A Legend in Entertainment's Birthday: Walt Disney

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Walt Disney. What images swirl in the brain when thinking of the name of this iconic man? That it all "started with a mouse"? Theme parks? Animation? Characters whose appeal crosses every generation? Fairy Tales? Mermaids? Amazing rides? Shows? Probably all those things and more. He changed the face of Entertainment as we know it all over the world and for all time.

Born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to his father Elias Disney, and mother Flora Call Disney, Walt was one of five children, four boys and a girl. Walt's father always wanted to farm, so he decided it was time to leave Chicago.

After Walt's birth, the Disney family moved to Marceline Missouri and Walt happily lived most of his childhood there. He sold his art for extra cash even as a youth. Art was his passion. Marceline is what Walt based Main Street on in the Disney Parks all over the world. Main Street was his inherent perception of what "Small-Town USA" represented. Family. Community. A Place to visit, laugh, live, have fun and feel worry-free... even if just for a little while. One Man's Dream

As a little girl I watched The Wonderful World of Disney on a black and white television set. I looked forward to the show on Sunday Night all week. I sat as close to the TV as my mother would allow then one day there was a miracle. Color! The Show was introduced in Panavision color! I just had to wait patiently until my parents could afford a colored-TV that had FOUR channels! The day that TV arrived has been imprinted on my brain forever.

When I walk down Main Street at Walt Disney World I feel like I'm "home". Since Home is "where the heart is" my heart is content at Walt Disney World. I have Walt To thank for that. Happy Birthday Walt.
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This is such a wonderful article! :heart: Thank you for including my photo, and I have to say that I love Disney too! :hug:
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You're welcome. I'm always surprised when I hear that someone doesn't like Disney :wow:
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GREAT article! Happy birthday, Walt! !! :party: :heart:
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Thank you :hug: he had great vision, which I'm thankful for! I love Disney!
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:cake: Without him we wouldn't have Walt Disney World :woohoo:!!!!
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btw, you're not the only one that feels "at home" when walking down Main Street (of course that's because I practically grew up there, so in a way it is my home :giggle:) -- Thank you, Walt for leaving us this wonderful legacy. :heart:
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I wish I were there right now :cries: ~ ~wolfgrrl has said the same thing about Disneyland. Sigh. I love it there and I've adored Walt since I was a little girl growing watching him on LIVE television!
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Great article, thanks for the info. :) And thank you very much for including my drawing of Walt, "A Legend". :hug: Nice b-day gift and recognition for the man that gave us so much. :heart:
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A wonderfully written article. He really has made quite an impact on the world with his wonders. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday to a great man. :D
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:hug: Walt has made such an impact. I read where Mickey Mouse is the most recognized icon in the world. People may not recognize heads of state but will recognize Mickey!
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He really has. :D I think I remember reading or hearing that somewhere before. I'm not surprised at all that Mickey is so recognizable. :aww:
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:clap: :heart: This is wonderful Phyllis. Very nice. I posted a link on my fb to all of my Disney buddies.
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:hug: Thank you. We must both share our love of Disney!!!!
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Great article :hug: I didn't know he was born here in the same city I was! Happy Birthday Walt, thanks for leaving us a wonderful legacy~! :heart:
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At The Studios there is an attraction One Man's Dream that has a tour of his original office, his connection to Hallmark©, the original camera developed to use for the perspective shots in the early animated films, all the original models of all the parks and some rides/icons.... then at the end is a movie about his life. That is how I knew his dad had wanted to be a Farmer.

My sister has visited Marceline many times. She lived in Missouri for years and she and her husband did dinosaur presentations in schools and they went back to Marceline several times with the show. It is quite obvious Walt lived there she said.
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Happy birthday, Walt!!!!! :party:

Thank you for EVERYTHING you've done.
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:iconballoons: :cake: :party: :heart: :iconballoonsplz: Disney fans all over the world are wishing him a happy birthday today!
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Great article! I just adore Walt, and look up to him.
This was awesome of you. :)
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Thank you. I have been a fan of his most of my life :hug:
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Wonderful article and lovely features ^^
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