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2007 optimus in TFA

2007 movie optimus of TF animated style

TF animated style is very hard...T..T
that opimus is poor....;;;;

I want draw girlish optimus~~~T_T

megatron X optimus.
(...erotic picture....keke >v<;;; )
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looks more like an Ultra Magnus almost...

MysteriousPrime168's avatar
looks alot better than the other one in there
SoundwaveTheCat's avatar
Yeah *fist pump in da air* dis better then dat sorry excuse for an optimus awesome job XD
Sarcastic-Aspie's avatar
If this could only be put into a cartoon...
Camichicamagica's avatar
TheLoneDucky's avatar
*gawks* I wanty!!!
kit126's avatar
I love this pic!!! it's so cool!


trans2rotf's avatar
He ha flames on his legs too.
evangelian007's avatar
Preety Sweet!
At first I tought it was Leo Prime.
T-M-N-T's avatar
Teh smexiness!! :heart: w :heart:
This looks AWE-SOME!!! =D
Love how u simplified the movie version to the animated version =D
Animated hard?? I find G1 and movie verse hard to draw TT^TT
InvaderDylan's avatar
now THAT is what optimus should've looked like!!
Minosayia's avatar
Wow...that's awesome.
SeCrEtFeTiShEs's avatar
Well that's just awesome isn't it !
LochCamaen's avatar
They made a big mistake not having Ani!Optimus look like this. I love this piece!
ToxicWarpy's avatar
Absolutely fantastic picture of Optimus Prime!!!! *squees* I think he's awesome!!!! :heart:
Sakkashinn's avatar

That SO needs to be the Optimus Prime in TFA! :heart:
NiGhT-sTaLkEr13's avatar
Looks very nice, it's extremely well done as well. Considering the differences and how you accomplished the cartoon look to him. Great work :)
PirateNikki's avatar
SEXY. :drool:

I love how you simplified the 2007 movie Optimus to this piece of AWESOME-NESS.
:heart: w :heart:
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Ha-HeePrime's avatar
This really looks amazing. Very good job dealing with the complicated design of movie OP. Very elegant simplification.
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