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heart of everything

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"open up your eyes
save yourself from fading away now, don't it let go
open up your eyes
see what you've become, don't sacrifice
it's truely the heart of everything"

(c)Within Temptation - The Heart of Everything

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Where's the version of this picture without the lip ring? Because I know it exists.
Stunning... O_o  Never seen such beauty...
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i was lead to this pic by a vid on youtube for the song lost by within temptation and they put a link and i followed it but i just love this pic
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thank you very much :aww:
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Oh my god she is beautiful!
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Amazing pic for an amazing song
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epic :wow:

[all copyrights mentioned in picture description]

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ok thanks and no problem, you can use it :aww:
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I love both the song and the picture.
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I was listening to within temptation a few years ago, i be doodling this character who wore a renaissance dress and an ankh. i still draw this fictional character, than i see this.
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I love this...
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very beautiful...but i think it's a little 'quiet' for the song. though, i understand what angle you're coming from. still, this is a little calmer than the song, it doesn't have the same type of strength. i think this would work more for their song All I Need.

I apologize if that doesn't make any sense to you :/
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So pretty!!! I love her ankh!!!
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this is amazing o.O :o I love it...
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I love this picture. I actually found on youtube and came here to my account. Your art is beautiful!
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