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Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser


black divider by ToxiceStea


:iconnewsboyplz: The folder for the challenge has been closed to submissions. Please link your entry in a comment in the bottom of the journal! Thank you.

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Do you have a favorite character from a Live-Action Movie, Animated Film, Novel, Short Story, TV Series, Broadway Show, Play, Theme Park or Comic Book (or from anything else I forgot to mention)? Then this challenge is for you!

This is an open challenge for your interpretation of your favorite character or characters in a photomanipulation or digital mixed-media piece. There are many wonderful stocks available on DeviantART that can be used to create a deviation.

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Be sure to read the following to view how the group works, as well as to verify what is expected in challenges and other submissions:

<da:thumb id="228842175"/>

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Rules for the Challenge:

:bulletgreen: All stocks must be from DeviantART and properly credited and linked back to the original stock in the artist description.
:bulletgreen: In the artist description put the group's name and the level the entry is being submitted to, as well as the name of the challenge.
:bulletgreen: Each entry must contain at least one known character, person, place, animal or object in order to be considered a Fan Art piece.
:bulletgreen: Submit the entry into the Challenge Folder! Submitting to an alternate folder may be the admins will miss your entry!
:bulletgreen: Do NOT use a watermark on the deviation until after the judging is finished for the challenge. Watermarks make the deviation difficult to view and mar the center of the work. Post the entry in a large enough size in order for the details to be easily viewed by the judges.
:bulletgreen: If you cannot submit to the challenge folder just send the link in a note to the group and it will be invited into the group's challenge folder.
:bulletgreen: End date will be April 15, 2015.

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

:iconnewsboyplz: You may use any available stock on DeviantART. The following stocks are presented to show what is available for use on DeviantART.

Belle 3 by faestock Elsa - Female Stock Reference 4 by faestock Jedi  - Stock Pose Reference 40 by faestock Red Riding Hood by faestock Merida 2 by LaJolieFilleStock  HARRY POTTER studio sets tour ,HEDWIG by Sceptre63 HARRY POTTER studio sets tour ,tomas riddle,s tomb by Sceptre63  Ginny37 by faestock Luna Lovegood 3 by intergalacticstock Draco and Ginny 5 by intergalacticstock Moaning Myrtle 8 by intergalacticstock Multitasking by PersephoneStock WDW Character: Aladdin Jasmine by wilterdrose-stock Indiana Jones - Stock14 by Joran-Belar The Monster Maroon ST II-VII / Stock6 by Joran-Belar Sherlock Holmes Statue by presterjohn1   Ophelia by lindowyn-stock Matt Joker 4a by jagged-eye Elle Batgirl 1a by jagged-eye Tigger Stock 2 by AreteStock Cinderellas Coach by Rivendell-PhotoStock Hobbit Hole 1 by Rivendell-PhotoStock Odin Throne 11-10-12_148 by skydancer-stock Alice in Wonderland 44 by AreteStock Cerberus by wind-princess Talyn Stone Twisted Snow White 4a by jagged-eye  Stein Zupancic Viking STOCK 01 by DiamonEyes Epcot Norway Viking Ship Stock by AreteStock Man Of Steel 101 by cgartiste Tardis(free for use) by NadiaDibaj Pallas - 29 by mjranum-stock
metallic divider by ToxiceStea

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Here is my entry #2
Ygritte by amethystmoonsong
Thank You! :iconbeauroseplz:
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ma seconde entree pour le concours challenge fanart malefique niveau 4…
Malefique by roserika
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Fan Art Entry Level Four:

H P Fan Art Dementors Attack by WDWParksGal
amethystmoonsong's avatar
Here is my entry  "Vikings"
Vikings by amethystmoonsong
Thank You! :iconbeauroseplz:
roserika's avatar
hello my entry for the challenge niveau 4 hunger games…
Concoursfanartchallenge by roserika
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My entry for the challenge Fan art, beginner category, thanks:  Conan in trouble
Love-and-Blades's avatar
I have my second entry all ready: The Decision
Had loads of fun working on it.
marphilhearts's avatar
If I am allowed to do a second entry, here it is. You may put it under intermediate.

Tinkerbell by marphilhearts
WDWParksGal's avatar
:thumbsup: Second entry accepted and level noted :aww:
marphilhearts's avatar
How many can we submit, and can they be older works? Just finishing up a Tinkerbell! =D
marphilhearts's avatar
First entry for beginner or beginner/intermediate - Sleeping Beauty

Aurora by marphilhearts  
WDWParksGal's avatar
She is just lovely! I think this is definitely Intermediate entry. Well done!
marphilhearts's avatar
Thanks! so much!!!
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Entry Currently in the Challenge Folder ~ Level Four:

Exploring Strange New Worlds by chevronguy
WDWParksGal's avatar
Entries Currently in the Challenge Folder ~ Level Three:

True monster... by Dark-Indigo  A Clock Work Orange by GurlinDaShadows
WDWParksGal's avatar
Entries Currently in the Challenge Folder ~ Level Two:

The Dragon's Child by Love-and-Blades  The Lion and the mouse by illicita  Alice by cazcastalla
Joran-Belar's avatar
Thanks for the mention.
I'm looking forward about the results.
Love-and-Blades's avatar
Hi! This contest sounds really interesting and I'd love to enter, but I have a couple of questions.
Firstly, how many entries are we allowed to submit? Because I have two ideas (from different source material) and I'd like to know if I can do both of them.
Secondly (and this might sound a little stupid) in one of my ideas the source material is somewhat... obscure. Nothing really 'known', you might say. Would this still be allowed? It's from a book, and I can link the Amazon page.
WDWParksGal's avatar
You can enter two entries, so feel free to create two different entries. Of course you can use something obscure. All fan art is accepted. A link to Amazon to explain is a good idea :idea:
Love-and-Blades's avatar
Ah, thank you for your reply! I'll be submitting my first entry soon Onew (SHINee) 
WDWParksGal's avatar
Be sure to link your entries in a comment at the bottom of the journal. The folder is closed to submissions. Thanks!
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