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The Pokeball of Bioshock

stock care of chop-stock: [link]

big daddy here:[link]

band care of jonas-Daenert : [link]

hope u like!!

:):):)OK guys the latest poll is up , head over to my home page and vote for the all new pokeball line!!:):):)

:):):)And don't forget to watch me to have the chance to feature in the watcher pokeball II:):):)
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MonoSheep's avatar
Wow, this brought true design, but I wondered if he is going to be released? THis is pretty detail!
TheMatrixKiller's avatar
BioShock? Him cool make more :)
Clockspur's avatar
The Second Most Sought After Power after ADAM.
RubberyParts's avatar
Foe's Big Daddy used Drill Run!
It's a 1-hit K.O.!
simplyeddie's avatar
GAHH this is amazing 
thesicness89's avatar
oh my jebus this is magnifico
PetiteCake's avatar
You should really stop insulting video game series and other series in general by making ridiculously awful 3-D Pokeballs out of them.
Just sayin'.
snowex's avatar
Nice colours :D
mnrART's avatar
I'm glad there is such thing as freedom of speech so I can let you know I fucking hate every thing you do, where you put no effort into it, you could at least step up and try to improve your work.
Tell me do you do this for feeling better by getting a lot of comments and +fav? because it seem as you don't care a little about the art part in this at all, I know this is a community for eveyone but You also need to have a little sense of occasion.
blueeyes42's avatar
So pretty! So many feels! :D
ZeDybbuk's avatar
These quit making sense a long-ass time ago.
Sci-Fi-Masterz-All's avatar
Its REALLY colorful and eye catching!! :D
Ceasarex-the-mage's avatar
Between Big Daddy, Master Chief, Marowak, Cubone, that guy form Timeshift, Shyguys, and Kibuto, You really don't see their true faces. Such and interesting Trope... the faceless hero/villian
KentChan's avatar
Amazing!! :clap:
JohnKillinger's avatar
that's not a real Bioshock pokeball >.>, just a reflection of a B2 big daddy
hobojoe2013's avatar
Looks cool but has nothing to do with one another. lol
Kodasea's avatar
Very cool! I really love the colors, it totally matches Bioshock. :)
Harashika's avatar
Your technique is excellent.
entangle's avatar
what technique? look at the stocks and rethink.
Harashika's avatar
I was only complimenting your use of editing and effects and what not. I was not intending to offend you, as I apparently did. I retract my previous statement.
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