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Here and beyond by Kibi1411
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Mirror mirror on the wall by seiji606
Not Sure Where To Put It
SET PRICE - Sketch Portrait Commission[OPEN] by pogogu
Day 328/365 Shirry by Nahzo
Faceless in action by Awsomejet3D
The exploration in the afternoon by Inuhaaaaaaa
Founder- Co-founder and Admin folder
Caveman Warrior [OPEN ADOPT] by TheKikkaKibaz
DTIYS (2021) by TheKikkaKibaz
Iconic by TheKikkaKibaz
Bow... NOW! by TheKikkaKibaz
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3... 2... 1... FIGHT! by Foolish-Hearts
Cosmo across the years- by ColorCoookie0w0
No Lollygagging by Foolish-Hearts
Rescue by Aulove
Human OCs
Half a pin up by Coen2

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THE RIGHT MIX 2- preview7 by Alphadaawg
Day 329/365 Thistle by Nahzo
Day 331/365 Yari by Nahzo
Dress Up 1: Valentino by KaiMacTrash
Day 330/365 Yuri by Nahzo
Sri Ganesha | OC Design (Chintamani) [Shade]| [JH] by TheUnlimitedFortress
Day 316/365 Baby Brave: Shirry by Nahzo
Day 310/365 Shirry by Nahzo
Urgent OC Resale [open] by WanyanCafe
Day 300/365 Halloween Shirry and Thistle by Nahzo
Nightmare Romance by dreamychimera
[ CM ] Sweet Moment by NNEMUINEKO
Phoebus Apollo | OC Design (God of Music) [Line]| by TheUnlimitedFortress
Roni and Jupiter hugging by CureAtikamekw
Multiple-Groups of OCs
Happy Thanksgiving 2021 by MadDoggoArt
Glam Girls by YoursTrulyHamasaki
OC-tober. 30 Slither by Cranash64
OC-tober. 28 Crispy by Cranash64
Adopt auction [ OPEN ] by AnahoSilver
Halloween Noah! by Niverdia
Mr. Pinstripe Suit by HaraaJubilee
CD: Adorning Qi Lolita by HaraaJubilee
A Beginning Somewhere Else by ShinyTheButterfree
Mecha Sonic Awsomejet3d version by Awsomejet3D
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Nine of Swords Tarot Card (Demon-Nightmare) by DonFuchs
adopt | auction | open by Jesterry11
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LAWO_The girl and the fire_Page 014 by Aimka-storyteller
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OMIT on webtoons by Aimka-storyteller
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ShipsI thought it would be cute to make a post with all the ships I like (they are way too much). I had this idea because I found again a PMMM ship meme from some years ago. It’s ok if someone doesn’t like these ships, I already know some of them may be highly disliked. Please do not start a war in the comments or something. Just move on. Thanks.Puella Magi Madoka Magica:Madoka-HomuraMadoka-Kyoko (one of the cutest ships in the universe imo)Madoka-Sayaka (it’s not very popular but I absolutely love it)Madoka-Mami (I literally ship Madoka with everyone sorry)Kyoko-SayakaKyoko-HomuraMami-KyokoMami-NagisaMami-Charlotte (yes I ship witches too. I have some OCs based on the witches but I’m NOT talking about them, I’m talking about the canon witches)Sayaka-Elsa MariaSayaka-EllyJunko-KazukoOktavia-Elly Oktavia-OpheliaCharlotte-EllyCharlotte-AlbertineCharlotte-CandeloroOphelia-CandeloroRoberta-PatriciaKriemhild-HomulillyKriemhild-WalpurgisKriemhild-CharlotteKriemhild-all witches in general lolBonus:Hitomi-The trash canKyousuke- The trash canKatekyo Hitman Reborn: Belphegor-Fran (my favorite ship in KHR)Belphegor-MammonXanxus-SqualoXanxus-TsunaTsuna-DinoTsuna-GokuderaTsuna-RebornTsuna-ChromeKyoko-HaruHibari-DinoHibari-ChromeChrome-Mukuro (I really love this one as well)Chrome-KenAdult Lambo-Adult I-pinPanty and Stocking with Garterbelt:Panty-Stocking Scanty-KneesocksPanty-ScantyPanty-BriefFunamusea:Ivlis-Licorice (don’t kill me thanks. Even though he couldn’t control himself in Dangerous Night and he made a mistake, I think Licorice truly loves Ivlis and would keep him safe.)Ivlis-RietaIvlis-Yosafire (I know they hate each other but I think that if the war never happened they could become friends and/or fall in love tbh)Yosafire-Emalf (I repeat: Yosafire hates him but if the war had never happened and if Emalf had been nicer to her it could have worked)Yosafire-FrozeYosafire-RawberryMacarona-RawberryRawberry-PoemiEmalf-AdauchiChelan-FrozeCiel-LostRigatona-CranberEtihw-KcalbAter-ArbusGrora-Wodahs (only in their original forms. I don’t like Grora’s genderbender attitude)Reficul-SinCrea-PoemiYonaka-Defect MogekoWadanohara-SamekichiChlomaki-WadanoharaChlomaki-LobcoChlomaki-AterAom-LobcoZero-Lobco (I think they could have a healthy relationship if he saved her from Roc ;A;)Meikai-TatsumiyaMemoca-DolphiTsuribari-StellaTotsusa-UomiTotsusa-MikotsuNataka-Eruko (they are also my favorite human characters)Taffy-OliveJustim-VicersThe characters I ship with the trash can this time are Satanick, his subordinates, and all Gods except for Eti and Justim. I generally hate almost all Funamusea psychopaths, the only nice thing about them are their designs. I usually like crazy characters, but the ones of this universe are so fucking excessive and disgusting that I would burn them all. The only ones I can understand are the Wadanohara evil guys, Mikotsu doesn't even seem so evil, she is just corrupted by despair and I feel truly sorry for her (she is also one of my favorite characters in Wadanohara). Vocaloid/Utau/Fanloid etc:Miku-TetoMiku-LukaMiku-RinMiku-GumiMiku-NeruMiku-Juon KikuRin-GumiRin-LenRin-NeruSukone Tei-MayuYuki Kaai-OliverTeto-DefokoNeru-HakuIb:Ib-Mary (Mary is so obsessive towards Ib I honestly believe she may be canonically in love, or at least she sees her as a super best friend)Adult Ib-GarryThe Witch’s House:Ellen-Viola (I like to imagine them in a peaceful situation that can allow them to fall in love)Mad Father:Aya-DioAdult Aya- MariaMisao:Aki-Misao (they would be the best girlfriends)Aki-NovellaAki-AyakaI only ship these 4 because all other characters (except for Ogre who isn’t bad) in Misao are shit. Literal shit. Even the ghosts and the monsters were not as cruel as the humans in this game. They deserve to die in the most painful ways. They can go kiss a trash can like Hitomi. I feel sorry for Sohta’s past BUT I still hate him and he has no justification for what he has done. In the end, being ugly wasn’t really his true problem. The problem is that he’s a crazy piece of shit and I was happy when Aki smashed his head without mercy. Ok, sorry for the shit talking against the Misao’s characters. Yume Nikki:Madotsuki-PonikoMadotsuki-MonokoMermaid Swamp: Rin-Seitaro (they are made to be together it’s so obvious)Rin-YukaI like Yuuta as well but I don’t ship him with any character.Chloe’s Requiem:Chloe-MichelChloe-Charlotte Michel-CharlotteFive Nights at Freddy’s:Humanized Foxy- Humanized BonnieHumanized Foxy – Humanized MangleHumanized Bonnie – Humanized ChicaHumanized Toy Bonnie – Humanized Toy ChicaCrack ships:Sayaka (PMMM) - Squalo (KHR) (My favorite crack ship. I fucking love this one. I mean, they are both connected to blue color and water, one is a mermaid and the other has a shark, and they both use swords. They’re perfect.)Sayaka (PMMM) - Aki (Misao) (they both seem to like to fight with baseball bats. Well, Aki likes to crush people’s heads more than fighting, but ok. I can see a dark/crazy Sayaka beating people up with Aki)Madoka (PMMM) -Tsuna (KHR)Elly (PMMM) – Madotsuki (Yume Nikki) (they both seem to be isolated and lonely. Some theories even say that Madotsuki may have been Elly’s human form)Patricia (PMMM) – Misao (from Misao lol) (I ship them for the same reason I ship Elly and Madotsuki. The theories about Patricia make her similar to Misao)Lady With Her Umbrella (Ib) - Elsa Maria (PMMM) (THIS IS ABSOLUTE CRACK BUT IDK I THINK THEY LOOK SIMILAR AND SO I SHIP THEM KILL ME)Eyeless Girl (Mad Father) - Viola (The Witch’s House) (they look really similar tbh)Aya (Mad Father) - Aki (Misao)Aya (Mad Father) - Ellen (The Witch’s House)Madoka (PMMM) – Wadanohara (Funamusea) (in the Blue Sea Witch Ending, Wadda does a sacrifice similar to Madoka’s one. They have similar personalities as well)
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CENTIPEDE YCH (open) by ambryline
Commission Information
[OPEN] Custom Commissions 2021 by AcidicDoll
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Nesibyy (Art Trade) by Foolish-Hearts
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Faceless by Awsomejet3D
My enemy`s enemy by Cranash64
Animated icon for Cheese by KiboUniverse
Sleepwalker~Multislot YCH by Yo-Stta
ych #1 by lonin90
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Gift - Mara by Cranash64
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Eternal Night|OC Design(Will Domination)[Sketch02] by TheUnlimitedFortress
Viviyuuki's 2021 Chibi Commissions - OPENSTATUS: OPENProgress:-Slots:, Terms of ServiceThese commissions are for PERSONAL USE only.I reserve the rights over the final artwork (meaning: I can post them online to my galleries and use for publicity)All payments go through PayPal in EURO currency through invoice.I work with FULL PAYMENT upfront only.For larger commissions, payment plans are availableI reserve the right to decline any commission requestYou have the right to use the final digital image for personal use (i.e. print it for yourself, etc.)You MAY NOT resell the image to third parties (i.e. make prints or merchandise from my artwork for sale, or resell the original digital image for money)You will receive a high-res, full size watermarked PNG as well as a smaller versionPlease credit back to my social media when you use the art:heart::heart::heart:How to orderAfter having read through my Terms of Service, send me an e-mail to, a note here on DA (slower response) or contact me on Discord through Vivyana#3759, using this form:Your Social media: (at least one so I can contact you in case e-mail fails; DeviantART, Discord etc)Your preferred pronouns:Your email:Type of art: (character design, character art, wardrobe)Name of the character:Character's designer: (is it yourself, from another artist, game or anime?)Character's Reference: (a few good visual references in a st.ash folder or ZIP folder. I will NOT work with written descriptions only)Character's personality/traits: (just a few words, please avoid long stories and texts)Background: (none/simple/elements)(if elements, specify what you are looking for; e.g. flowers, gems)Other: (anything useful for me. Important details about the character's outfit, deadlines, specific poses, specific requests etc):heart::heart::heart:PRICESChibi ArtBASE PRICE: 60 EURO per character (price may increase with character's complexity)Background: simpleMax 3 chibi's at a time, ,,Character Wardrobe/Design(more examples will follow)BASE PRICE: 85 EURO (1 base design and 2 outfits)+ 15 Euro for any simple outfit+ 25 Euro for any complex outfitMax 4 additional outfitsBase character will be fully shaded; additional outfits will have flat color,EXTRASCharacters with complex design:+ 45 euros and upCharacters with a complex design come with an extra cost that will be decided depending on their difficulty. E.g but not limited to: long hair, various skirt layers, lace, patterns, tattoos, jewelry, wings, detailed armor and weapons...Weapons, pets, objects, etc.+35 euros and upPets, plushies, weapons and props in general may have an extra cost. No realistic animals/mascotsDo's and Don'tsDO:Character artDnD/Fan CharactersCustom designs and charactersOutfit and wardrobe designCharacters of any genderFantasy character of any raceWeapon and armor designPartial furry (ears/tails etc)DON'TRacist/Homophobic/Transphobic artPornographic/fetish artMechanical characters/robotsReally old or really young peopleCartoon- or realistic styleMLPQUESTIONSIf you have any questions unanswered, don't hesistate to comment or contact me. Thank you!...
We Love OCs Group Contest entries
CLOSED! YCH Auction 97 by lendi29

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couple part 2 by XealXephnosse
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Doll... by esAngeloAguilar
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#LAO150K Challenge by JeffHarrison02
Goretober 2021 - Saw by SNBX

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