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Security/Self Defense combat Pod

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A single person manned pod armed with a single starship grade pulse laser, and an array of anti-personnel/anti-vehicle weaponry. It is constructed using older simpler technologies to decrease its cost, and make it available to a broader market base. The pod has relatively low acceleration, and a short duration of operation. It however is able to move in and among large vessels, structures, and obstructions with relative ease.This allows it to track and engage small craft, boarding parties, and individuals with great ease.

In addition it's small size allows it to be carried in the cargo hold, and exit the vessel through most standard cargo locks/ramps. This is sometimes used by owners who have need of additional firepower, or a vehicle that is able to fire starship grade weapons, or screen vs missiles and torpedoes.  In some cases mercenaries, and local authorities will discretely include a number of pods on a starship as a means of ambushing criminals, pirates or insurgents. The low acceleration, and mission time make it a poor choice as a front line  combat craft, it is sufficient as a small easily carried security, or self defense craft.

The pod is powered by a small  fusion reactor, which powers it's small gravitic drives, and it's single pulse laser. The reactor is mounted on the right side of the pod next to pilots cockpit, while firecontrol and lasing systems are mounted on the left side of the pod. the pilot has both radar, lidar, flood lights and high definition video cameras.  The pilot is also able to view his surroundings through a pair of large windows at the front of the pod, making direct visual inspections possible.

Usually employed as a security craft the pod patrols Highports, and shipyards, alert for signs of criminal activity, theft, or sabotage,, and assisting in customs, and commerce inspections by local Law enforcement and customs officials. Often the pods will accompany inspection craft, or boarding operations, standing off, or positioning themselves in locations where a ships weaponry can not fire directly on the pods, without maneuvering which gives the pods a chance to fire at extremely close range and continue to exploit a larger vessels inability to fire on smaller craft at extremely close ranges.

( preliminary Until final High Guard revision comes out)
Inter-Systems Design Systems D-982 "Piper" Security Pod.
Crew: pilot
power source: fusion reactor TL-10
Fuel: 1 day
Thrust: 3
Sensors: basic
Single: pulse laser fixed mount

Anti-personnel/Vehicle weapons
Fusion Gun
x2 VRF Gauss heavy machinegun
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I like this - simple, efficient and a plausible reason for its construction.

Excellent write up, especially about its cargo bay deployment technique :)
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Thanks that was what I was going for :D

I would love to see the look on someones face when that nice fat cargo ship suddenly spits out a squad of pods firing starship lasers...
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Hahahahhah what a cool image :D!