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Former professional illustrator from the RPG industry. I worked exclusively for Palladium Books Inc. (www.palladiumbooks.com) for 10 years or so and have artwork published in something like 100 books ranging from their Fantasy game to the well known Rifts line, though a lot of my work focused on their Heroes Unlimited super hero game line, primarily due to the fact that I authored a significant portion of the Heroes Unlimited supplements at the time and contributed to the second edition release of the core rules. Other books I wrote were for the Rifts line (Spirit West) and the Robotech license (Strike Force and expanded sections of Return of the Masters).

A number of factors contributed to my move out of professional art, and now I just try to find the time to make art in the limited free time between working a real job.

I'm constantly trying to keep the creative juices flowing and share with my fans as much as possible. In addition to the work here on DA, I am slowly working on other ventures with my art, including items not available here on DA, such as shirts and other items over at cafepress.com, and less mainstream (i.e. adult) experiments over at hentai-foundry.

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Heya! I love your Art and wanna ask two questions. First, I saw a.. afterdark picture from you, so is there a Acc from you for that?

And do you have a commission sheet? ^^

And got the 69 comment xD

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to even try and do commissions, so no on #2.

If you are referring to my uncensored stuff, you can find those over on Hentai Foundry under WBreaux.

Do you think you'll ever do some SWTOR stuff again?

Probably, but can't say when. I do Star Wars stuff from time to time, but it has been a while since I had the chance to actually play SWTOR for specific inspiration.

You're a very talented artist; your departure from the professional art industry is truly our loss. I imagine retiring from doing what you love is pretty tough to shoulder, but it's cool that you're still drawing - you have my respect. :nod:

Thanks! I really enjoyed working in an art industry, and not doing it full time is a struggle sometimes, but I get to draw what I want now and don't have to stress over deadlines, so there's that. It's been surprisingly good for my art though.