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For those of you visiting this site, we are on board working with Karissa Barrows on the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay Initiative. For those of you who don't know what is it's a project that is working towards gathering up the face models and voice actors who worked on the Mass Effect games and also gathering artists to create cosplay costumes for them. This project can't be done alone so please donate anything you can to the project. We (Mike and Jaki) are working hard at the moment creating chibis for the project and they will be free with your donation of at least 10 dollars. Our paintings are completely non-profit. We are spending our money making prints so that you can get one print of a character of your choice with each 10 dollar donation or more. For more information please visit the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay Initiative site on Facebook (and like it!) or the official site to donate. The links are provided below and you can view which actors/models are on board. Also, since we are still currently working on the chibis there will be a delay on your free print because we still need to make the arrangements for these prints so please be patient :)

Mass Effect Cast Cosplay Initiative Facebook…

Mass Effect Cast Cosplay Official Page…
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Sorry first time drawing a picture using this thing. I am slowly figuring it out... Except can't change drawing line colour?! LOL anyways...
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Thanks so much :D We love it.
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Hey folks!
Loving the new ones you're coming out with!
Just had a thought - don't know if you might like to go with it but might be useful...
1) good idea putting the watermark over the pics.
2) idea: add text to pictures and send them my way or Karissa's (I'll post them on Mass Effect Female Shepard either way) so that she can upload them into a FB album on the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay Facebook page and present people with info. I suggest the following:

"Want me..? <3
Go to and
make a donation of $10 or more
to the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay Initiative.
Then email the organiser at
to say you'd like to recieve this print."

Or maybe just "Want me? Make a $10+ donation to Mass Effect Cast Cosplay!" as a more prominent watermark? I dunno. Just an idea! :)
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Sounds great! I think we'll substitute that for the default deviant art watermark. Great idea! We will get to it and we'll send them to you two via Facebook or email :)
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LOL I'm not the boss, just an ideas maniac! I'm just a do-gooder based in the UK, slogging out the final stage of a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Bath. :)

But will be very happy to publicise. I was just asking Karissa on FB actually (just posted a message on her wall this minute) asking if you guys have started shipping your work to donors yet. I don't know her very well, LOL I hope she doesn't think I'm a pain in the arse for posting ideas for MECC to her all the time! XD

Was just thinking that'd be a nice 'story' to post when it happens. As for email... I get FB messages... but what's FB email..? If you need to contact me via email best to send to these two addresses: is my home address, is my uni one.
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Ah! I see! Well, thank you for your idea. I already sent Karissa an email earlier so we'll see what she thinks about it. I think it's great :) Right now we're discussing how to get the prints shipped out. I don't want to use donor money to ship them out so it's all out of pocket from us! Thank you for trying to help us out. I think spreading the word will be great to the cause :) I hope that the prints encourage people to donate more. Thanks again!
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I reckon it would be a good idea to use *some* of the donor money for sending prints out... If you had a flood of demand for it, it could get quite costly! That's the only problem with incentives. But if you can take less than 50% of the donation, you'll still be doing a lot better than most charitable efforts by businesses I can name that usually only donate maybe 10% and that's of the *profits*.

On the other hand if you don't get too much demand then by all means fund it yourselves!
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Great idea : ) But yes, for now there aren't too many to be concerned about. If it does get too costly, I'll ask Karissa about it, but only if the donors are ok with it. We wouldn't want to use up too much of it.
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