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The Pokeball of Dragonair

Stock care of gesiek here:[link]

dragonair care of supersleuth here:[link]

hope u like!!
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That's rly pretty !
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Wow, you can use shit that isnt yours and then edit it a bit.
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Please, can I have your permission for using this in my fanstory? Well, it's a future story about a company who puts away all the pokemon, and on its logo is a dragonair. I would just put it in my first post and share a link and stuff. Please? It would mean a lot to me!
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If only this were real; I would totally pay to have this. Nice work. How long did this take?
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This is so pretty!
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amazing! *_* love it!
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Okay, I feel terrible. I've been looking through your gallary and I have to say, You Are AMAZING!!! I feel terrible because I haven't stopped to comment on any of the pictures I faved, which, btw, is quite a lot. I absolutely love all of your artwork, it's simply breath taking! How do you do it? I can only hope to become nearly as good as you are.
I was thinkging, "Maybe if I look at amazing artwork long enough then maybe some of the artist's talent will rub off on me."
It's hopeful thing, lol. Well, I just wanted to let you know that your artwork has got to be some of my favorite. Dragonair is one of my favorite pokemon too. XD
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wow that just awesome great job!
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Adorableness!!!1 :3 :D
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this is sooo cute >w<
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This is SOOOO cool! Its givin me an Idea. Thanks!
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Favorite Pokemon
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omg i wish you took requests for these ; u ;
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what would u like to see?
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This looks so serene
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perhaps you have a bunch of pokeballs ready to be shipped? haha :P awesome pictures :D
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omt beautifulness
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Soooooooooo cool but all of your pics are awsome!
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