwa tribe: the isolated - able to disguise / connecting with mother nature Vidor tribe: the aggressive killers - only tribe to use weapons Hikine tribe: the peaceful and caring - ability  to heal others Naraos tribe: the spiritual and silent - able to summon spirits Vlinder tribe: the only tribe that only shows up at night and hides at daytime because of their photosensitive skin. Shui tribe: Also known as Aqua Valix. They mainly live under water but are able to live ashore aswell. They are peaceful and harmless. Able speak with animals. ♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡Their features:Pointy ears, can be long or short. Their tail, has always the same color as their skin and hair.Tatoos - each tribe has their own tattoos.Pendant - it's a soul pendant, each of them receives it at birth, which one depends on the month they were born, similiar to our zodiac signs.The gems on their back are glowing in the dark and have the same colors as their pendant they receive at their birth.Valix Can become over 250 years old.Some of them have ear plugs, some have piercings aswell.Sharp claws - can be retracted.The ones who sacrifice a Lumegits life, achieve the power of angel/demon/nephilim♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡Valix can live in any kind of climate. Snowy, cold places, deserts, woods or jungles. They might live in their own tribe but it can happen that 2 Valix of different tribes meet and reproduce. These children are not allowed to be part of any of their parents tribes. Most of use a fake identity. If a tribe finds out, there is a bastard between them, they hunt him down do death. Except for Naraos and Hikine. They rescue the poor souls and hide them from the hunting tribes. That's why these 2 tribes aren't able to free their angelic/ demonic/ nephelim powers and they are okay with it to live like this in peace). Valix also dress with normal clothing, they might live in tribes, still they like the modern life-style. Many of them like to wear clothing too, even shoes.. The ones who survived founded their own tribe: Lumengit Lumnegit tribe is a very open-minded, friendly and caring one. They live a modern life-style. Similiar to us humans. The Lumnegit try to make their own life as normal as possible and be as different as they can from the other tribes. They also carry angelic/ Demonic/ nephilim DNA, which makes them very strong gives them the ability to heal their wounds within seconds. That's why other tribes want to hunt them and sarcifice their life to obtain their DNA for their own power. Lumengit are protected by Naraos and Hikine tribe. Shui tribe has no interest in their power and doesn't hunt the Lumengit either. ♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡Angelic/ Demonic/ Nephilim Valix (ex-transformation idea) Note: I think the idea of the transformation, was hard to understand and draw properly to really see a difference, that's why I chose this possibilty) Every Valix is born with Demonic or Angelic DNA (or nephilim DNA - depends on parents).  Only the ones who sacrifice the life of a lumengit are able to achieve the power of the angelic/demonic/nephilim given to them by the gods. (Getting wings/ horns/ sharp teeth/ spikes and making them stronger and faster). Not all of the Valix are interested in sacrificing the Lumengit for the powers, some are satisfied with the way they are and have no need to achieve the powers. ,♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡ Female Valix are also hunters, just like men. Unlike in other species tribes, they dont take the role of the mother only. Everybody is equal in a Valix tribe.  They are born with their tattoos. Always mixed of mothers and fathers. Valix learn their skills from their parents and the animals they live with. They ride sabre-tooth tigers that they breed for their own purposes. Valix eat anything, that mother nature has to give. They are grateful for anything they get. All the Valix belive in higher force. They believe in more than only one god. Each god gives them strength for a specific purpose in their lives. Similiar to the greek gods we know. There are 12 Months in a Valix Year.  ♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡The months/ souls: Month of the dragon Month of the bison Month of the lion Month of the phoenix Month of the hawk Month of the bear Month of the skull Month of the fox Month of the praying mantis Month of the wolf Month of light Month of darkness ,Soul / shadow forms: The soul forms are Valix companions. They are their shadow and appear whenever a Valix is in need of help or injured. They  protect and help them. The soul forms can appear anytime, no matter if day or night. Their eyes are glowing in the same way as the pendants color.  I will add every soul form to the sheet  . It will be the vector above, standing behind the Valix as shadow. I hope you like the idea. ,♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡Elemental Valix:These Valix are some of the rarest. They are stronger and have powers that not all normal Valix have.,Earth ValixPeaceful and have the ability to speak to any type of fauna and control any type of flora. They enjoy decorating their hair and tail with flowers. Most often they will be found while the sun is out and hidden when the moon is out. Earth Valix have natural skin tones, or skin tones that we humans see on a regular basis. Females have leaf or petal ears while the males have antlers like a deer.Bloom ValixBloom Valix are a sub-species of female Earth Valix. They can take on the energy of the flower that is decorated upon their body. Taking on this energy can change their skin tone to a tone that is like the color of the flower.Arbor ValixArbor Valix are a sub-species of male Earth Valix. They can take on the energy of the tree or shrub that adorns their body. With this energy they possess additional strength and their skin is harder to cut through.Aqua ValixVery peaceful and can speak to any type of aquatic life, both flora and fauna. They enjoy collecting shells, pearls, and starfish as they make jewelry out of these items. Aqua Valix have a variety of skin tones as they can be different depending on the type of water they live in, but are often seen with bright vibrant skin tones. They can live outside of the water; their hair is long and flowing; and they have a tail fin, pectoral fins, and fins on their earsIce ValixIce Valix are sub-species of Water Valix. They have honed their powers of freezing water and thus transformed. Any child born of two Ice Valix would immediately inherit these powers as well. These Valix have even sturdier skin and it glistens like diamonds with light shines upon it.Bioluminescent Valix (yet to be released)Bioluminescent Valix are a sub-species of Water Valix. Their bodies are fused with algae that shines and glows in the darkest waters or during dark nights. This is a trait developed over the years of life within a certain climate, water depth, and allowing their bodies to adapt to their environment overall.Fire ValixWarriors are what these valix are revered as. Their flames burn bright during battle;  if they’re defeated the flame weakens and they must take time to recover to allow the flame’s strength to come back; the longer it takes for a flame to come back the more damage the Valix endured. If a flame goes out the Valix could very well just be assumed inactive for several months as it takes a lot of healing before the flame comes back. They enjoy wearing headpieces such as tiaras or hair clips. Fire Valix have flames at the tip of their tails and on their hands. When they walk, their footprints burn the ground beneath them. They do their best to be mindful of their flames so as to not burn down their forest homes.Lava Valix (yet to be released/info pending)Smoke Valix (yet to be released/info pending)Wind ValixMasters of silence as they move as swift as the air around them. They’re able to control the wind and clouds, create sound waves, and affect some flight-talented creatures behaviors. These valix are most active at night as they enjoy the moonlight. Wind Valix have three individual tails made of feathers along with feathers on their ears. They’re the only valix that are able to fly without Nephilim transformations. Most often, a valix of this race, will have glowing tattoos and the tips of their hair fades into a cloudy mist.Masters of all things revolving around technology, electronics, and artificial reality. These valix are able to send out EMPs that disrupts all electronic devices within a small range, actions like these can be seen when one of these Valix lose control of their emotions or during an important event on the planet. Their tails are completely bare, allowing for additional fiber-optics to run through them without disruption like the rest of their body; this also allows them the ability to enhance these fibers for other useful tasks such as shutting down others systems and hacking weapons run off computer software. Their eyes can zoom to 50X and contain additional vision modes such as Thermal, Night, and Super. The ends of the hair for these Valix fade to pixels!♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡Tech Valix:The rarest of all Valix. They don't live in tribes. Tech Valix can't visit other planets. They can only be found on Omega II.Masters of all things revolving around technology, electronics, and artificial reality. These valix are able to send out EMPs that disrupts all electronic devices within a small range, actions like these can be seen when one of these Valix lose control of their emotions or during an important event on the planet. Their tails are completely bare, allowing for additional fiber-optics to run through them without disruption like the rest of their body; this also allows them the ability to enhance these fibers for other useful tasks such as shutting down others systems and hacking weapons run off computer software. Their eyes can zoom to 50X and contain additional vision modes such as Thermal, Night, and Super. The ends of the hair for these Valix fade to pixels!,All Valix environments and animals:Valix can survive in almost all kind of climates, they are just sensitive against too much heat (Except fire Valix & their hybrids), extreme colds (except ice Valix and their hybrids) and under water ( except Aqua Valix and their hybrids). Normal Valix can of course swim and dive but not breathe underwater.This is the Valix Sabre tooth Tiger they ride. It's the same size as an elephant and twice as fast as a cheetah. Its' wild and dangerous appearence, scares most of the Valix enemies. None ever made it to intrude into a tribe thanks to these strong and beautiful creatures. They aren't aggressive but very good hunters and very loyal companions!,Credit for the Elementals and Sub-species info text @Dame-of-Shadows
OPEN species: Kanohi ref sheet by CherrysDesigns
Deus Mortis Species Sheet by CherrysDesigns
Valix Ref sheets
Fire Valix environment by CherrysDesigns
Aqua Valix Environment by CherrysDesigns
Closed Species: Valix Species Sheet by CherrysDesigns
NEW: Soul Pendant Characteristics and Soul forms by CherrysDesigns
All Open Adopts
(closed) Adopt - Unknown Species 1 - VDay Edition by CherrysDesigns
(closed) Adopt - Unknown Species 2 - VDay Edition by CherrysDesigns
(CLOSED) 24h Auction - Bloom Valix 242 by CherrysDesigns
Various OC Designs UFTIncludes various CS. They feature:.:. Dreamy Ursa by @caliginousfay (full permission to trade them given):- 2 Ethereal MYO Slots- 2 Rare MYO Slots-2 Uncommon MYO slots.:. Soul Collector by @Marushi-Dracul .:. Valix by @CherrysDesigns - Includes first ever Aquatic Valix I also have designs for trade in the following locations: Only in that link, the numbered designs; any other section outside of this or the Closed Species folder is not for trade (NFT)And I still have these: And I'll make note of a few things:.:. First off, I'm looking for a 1:1 trade. For every one design you want from me, you must be able to provide one in return..:. Values mean little to me, and I'm willing to look at almost all designs. Please don't be worried that I'll only look at high quality designs, I don't run that way; feel free to offer away, I may see potential in a design and decide to go for it. Just please try to make sure the designs you offer have a full body ref ^__^;;.:. I would prefer not to be offered anything other than humanoid designs. I may consider anthros if their faces are more human than animal, but absolutely no ferals please; trying to get rid of all mine XD.:. Please be semi timely with your responses; if you take over a week to respond after I express interest, I'll have no choice but to cancel the trade, sorry ^__^;;Just giving this one more shot to see if any of these will find better homes. I'd rather not delete them if there's a chance that people may want them, ya know?So yeah, offer away! :3
Valix Nocturne (Closed) by CelestialNymph
CLOSED by TwilightOCS
Valix Adopts
[closed] 24H AUCTION - BLOOM Valix 240 by CherrysDesigns
[closed] 24H AUCTION - BLOOM Valix 239 by CherrysDesigns
[closed] 24H AUCTION - Valix 241 (MOON) by CherrysDesigns
[CLOSED] 24H AUCTION - Fire Valix 236 by CherrysDesigns
Jinxy Adopts
[Closed] 24H AUCTION - Jinxy 19 by CherrysDesigns
(closed) Knutty 18 by CherrysDesigns
(closed) AUCTION - Knutty - Choco Chip by CherrysDesigns
(closed) AUCTION - Knutty - Sunny Day by CherrysDesigns
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Mature Content

CM: Anubis x Nebula by Ihlosih
(Closed) Moon and Stars YCH by ReekaRose
(Closed Hiatus) Drink With Me YCH by ReekaRose
(Closed Hiatus) Land of Enchantment by ReekaRose
Harley Quinn - Valix MYO by ArtWeazel
Maklar my valix by ArkinAngeloWolfe
MYO Entry Valix -- Ibria by NightWriter33
MYO contest entry by Brutalwyrm
Finished and customs
Full Valix Ref sheet Sample (adult + baby form) by CherrysDesigns
Full Valix Ref sheet #3 (adult + baby form) by CherrysDesigns
Complete Valix Sheet (AB3 Option) by CherrysDesigns
Valix: The Pride - Full sheet (AB2 Option) by CherrysDesigns
Kanohi Adopts
(CLOSED) 24H Auction - Species: Kanohi #12 by CherrysDesigns
Siwina Adopts
(Closed) Amethyst Siwina by ReekaRose
Deus Mortis
( OPEN 24h) Auction Adopt - Deus Mortis 9 by CherrysDesigns


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