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The Pokeball of Eevee

Stock care of gesiek here:[link]

eevee render care of supersleuth here:[link]

hope u like!!
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I do not like this... I love it!
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I WANT A EEVEE LIKE THAT IS CUTENESS 10000000000000% !!!Heart Underswap Sans Icon Request - Aurasans and Nightsans icons (part 2) HOPES AND DREAMS INTENSIFIES CharaLA GHOST HEART BROKEN  GHOST HEART Mystery Skulls Lewis Beating Heart Gif all undertale batle sprites Asriel eyebrows dogger.gif Flowey spazz Roleswap - Sans emoticon (Serious, GLASSES) FNAF World - Foxy Fighters - Toy Chica Avatar You won't get tired of my voice, don't you? *Derp Intensifies* What Am I Doing Happstablook Icon(ftu) 
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i swear my Roleswap - Sans emoticon (Serious) / Roleswap - Sans emoticon (Serious, GLASSES)  is ALWAYS mentioned in the same comment as the Underswap Sans Icon icon
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Picture is great too!
I love the Pokemon.
Introduce this picture on my blog, man?
Be erased immediately if you do not like.

I'll wait for a reply!
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This. Is. 

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Umm now I know the background was a free stock kind-of deal but is his a problem if someone was selling the image as their own? I found a person on easy that was selling the pokeball eevee part as a necklace.
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I found a necklace being sold with the Eevee on it as well:…?
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*O* ITS SO NICE! -Uses as desktop background bc is so cool-
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Eevee la icon Flareon La icon Jolteon La plz Vaporeon La icon Espeon la icon Umbreon La icon Leafeon la Glaceon2 la Sylveon La
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I made my own version of this without even knowing. :lol:

Pokemon: Eevee Pokeball by iDJPanda  
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Yours is exactly the same as this one. The background is the same, just greener. The same house is reflected in the pokebubble, even. 
No way was this a coincidence. :lol:
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The reason it's the same because they both probably used the same background stock, found here:…
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Nicely done o.O
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Im using this as avatar in a pokemon forum, i linked  your da page back ;)
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Dis ish ma background. o3o
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