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The Pokeball of Vulpix

:):) FOR XANTI123 :):)

Stock care of Ifelton here:[link]

render here: [link]

fire care of frostbo here:[link]

hope u like!!
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I love your personalized pokeballs! how do you do it?!
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wow.... these are absolutely AMAZING!!!!
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Wow this is so cool
derpmyBASS's avatar
Someone has stolen your artwork & not credit you: [link]
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They never said it was theirs, if you read the little 'note' at the bottom of their about me you'd see that.
Just. Stunning. Stunning stunning stunning!
JustAColorfulTrance's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous! :iconwantplz: I want it so BADLY~!!
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Vulpix was amazing to me before, but this has taken the cake from beneath my fork. This is amazing!
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The Vulpix looks so fascinated...
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dude! this art is amazing, and so far i've only seen lugia, vulpix, dialga, vaporeon and charmander. =D
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Oh my flippin.... Just yes.
Purple-Dragons's avatar
I love this pic and i also love vulpix
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T-T....its sooo....BEAUTIFUL!!!
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My favorite fire type
emeraldmaster's avatar
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Can you make a pokeball o APH Japan for me? pleeeeease??? :iconohpleaseplz: :icombegplz:
inthisway's avatar
My favorite pokemon :heart:
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