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Hi there! If you're reading this, you're probably looking for information about my plushie commissions:

Commissions are currently Open!


☆ 100% custom embroidery - I develop all my own patterns.

★ My plushies are approximately 12 inches (30cm) tall, not including horns or manes.

☆ I use minky fabric - the gold standard for soft, luxuriant plushies.

★ Both canon and original characters available.

☆ Created in a smoke-free, pet-free environment.

★ Quality is my emphasis.

☆ My plushies are works of art, first, foremost, and always!


★ 12" tall pony (mare or stallion) - earth ponies starting at $250.

☆ For a pegasus character (add wings), add $30.

★ For a unicorn character (add horn), add $30.

☆ May cost extra for accessories (clothing, etc.) or complex or difficult features.

★ Price does not include shipping.

☆ Pricing available upon request for special requests or projects (larger plushies, etc).

Payment and Conditions:

★ I accept payment through PayPal.

☆ Half payment is due before materials will be ordered or work will begin.

★ First half payment is not refundable once materials are ordered.

☆ Second half payment is due when plushie is completed.

To order or inquire, note me here on DA or contact me on Discord: Winston#2894

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Hello! Are these still open and would you be willing to accept two? Sorry if this is out of nowhere! I have both a discord and insta i can contact you on since this dA is barren I just use it to lurk ahah. If I can't order two at a time I totally understand! Figured I'd ask before hand.