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The Seamstress Page 1 Colored by BlazeSM
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The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) by minidynz
Loreline and the Prince Part 1Somehow my kingdom had been spared the onslaught of the League of Villainesses. But I knew that would not last forever, thus I called her to our world, to see if a truce could be made before any of my people would suffer.I knew she had arrived not through our meeting but by word spreading through the capital. The witch had taken residence in the most lavish inn, getting all of the rooms to herself. How... I did not know. For all her infamy I was yet to meet her. The fact wasn't something that brought me any kind of distress mind you, but it did speak volumes about her, and every little piece of help was needed. She has arrived... and played her hand already.She wanted me to come to her, so that she could make me wait. In front of my people. MY people. Well, she can get comfy at the inn, I had other duties to attend to. It was inevitable that we would meet at some point. She on the other hand would waste here time here.That was the plan until she organized a ball at the inn. She had invited all of the nobles of the capital, including me of course, but now, we would be all welcomed in a city we called home... by her. The night arrived swiftly and I chose my best suit for the evening. I saw her the moment I entered, as all did the rest. She was surrounded by eager lords vying for her attention. Although I was never easily impressed I could not help but admit that the was indeed stunning. She wore a latex, black catsuit with golden embroideries on her gloves and thighs with sharp, stiletto heels adorning her feet. One would notice that she was wearing dark pantyhose beneath the catsuit as well. The catsuit was cut low to reveal an ample bosom and it hugged her body tightly, too show of her perfectly shaped figure.She was tall and slender with a brighter toned skin. Piercing blue eyes shone from a perfect face and thick blonde hair cascaded around her shoulders and over her lavish chest. Her voice was soft and silky, but indirectly dominant, even casually so."It's a pleasure to meet you at last Prince," she purred as she addressed me. I made my way from the door directly to her. I could smell her perfume before I even approached. It was intoxicating. "I'm disappointed my earlier requests were not met with any response. I had to make a ball for you to finally attend." I cocked my eyebrow as she spoke. I bowed. She did not."No such plead had come to me, my lady." I said politely. "I've been very busy. And you could have come to the castle like all other guests of my realm. I would have happily greeted you there.""But prince Nikolai, aren't we all?" She said and giggled. I ignored her obvious bait. "How do you like our kingdom my lady? Has your visit so far been up to your standards?" I asked. "Absolutely divine. Especially with you here, our talks can begin. ~ I do have some brilliant ideas for your little corner of the realms. I think all of you will like them as well, especially your, Nikolai." "Do go on, and it is 'your highness'. We aren't friends yet." I said casually. She batted her lashes at me and smiled politely. She was so close to me I felt her chest against mine, softly swaying, tingling my whole body. No one reacted, they had all walked away after we had started talking, as if on command."Your kingdom is beautiful. I love how the sun shines upon it and I love the people as well. But... it lacks something. Something that almost all of the other realms have. A mistress. ~" She said with her hypnotic voice. She smiled keeping her eyes fixed on his and her voice dropped to a lustful whisper. "If you end this evening by kneeling in front of me, my little Nikolai, I would conquer this realm peacefully. No casualties, only simple, intoxicating enslavement. And you would be one of my most prized slaves. My personal slave. ~" She lavishly licked her lips and played with my beard for a moment using her gloved fingers. I was lost in the enchanting magic of her eyes and the softness of her touch. She was utterly beautiful and her chest touching mine, sending me into a spiral that threatened to swallow me whole. Then as fast as it had happened, I shook my head and stepped away from her.I was ready for this. I had known she would do something of this kind and I was not about to falter. It was terrifying how quickly she was able to catch me in her web, but this is where the clock turns. This is where the League will suffer their first defeat."My kingdom will be just fine. And I will not be your slave, thank you." I shot her a look and for a moment anger flashed across her eyes. She was not used to rejection. "It will be your fault when all of the populace is turned into mindless drones, bawling at my boots." She said with a nasty smile. "We will stand tall." I said, curtly. Loreline grinned sardonically. "Your faith is very touching, I cannot wait to twist it into something I own. ~" She turned as if to go or to show me how well her latex catsuit hugged her lovely bottom but then turned to me again. An amused smile creased her lips and her voice took on its familiar seductive tone. "I wonder though. Who will break first... you... or your people." She said with an evil stare."None." I said, my temper rising."Oh, I'm sure. I'm sure. But I have just arrived and by the time I leave, your tune will be a lot different, Nikoali. ~" She smiled knowingly and pursed her lips. "I cannot wait to see you all, on your knees, corrupted. Worshipping your only queen. Your Mistress." With that she walked away with just a passing glance over her shoulder, that the whole of the ball noticed. I watched her leave as, again if on command, the men of the ball surrounded her, eager for a single word from the witch. I already missed her perfume and her touch... still... one thing was clear. These talks will not be peaceful and I would not give in.
Loreline's Brainless Toy: Game Over Stories IIGame Over Stories IILoreline's Brainless ToyLoreline's castle, as always echoed in moans of pleasure and pleads for mercy. Her slaves, robbed of senses, were used as furniture, shoe cleaners, milked until the last drops of their lives wasted away, or simply locked away forever... for her amusement. The man she had bound at her feet, would fare no better.He was already drooling. He knew that he should resist but it was as if his thoughts were becoming heavier and heavier. Chained and bound to her will. Loreline's hypnotizing words added more lead to his mind, only made him melt into putty inside of his bondage prison.And what a prison it was. Gabriel, a so called professor, was mummified from head to toe, with only his eyes, mouth and cock being visible. His body clad in spandex, suspended upside down by both straps and Loreline's magic, was at the edge of its limits and his mind was slowly turning into a pleasurable mush. But if he faltered... if Loreline got what she wanted from him, then the young rebel leader, along with his roguish band of liberators, would be done for.Of course, Gabriel saw and heard what happened to other victims of the Villainesses. In his bound form he was carried through her castle upon his capture and the pleasurable horrors inflicted upon some of the others were... Disposable... we are all disposable to them... "You'll never escape the addiction that I have created within your mind." Loreline told him, her voice as silky as her clothing. She was sitting next to him with her stiletto heels not two inches from his face. Her shapely legs were hugged by spandex stockings that ended just beneath her supple ass. Satin gloves and a dress of the same material completed the attire that made the witch look as elegant as she was cruel. "You tried and resisted, pulled away, but your mind always finds a way back here, into a reality where you are mine. You will become totally brainless and when I am done with you, well I will stick you inside of a wall with only your mouth visible to lick my boots and heels when I need you to. ~"Her voice was impossible to comprehend. The melody of it rung deep inside of him, where the core of his being was... and trampled it into dust. Meanwhile his cock was twitching as her silk gloved massaged it gently, keeping him just a step away from cumming. Gabriel was on the edge of sanity, he could barely think, he was shaking with bliss and his thoughts were a jumbled mess. The feeling of being at Loreline's feet was an endless ocean of pleasure that he could hardly comprehend. A jumbled mess of words was at the tip of his tongue but fear made him try and actually form a semi coherent sentence. "Stop... I cannot tell you where they are please..." Gabriel begged. "Those boys... are all I have please..."Loreline's eyes shone in amusement as she touched the tip of his cock playfully."No silly, I am all you have, and all you ever will have... even though you will never actually have me. ~" She said with a confident smile and girlish enthusiasm. His cock twitched at her words while his mind continued to shatter and melt. "In a short while you will be a mewling baby, licking my heels, not even caring that you have told me where your precious boys are. They, in return, will be broken as well, turned into slaves, given a pleasurable death or discarded... or all three. ~"Gabriel was succumbing to her mental domination, he could feel it, he knew he could not last much longer. "They... will... defeat you..." He said with the last bits of his sanity. He could feel the rosy thorns of her words binding his will and breaking it. Loreline simply smiled warmly, produced a steely iron needle with a dull end... and placed it inside of her slaves urethra. His mouth fell agape as soon as he felt it with dizzying bliss spreading through his edged body. There was no greater pleasure for him as he slowly lost all of his sanity and humanity. Beside his face, her heel and stockings shone alluringly, enticing him to snuggle against them and lick into oblivion."You are not even worth the ground I walk upon slave, and your boys will be the same way very soon. See, my sister Lexi is having her fun with the tournament and a certain snitch, while the succubii are invading another world, it was about time I found something more of a challenge and considering how big of a ruckus your boys have been making, they might just make me actually try." She giggled. "Or maybe they will be just another boring group of pathetic males trying to oppose me. ~""Ah...ah... don't..." He wept between moans of total pleasure. She cocked her eyebrow in giddy pleasure and recrossed her legs, putting her lower heel right at his lip."Lick slave, leave the rest of your mind upon my heel. And after each lick tell me where they are, repeat it until you break.~" Loreline said wickedly. His resistance, now utterly gone. With his body numb with pleasure he finally started talking just as his tongue touched her heel."At the old ruins of castle Donwick..."Lick.Lick.Lick."They have tunnels beneath the castle that reach further into the lands around, that is how they appear out of nowhere mistress."Lick.Lick.Lick."Goooooood slaaaave. See it wasn't that hard and all it cost you was a simple shattering of your mind. ~" She rested her pretty face inside of her silky palm and looked down at him with a smug smile. "Low lick the other heel... if you can reach it.""You know... few men ever managed to escape me. Fewer yet, are those that are young. Well, your little Alfred did the unthinkable... and for that he needs to be taught a lesson." She said with a giggle.With great effort and mindless twitches of his cock which Loreline didn't even look at anymore, he barely reached her other heel. The witch made no effort to lower her foot to help him out. He was trembling with anticipation, eager to serve... to please. Lick.Lick.Lick."Do a better job slave, I feel nice and comfy here." She said as she enjoyed every lick of his tongue. It made her tingle inside, looking at a once proud man debase himself for her like this. Weak for her beauty and casual, royal dominance. "Aren't my stiletto's nice, slave? How does it feel, knowing that you are my property now?""Yes! Yes goddess! I... never want to leave you goddess... this is heaven..." He squealed and looked up at her as he licked. Her pouty, glossy lips made her smile ever so tenderly sadistic. Gabriel was completely enthralled by her beauty and dominance and his mind, by now, was a mush of pleasure and edging. With a snap the wall behind Gabriel morphed him into it seamlessly, the only proof that he was still there was a little gap where his mouth stuck out. "Mistress... mistress please... I want to serve you-""Oh shush now honey. ~" The witch said as she got up and placed her heel inside of his mouth one last time. "I do have one last order for you. I want you to try and hold on to what little sanity you have left... for a month. Then I might release you and have you as my personal slave. ~"He licks happily at his mistress' heel. One last ray of hope that he clings to will be the final torment she gifts him. Of course she will never release him, she won't even remember who or where he is. But the joy she gets knowing that he will obey her order is priceless."This is much better than you deserved. Your life has been given new meaning and purpose as my human shoe cleaner. It's your first day so give it your all, you will be fantasizing about feeling my heel upon your tongue for the rest of your pathetic life. Though I doubt your horny, shattered mind will survive much longer without me. You are blessed that I am even looking at your lowly shoe lickers face, next time I won't even acknowledge you as I wipe My heels and boots all over you." She giggled. "Oh well, when you finally go mad I will still use you as a shoe cleaner. It's fun seeing you boys squirm. I could have broken you quickly but... where would the fun in that be. ~ Bye~Bye."Gabriel didn't even hear her heels click as she walked away, leaving another victim of hers stuck in eternal torment. She, on the other hand, had new toys to collect.

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Cleo A Naughty Alleycat :iconmarsj:Marsj 26 22
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In this group you are free to do whatever you feel is right to you, except for bad stuff and sick little moo cows (crazy people). So paint the colors of the wind with your own version of the rainbow, not with the version the "MAN" told you to do.
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