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Sunrise in a Bottle 3


As is my custom, I bottled up another sunrise!

vintage December 2007 ... bottled with special care on the icy shores of Lake Superior. be served chilled on a cloudy day. :)


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I will feature this soon on my creative page in Facebook with a flas fiction woven around it. Will acknowledge you and here's the link so keep checking.…

Thanks for a brilliant photo.
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Your work has been featured. Check my recent journal upload at…
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It looks like the bottle is floating in the air.
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The colors are great in this one :)
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Sunshine, I have never drank the stuff. I have heard it tastes a lot like rum... arrrr. :pirate:

Excellent shot. :nod: The setup is perfect and the timing is spot on, along with a really nice exposure.
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I believe edited photos go under photo manipulations in digital art.
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featured in my journal :D [link]
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wow, i love this concept, and beautiful picture
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We need a bigger bottle :D
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lake superior is my favorite of the great lakes
it has the best rocks on the michigan shore

nice picture =]
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i'll have 2 to go please :D
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Mmmm, would love a drink of that!
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Beautiful shot. Cheers.
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Huh, I didn't comment? That's unlike me. I don't usually fav and not comment. :?

Anyway, I love the way this turned out. It's such an awesome idea, and you captured (no bottling pun intended) the essence of the sunrise so well. A wonderful pic.
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Delicious. :heart:
Beautiful work!
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Just like I do with your light globe series, I love this also.

The colours & framing are stunning, but your comments below certainly complete it. 4 years to mature like a good red perhaps, & there's a little sun in your eye to lace your smile =)

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful shot :hug:
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Green bottle - never boring! :lol:
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haha! I love this type of shot! It's really cool! :peace: =D
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Original shot!
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