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Princess Ozma


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Purring Invasion 2020


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Mythical monsters preparatory sketches #50


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Inktober 2017 - Bluebeard

Fairy Tales

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The Halloween Tree Poster


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Princess Ozma

Children's Literature

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Rick Riordan

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Neverwhere Book Cover

Neil Gamian

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Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter

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The Woman in Black

Classic Horror Stories

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Fool Moon

Urban Fantasy

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Jiang Shi

Mythical Creatures and Monsters

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Flower Elf

The Fae

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The Dover Demon


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We Are But Men


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Avatar: The Last Airbender Poster

Avatar: TLA LOK

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Princess Mononoke

Studio Ghilbli

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i am a pirate..


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Rayllum Masquerade

The Dragon Prince

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Voltron Legendary Defender Group


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Cernunnos and Cerridwen

Pagan and Wicca

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'Phantasm' (1979) Review

Reviews and Rants

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Cartoon Saloon's 'Hadestown'

Theater: Plays and Musicals

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Over the Garden Wall

Favorite TV Shows and Movies

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Its June Yall,,

Tolerance, Diversity and Environmentalism

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A midsummer night dream - Atto 2 Scena 2 25-26


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Halloween Horror Nights Anthology episode 9

Intro: A fast montage of horror movies is seen, starting from Thomas Edison’s Frankenstein all the way to Halloween 2018 before changing to the set of a castle. An announcer says, “It’s the H.R. Bloodengutz Midnight Horror Show. Now here’s your host, H.R. Bloodengutz!” The titular character walks down a staircase and takes a bow to a cheering audience. After saying hello, Mr. Bloodengutz talks about the next movie they’re about to see. His lines are as follows: “When Richard Connell wrote The Most Dangerous Gamein 1924, he had no idea how influential it would become. From the chase for the Zodiac Killer to several film adaptations, notably the 1932 masterpiece starring film legend Joel McCrea and cinema’s gruff menace extraordinaire Leslie Banks. However, we’re here to honor a film that takes the basic concept of The Most Dangerous Game and dials it to 11. I’m pleased to introduce, The Foul Fists of Dr. Faustus.” The main episode starts after this. Main Episode: The scene opens


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Monster SMASH!

Universal Monsters

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Hatbox Ghost memoirs: The Tower of Terror

There’s hardly a place in the world without at least one attraction, location, or landmark that people claim to be haunted; some believe in the superstitions, while others scoff at the ‘pure nonsense’ of the idea. Of course, being a ghost myself (the Hatbox Ghost, to be precise), I can say that the supernatural does exist, and to not believe in it is a sign of ignorance. I should also say that the strange and bizarre are not something to be feared; rather, one should explore and experience them, as I have many times in life and death. As for locations, one only needs to know where to look, and they will find places where, as


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Rainbow Connection

Jim Henson

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Wonder woman


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You'll Float Too Bart


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The Mighty Nein

The Mighty Nien Vox Machina

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Stranger Dream Team

The Big Four

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three vampires and a catboy

Steven Universe

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Sketch 106

Gem Wars

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Laika Anniversary Paranorman


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The Seven

Game of Thrones

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Lydia movie musical cartoon colored

Tim Burton

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

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yet another humanstuck


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GND 341 - Shake it off

Roommates Girls Next Door and Oddford

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Grimmwoods Raikou reference


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HH - St. Patrick's Day - 2011

Horror High

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13 Days of ERMA-WEEN 2020: Day 8

Erma comics

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Punderworld Persephone

Greek Mythology

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Goddess Brighid cosplay VII

Irish Mythology

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Izanami Sketch Card - Classic Mythology

Japanese Mythology

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Lisovik- The Forest Spirit

Slavic Mythology

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Scandinavian Mythology

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