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Hello Pilgrim fans!

This group is for obviously Scott Pilgrim! It's for all the characters and for the movie and graphic novels.

Everything is aloud in the group, just nothing that disobeys the Deviantart guidelines.

I am no longer promoting so please don't ask.

Please upload to the right folders and have fun.
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Welcome to We-Love-ScottPilgrim

Hello! And welcome.
If you loved the 6 part book series or the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, feel free to join :heart:

This is a fan group for all the characters and all slashes






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Ohh can I join?
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Is this community dead, or...
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I guess wallace.
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You guess right!
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Awwww yissss xDD
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How's Scott today?
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I'm your 1,000th member!

haha! Congrats on a thousand!
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Hi, I would like to ask a question, what type of art can you submit here?
I know it has to do with Scott Pilgrim, but I have scene that OC's and art that looks like the style have been submitted here. I'm just curious.
intractable-anomaly Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
I'm sorry, I put mine in the wrong folder on accident! >m<
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