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Savage Land Cassandra by gb2k Savage Land Cassandra :icongb2k:gb2k 857 26
Resizing Option: removed.
Dear deviantART,
First I would like to say thank you for revamping a lot of our userpage functions. Some were and are still very useful, such as thumbnails, new page layouts, and all that good stuff. We really appreciate that and believe that certain changes are necessary to keep dA a lively, entertaining community.
That being said, I would like to bring out the subject of the lack of resizing pictures. As stated earlier, some changes are good for the community of artists currently on deviantART. Resizing pictures was one of the many options many artists including myself held very dear: it gives us the ability to 1) allow our art to be presented in a preferred size and 2) most importantly, prevented illegal usage of our art, be it photography, illustrations, or sketches.
You might argue that with the watermarking option, this "resizing" is unnecessary. Why resize when there's a watermark? Arguments in favor of the lack of resizing also include the ability for everyone to enjoy a
:iconkonoesuzumiya:konoesuzumiya 136 58
Auto resizing your art since March 18th!
I've just been made aware that DA has decided to (temporarily?) take away our choice of showcasing art in any width we desire.
That's right- if you upload a new deviation right now, you won't get a choice of "900 width" or "display original size".
Everything I upload, auto-resizes!

I decided to write a news article about this development of interest, since I don't see any official news or topics about this new implementation anywhere... only after 30 minutes found a topic about it on the forum.
What if today I want to upload a comic book artwork that is MEANT to be scrolled horizontally with very little height?
What if today I want to show a wallpaper that's 1800 pixels wide?
Statistically, only 10-20% of people click the "download" button- that means 80-90% of watchers will miss out on what I want to REALLY show.
Give me back my "display art in resolution that I originally uploaded it in" button.
From the forum post on the issue:
"We've recently changed our requirements for t
:iconalexiuss:alexiuss 2,703 1,159
Savage Dragon by jaredjlee Savage Dragon :iconjaredjlee:jaredjlee 17 12 Savage Land Tifa by gb2k Savage Land Tifa :icongb2k:gb2k 1,229 43 Princess Leia Pinup by stvkar Princess Leia Pinup :iconstvkar:stvkar 63 11 Bleach - Soi Fon by Moemichan Bleach - Soi Fon :iconmoemichan:Moemichan 556 106
Manga and Anime 'Most Improved' Contest!
:star: Manga and Anime Most Improved Contest! :star:
Welcome to the Manga and Anime "Most Improved" Contest!
The objective of this contest is to take a picture that drew/created and uploaded to Deviant Art from 2007-2009 and redraw/recreate it to the best of your abilities today.  This picture should be a recreation close to verbatim the original picture (Outfit, background, pose, etc etc).
Important note:
This means the picture should look similar to your old one just improved upon.  Take a look at my 2 examples.  You can tell that they are the same picture recreated with minor modifications (Shoes, ties, hair pieces, etc etc).
:bulletgreen: Contest Rules :bulletgreen:
The picture you are recreating must have been uploaded to your dA gallery during the years of 2007-2009.  The reason for this is if we allowed pictures uploaded this year people could cheat by making a dra
:icondamaged927:Damaged927 252 300
Jana version 2.0 by stvkar Jana version 2.0 :iconstvkar:stvkar 93 9 Tachikoma Blossom by VanessaFardoe Tachikoma Blossom :iconvanessafardoe:VanessaFardoe 49 21
Manga/Anime Repeating Contest December
Manga/Anime Repeating Contest DECEMBER 2009
Judging takes place on the second to last day of every month. Deadline is DECEMBER 30th at 11:59 PST. (Find Your Timezone!)  The deadline means that the note must be in my inbox before that time.
This Contests Theme is:
Holiday Decorating
Use your imagination!
Here are the rules:
     You can use old line art, or work for this contest, as long as some element of it is created for this contest. But put a little effort into it!    
The work must be Manga/Anime styled, and submitted into the Manga/Anime category. Not the Fan Art gallery or the Cartoon and Comics gallery, the Manga/Anime gallery. If it is not I will let you know that it is not in the correct gallery. I will still collect your piece though and come judging time if it is not in the correct gallery it will not be entered into the judging. 
:icondamaged927:Damaged927 75 27
In my last journal I talked about drawing more comics. I’ve been watching some older anime series lately, and it got me to thinking about what I like in anime (mainly pre 2003 or so). It also got me to thinking about what I’d like to draw in my own comics. I really likewhat those older series were doing in terms of action, adventure, and characters, but I don’t want to make a retro-revival, or a throwback of any sort. What I want to do is make something that gives me the same “feel”, but also takes into account what we’ve learned and maybe what we’ve forgotten in the meantime.  

I better explain what I mean by “feel”. One of my art inspirations has been the pinup and cartoon art of the past. My art doesn’t really look much like that, given that I’m using a totally different style, but that’s a major influence. That’s what I mean by feel. As an aside, I’m grateful I found an audience who appreciates this kind of pinup art.

So keeping that in mind, I need to do some more thinking to make sure that my comics really do have that feeling of something I enjoy, without being a copy or wallowing in my own personal nostalgic thoughts.

That’s something I’ve been thinking about lately, and hopefully something I can pull off. More on that when I get more done.

Art Trades, Requests and Commissions

The title says it all. If you have any questions, feel free to note me.

Art Trades: Open

I do art trades, when I have enough time. I don't want to be rude, but I've put a lot of effort into growing as an artist. I know I'm not a great artist, but I want to trade fairly.

Collaborations: Open

Same as Art Trades.

Commissions: I do not take commissions.

I do not take requests.

Zombieland Saga, after the Final Episode 

24 deviants said Minamoto Sakura
10 deviants said Mizuno Ai
9 deviants said Nikaidou Saki
8 deviants said Yuugiri
8 deviants said Yamada Tae
3 deviants said Hoshikawa Lily
2 deviants said Konno Junko


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Could you send me a note with what you had in mind?
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