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Now open: commissions for custom illustrations
Now working n Erin Class Vessel designed by a friend at Citizens of the Imperium.

Commissions range in price on difficulty, and detail of illustration.

You are paying for my time in creating and texturing the model, not the renders of the model. I will provide up to 4 renders, from angles desired, and include a simple background 

more complex backgrounds, scenes, and simple animations will cost extra.

I would prefer cash, but points are acceptable.

Starting prices are 25 dollars for simple models,, with more complex illustrations increasing in price

Newest Deviations

M-230 LPV light Protected Fighting Vehicle by wbyrd M-230 LPV light Protected Fighting Vehicle :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 18 0 PTRD-41 (ish) Anti tank rifle by wbyrd PTRD-41 (ish) Anti tank rifle :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 15 6 Exterminatus Superheavy by wbyrd Exterminatus Superheavy :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 23 5 Centaur Mobile Gun Platform by wbyrd Centaur Mobile Gun Platform :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 17 7 Mauler Superheavy Mechanized Combat Frame by wbyrd Mauler Superheavy Mechanized Combat Frame :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 16 0 Valkiir Heavy Tank Company by wbyrd Valkiir Heavy Tank Company :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 23 3 Death Korps of Krieg Universal Carrier by wbyrd Death Korps of Krieg Universal Carrier :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 24 5 Banshee Fighters by wbyrd Banshee Fighters :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 21 0 Banshee Gunship by wbyrd Banshee Gunship :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 19 0 Endo-Exo Strike fighter Black Shuck by wbyrd Endo-Exo Strike fighter Black Shuck :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 14 0 Attack Starfighter:Gwyllgi by wbyrd Attack Starfighter:Gwyllgi :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 13 2 Cwn Annwn Endo\Exo Atmospheric fighter by wbyrd Cwn Annwn Endo\Exo Atmospheric fighter :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 19 0 Tie Dagger: Full Res Image by wbyrd Tie Dagger: Full Res Image :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 58 13 Tie Dagger: Swarm fighter by wbyrd Tie Dagger: Swarm fighter :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 21 2 Valkiir MKIV Universal carrier by wbyrd Valkiir MKIV Universal carrier :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 20 12 MK-VIII 'Hound'  Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle by wbyrd MK-VIII 'Hound' Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle :iconwbyrd:wbyrd 14 2


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by peterku

This style blade has a few similar weapons out there. In several games I have had a chance to have a blade with the same profile. HOWEV...

by peterku

I a going to buck the trend here and say leave the colors alone. The high contrast between the body of the gun and the power pack, and ...

by peterku

Great skin texture. I do not even WANT to know how tricky that was :) The fact you used different textures at different places makes it ...

Okay first impressions...NICE. a Good solid space opera sci-fi look to it. great detail, good visual appeal. It's not practical but som...


This style blade has a few similar weapons out there. In several games I have had a chance to have a blade with the same profile. HOWEVER. none of them were as well executed for a proper mix of brutal melee weapon with a definite sci-fi feel.

The mechanical design puts all the pieces together in a way that does not look as if it would break when used. it also seems to be something that was built for function as well as style. both of which are hard to balance out in a sci-fantasy weapon.
It has the definite "I want one" seal of approval.
M-230 LPV light Protected Fighting Vehicle
valkiir M230c U-spg gun down by wbyrd 

Crew: 2 Driver, and commander/gunner
Weight 8-10 tons
Length: 4.9m
Width: 2.35m
Height: 2.4m
Side: Small arms protection only
Front: 12.5mmAP  Protection

Top Speed: 60Kph
Engine: Turbocharged Diesel 
Optics: Day night  optics for driver and commander
           Thermal Imaging/variable magnification optics for Commander
Fire Control: network computer assisted direct/indirect fire system with GPS and radio voice/Data link to fire direction center

76mm Low pressure stabilized auto loading cannon
20m Stabilized auto cannon

The M203 Civet
The Civet is intended for light fast reaction fores and is meant to give an integrated organic fire support asset for company and battalion sized forces operating in amphibious or air assault roles. The Civet is an airborne fire support weapons carrier with limited anti-vehicle fire power. It was designed to be deployed by large tactical transport aircraft and heavy lift helicopters. Its lightweight, rugged suspension and power to weight ratio allow it to move rapidly to provide pinpoint fire support, or switch to a rapid response indirect plunging fire mode with the flip of a switch.

The thin armor leaves it vulnerable to heavy machine guns light auto cannons, and shoulder fired rocket propelled grenades. However doctrine indicates that it should avoid direct engagement with such weapons and use its indirect fire capability, or call for ( if available)air support from strike aircraft or gunships to neutralize them when they are encountered. 

The vehicle can be air dropped by parachute but is meant to be deployed by Low altitude parachute extraction (LAPES) or similar methods under most circumstances. it can be carried by heavy lift helicopters over short ranges and has limited shallow wading, and fording capabilities to deal with most streams and rivers. It lacks its own water propulsion system but a water jet has been developed and added to newer vehicles, and can be retrofitted to older vehicles. 

The diesel engine is a multi fuel variant which an switch between various types of fuel to allow it to make use of captured fuel supplies, or less than optimal fuels if the need arises. 

The crew is protected from gas and radiological contaminants by individual masks supplied with filtered and cooled/heated air from the vehicle's systems.  and a positive pressure system that prevents serious infiltration of dangerous airborne particulates. Individual crew positions are rather cramped and leave little room for personal gear, after full fuel and ammunition has been loaded, however external storage bins have been supplied for non mission critical items, and gear.
PTRD-41 (ish) Anti tank rifle
The PTRD-41 ws as simple as a rife could be, until you look close...fring a 14.5mm armor piercing round the rifle could deal wit ost early German tanks, and do serious damage to lighter vehicles to the end of the war. It looks very simple, but it has some tricks up its sleeve, it is a single shot rifle that uses a mechanical system to cycle the bolt, eject the spent casing and lock open so all the shooter has to do is insert a fresh round and close the bolt for a second shot.

The entire barrel and breech are on a  sliding mount attached to the buttstock unit and travel backward sightly as the weapon recoils by simple meal plate angled properly o the front edge the handle of the bolt is forced to rotate as it travels back. The padded cheek piece keep the shooter from putting his face directly behind the recoiling barrel/breech and allows him to use the offset sights effectively.

A tea of men coud transport the rifle, spot targets and engage them at considerable range giving an unpleasant surprise to the crew of earl german tanks. And somewhere in the world there are still a few of these beasts still giving people who think the metal hide of their vehicle, sandbags, or brick walls will protect them...a very rude wake up call from the 40s.
Setting here at six in the morning after another all nighter....Just sent the Draft of my Book to mongoose publishing.

it's 136 pages of brain burn for me....but at least now I can take a breather until the editors over at Mongoose send me the list of stuff I need to fix. then I am back on coffee, aspirin, and antacid till I get it right.

This is the first time I have written anything for publication bigger than a short article, and it's been a learning experience. I don't know how people who do this for a living manage to do this on a regular basis.  Hopefully i'll get to figure that out for myself.

Thanks to the guys and gals around here who gave me feedback, encouragement and advice. Some of you guys have been inspirations to me, helped shape my view of how to do game material, and my style( as pathetic as my scribbles are in my own opinion) 
    I felt like I was passing ten miles of barbed wire when I hit the send button a bit ago, I just hope when it comes out you guys don't laugh to hard. 



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