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It's Korea...^^
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The middle one reminds me of Totoro

edit: what is going on in the first one though???

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aw very sweet! ^^
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Awesome!!! They are so cute!
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great colors and great details, I love it!
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I luff the last panel! :heart:
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<xI AWWWW what a nonsensically cute picture!
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I'm listening to a song about raining and love at the moment as I'm looking at this pic.
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OP making cute face
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Great picture! I love the bottom panel! :D
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i like the very bottom one its just so cute, sweet, simple and clean ^^ (Lucas approves
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i love the first one the most
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yeah, its really cool, love the color choices and shading
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OMG! I loved the first one and the last one!
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that is so cute. and you are great artist.
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OMG.... The cuteness! I squeed on the one with Bulkhead and Prowl~ JUST PLAIN CUTE~<3

Bottom one is HAWT. :drool:
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The First one was extremely beautiful, too beautiful! that is my favorite one
The first panel is beautiful and soft almost like it has a sweet memory feeling to it. The second panel is just cute and innocent. The third panel I can see the conversation before hand:
Optimus: *looks up at the sky as rain pelts down thunder clashes off in the distance* Look Megatron, we're both really tall, really wet, really really metal and humans have this anomoly in the weather called lightning. Do I need to say more?
Megatron: *sighs and grumbles slightly* Fine.
Optimus: I know a place that's comfy and has hot oil. *hopeful smile on his face*
Megatron: *glances around to make sure none of his minions are watching* Lead the way, Prime.
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DAAA! the cuteness doesn't stop!
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It's awesome. Prime looks so beautiful but soo fragile.
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I love this, it has a very cute, soft feeling to it. :)
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I really like the last panel,
It's awesome.

Top one would make an amazing desktop...:ninja:
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I knew there was a reason I liked rain.
The first was so sad...:glomp: Op
The second was cute. I can just see Prowl trying hard not to smile..;)
The third..:blushes:
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