Earth Day's 'TRASH TO TREASURE' Contest!
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Earth Day is right around the corner, April 22nd. Every day should be Earth day, as it pertains to recycling. My mother used to say, "Re-use, Use-Up, Recycle", which certainly is more true today than it was in the 1950s and 1960s! To commemorate the day, I present to you, "THE TRASH TO TREASURE" Contest!

Trash to Treasure, Earth Day Contest

:icontrashcanplz: :icontreasureplz:

Running Dates: April 5th - May 15th!

Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22nd, which has been done since 1970. The focus is to educate people to practice conservation and to use-up, reuse, and recycle what would normally become trash and put into a landfill, and to continue do so all year long.

This contest will focus on PHYSICAL uses of taking "trash" and recycling it into "treasure". It could be a sculpture, jewelry, quilts and rugs, baskets, pillows, furniture or anything made from old clothes, rags, reclaimed wood, fallen trees, old flowers, aluminum cans, broken jewelry, old bottles/cartons and the like, OR whatever you can think of when recycling your trash back into usable items.

Examples of items made from recyclable trash:

Wall-E by Nataneko DIY WALL-E by FuroMustela Recycled jewelry by Frcreation ARTCAN, recycled jewelry by bijoutia Plastic Bag Rug by Sefia Pop Tab Dragon -shinkonryuu- by OniMushaKid :thumb186210194: Patchwork Quilt by sandra-crafts


:bulletgreen:Item must be NEWLY created for this contest. No limit on entries.

:bulletgreen:Must use materials such as leftover yarn, old clothes, aluminum cans, wood, string, foil, newspaper, magazines, Popsicle sticks, cardboard, reclaimed wood, old jewelry OR ANYTHING that would normally be tossed into the trash.

:bulletgreen:Must be a physical piece! NO drawings or digital art or any other types of art. Only photography of the actual entry is allowed.

:bulletgreen:In the artist description the entry MUST state what materials were used and how, and if a TUTORIAL was used, it must be included!

:bulletgreen:The contest will be judged. Judging will take approximately one (1) week. The winners will be posted in a news article, as well as at the CR Blog.

:bulletgreen: :judge: THE JUDGES PANEL :judge:

:iconkinipelahh: :iconalexandrasalas: :icontaweille: :iconomgitsacat: :iconpullingcandy: :iconmyntkat: :iconwdwparksgal: :icontopicality:

In case of a tie, the tie-breaker judge is TheFantaSim!!!

SUBMISSION CATEGORY: CONTESTS/2011/Trash to Treasure ~ using this link will bring up the precise submission category when you submit!
View the Current Entry Submissions!!

:trophy: PRIZES :trophy:

:bulletgreen: Dates: April 5 - May 15

:bulletgreen: :star: Best in Show wins 4000 points :points:

:bulletgreen: :sun: First Place wins 2800 points :points:

:bulletgreen: :relax: Second Place wins 2000 points :points:

:bulletgreen: :heart: Third Place wins 1600 points :points:

:deviation: Submission Category: Contest/2011/Trash to Treasure

:bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen:

:thanks: Many thanks to :iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13 for approving the contest and providing the prizes and setting up the category for the contest, and to :iconthygod: ThyGod for her idea to create a contest to commemorate Earth Day!
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elegiyohanesProfessional General Artist
when the winner will be announced? :eager:
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Well, I have yet to hear from two of the eight judges (one judge is in the hospital but I already replaced that judge and heard back from her), but since it has been so long I may send the ties (there are always ties) to the tie-breaker judge so I can get this contest announced!
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HiddenTreasuryProfessional General Artist
oh is it too late to enter the contest?
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It just ended on the 15th! I am sending it to the judges. There are a lot of contests going on right now. I'll be sending out a journal with contests I've found to enter. :hug:
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thebangzatsStudent Filmographer
Would a non-broken wooden artist's model I threw out count as recycled? See, I love that I found this cause I do this all the time. I have an big shelf that collects various unused objects. Trash art ftw

Proudly displayed in my room in, a Fanta can impaled by over a dozen chewed up pencils, a old Halloween mask with headphones and googles, and a robot made out of bike parts with a detachable flashlight and a tin can pencil case on its back.

From reading I dug up that shelf and found an old artist's model that has bad joints. Can this be considered recycled? I have an idea but why bother when it's not counted as recycled.

If not, well, maybe I'll do something with that bag of old reciepts

Or both if it's allowed :D
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Anytime you pick something out of the trash, that would count! All those items sound like good entries!
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thebangzatsStudent Filmographer
Right thank you, can't wait to make a new sculpture :D
WDWParksGal's avatar
Sounds good! I cannot wait to see it :eyes: :hug:
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So are the results posted anywhere? Or is there a page with all of the entries that I can browse? =]
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Where it says "view the current submissions" ~ [link] ~ so far there over 100 entries :nod:
WDWParksGal's avatar
Thanks for letting me know! I moved them both into the official contest folder, so both entries should have the "Trash to Treasure" banner on them ;)
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Ooops, I didn't notice that. Stupid me!^^;
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Actually, I realized I didn't have the link in the blog as your comment caused me to double-check, so I added the link to the blog at CR!! :hug:
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bunnybunny4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, sorry but can u delete my entry called "Tears that never washes away" cause i submitted it by accident, so sorry about thar!
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Already done and I left you a comment :hug:
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bunnybunny4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much and so sorry for the inconvenience!
WDWParksGal's avatar
No problem at all. That is what my Admin Bar is for :hug:
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Would it count if I've made the item before and just 'recreated it'? I use 'trash' all the time in jewelry experiments, and hate throwing away stuff that could be used. :?
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Sorry I am bothering you again, but I have another question.

My mom has a slight hoarding problem so we have this giant drawer full of "craft materials" and I wondering if some of the things are okay to use. Stuff I was thinking about playing around with is pipe cleaners, food coloring, yarn, balloons, and glitter.

Again I apologize about bothering you again, but I really like this contest theme and I don't want to anything that will get me disqualified. ^^;
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Oh, yes... any time you use stuff that has been randomly hoarded that counts!
pixelated-pirate's avatar
Can it only be recycled objects? Or can you say make something, then paint it?
WDWParksGal's avatar
It has to be something that you would have normally have thrown away, so if the item you want to paint is something you made from misc. objects then that would count. Anything leftover from kits or other projects, bits and pieces of crafts, cans, bottles, plastic containers... anything that would be considered trash and reused will count. :nod:
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