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Transformers 4

optimus prime as justice (tarot card!!)
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This would make a really sick tattoo!! Beautiful art ^_^ and god damn is he sexy lol 😍😍😍

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Nice art work you did.
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He is SO fragging handsome like holy slag!!!!! My heart can not handle it :heart: :heart:
SonicSpyroNiGHTS-Fan's avatar
A Knight of the free galaxy....just look at this guy!! Heart Love Heart 
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Omg! I love it, its so amazing! Are you planning on doing a full deck? I would /so/ buy!
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Nice art work you did.
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He looks very handsome with the red cloak!!:happybounce: 
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Optimus would make a great king. :) 
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This is so cool!
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King Arthur replaced with Optimus! OH! or King Optimus Arthur...Prime..? Nevermind! You get the point! XD  
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Or King Arthurus Prime?
ShadeTheHedgehoggie's avatar
Oooh~! I like that one! Yeah, we'll go with that! GIF Wander Over Yonder - Yes!! Sonic LA- Moving X3 
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Optimus Prime, the new Jesus. :o
I bow to him.
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Very nice!
Reminds me the tarot cards, and Prime got a good one, Justice.
Prime of the Round-Table
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I can't stop staring at this. Just, amazing artwork; very well done! :D
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5 different kinds of epic
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Very cool!
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The Knight Temenos. This probe's for you! 
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prime is in the house
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he looks very handsome, nice job!
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