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Traveller: Gazelle Close Escort 'Dik-Dik' with Gig by wbyrd Traveller: Gazelle Close Escort 'Dik-Dik' with Gig by wbyrd
The gazelle close escort is a light long range high speed escort vessel designed for various roles including patrol, commerce escort, and point defense/screening duties for the fleet. It is too lightly armed to pose a threat to most warship but it is armed heavily enough to deal with fighters and assault small craft. It was originally intended for fleet defense and picket duties but some have been deployed for secondary missions as commerce protection, and piracy suppression vessels. 

It has sufficient jump range to travel with any fleet element, and make shorter consecutive jumps to keep pace with commercial convoys without refueling. It is fitted with drop tanks to extend its range. However, if these tanks are dropped its range is decreased, although it does gain a significant acceleration advantage if it's running "Slick" minus its drop tanks. in addition, it can self-refuel by skimming gas giants or landing near a water source and cracking local water for hydrogen.

It is armed with two Barbette type particle cannons, and twin triple mount laser turrets giving it a respectable punch for its size. Most lightly armored pirate craft, and armed merchant vessels are unable to withstand the powerful particle guns or shield against the radiological effects of the weapons. this makes it a lethal Pirate chaser despite its small size.

In addition to its on board weapons the Gazelle carries a 20 ton Gig as an auxiliary craft. the Gig is armed with a single laser and can act as a boarding/Inspection craft if needed.

The Dik-Dik is deployed on temporary duty in the Emerald Subsector of the Spinward marches, on piracy Suppression and priority Escort duties in that region. It has successfully completed multiple missions and has scored two confirmed kills of Pirate craft. the First was a Vargr Corsair, and the second and unregistered Corvette operating in support of pirates believed to be based out of The Sword Worlds Confederation, although the ships navigational logs were beyond recovery due to a direct hit from The Dik-Diks main guns on the ships bridge.
alam033 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016
The Gig is the small ship I suppose?
It reminds me of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels
wbyrd Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016
Yeah, the gig is the small one.....
Gigs are sort of multipurpose shuttle/boarding craft/armed scout...basically a space going HUMVEE..they aren't much good in a dogfight but they are useful.

the original was a very pointed triangular shape......I changed it a little.

Its sort of based off of the small ship from the end of the movie does share some traits with the Ghost...which is a damn spiffy design. I am going to have to try and do a version of it someday.
alam033 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016
Yeah, overall it is a very pleasant shape for a ship.
It took a while for me to appreciate the Ghost but it grew on me. Even though it's kind of overpowered (and don't let me start about the Phantom, it's basically a glorified Ford Fiesta that regularly shoots down fighters, just no) but yeah I like it and I really love the show
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