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The Pokeball of MewTwo

Stock care of luckystock here:[link]

lightning here:[link]

mewtwo here:[link]

hope u like!!
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Mewtwo (a.k.a. Mutu in my fan-fics) appears in 2 of my stories.
In both he is the Grand High King-Emperor of all Pokemon -and foe of all mankind.

In the 2nd he faces a far more powerful foe, SEPHIRA ! She is attacking him, not out of any sense of justice (she is totally evil -and totally insane to boot !) but because she is on a binge of multiverse conquest.
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Just looking at it makes my hands tingle
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Looks cool. I'm sure nothing less would be enough to hold him - even for a little while. Might be he breaks out of this one, too, eventually.
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Yay! Mewtwo is my all time favorite Pokemon! This is so amazing!
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A group on facebook has this picture on their page... I knew I recognized it from you. [link]
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this should be the electric type pokeball...
MysticalFG's avatar
Awesomeness overload. Kcccchhhhhhhkkkchhhh
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:+fav: Amazing work! *V*
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nice!! looks so real :P
SparktheJolteon's avatar
69th comment ;p XD but i love everyone of these pokeballs and your art and everything
Gabrielle-Flamerick's avatar
I llike this!! And all the pokeballs you made. But at first sight I thought it was Lucario or Dialga (you know, because of the colors) even when the name was in the title ._.. Anyways its an amazing job!!!
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is there a real pokemon ball or everthing made by photoshop ?? pokeball is really awesome and i want one too :D:D
psychicXpsychosirin's avatar
This looks a bit creepy... which makes it look even better!!!!!! :heart:
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The glowing orb in his hand crackling with energy, I was afraid that the thing was going to explode! Luckily, it didn't and out popped a human sized pokemon cloned from a legendary creature, mewtwo. This is a really cool poke ball.
spriteresource's avatar
Ooh! Brother's Pokeball looks scary 0_o Great job!
RiseOfChaos's avatar
Awesome work dude!
ParadoxalOrder's avatar
Me: My ultimate capture~

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as awesome as this is, MewTwo's energy is purple (as seen in the mewtwo/mew movie and in Super Smash Bros) I think this would be more Mewtwo-ish if it was based on that color scheme
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