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Spyro Pokeball

stock care of struck-stock here:[link]

render here:[link]

hope u like!!
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Ohhhhh, super cool!!!!  Love the effects in this one.  Great job!!!
LittleAngel321's avatar
Spyro. Yes. That is freaking amazing.
Stickdust's avatar
I had tried everything this came at perfect timing for me this filled a void in my life you would excell at this
I had finally hit rock bottom this helped me back to my feet now there is no turning back no pressure just check it out
Baldos55's avatar
What font are you useing to write the name of pokemon on pokeball?in's not japanese or kana..what is?
Justro's avatar
You caught a bad guy AND Spyro?!?! :O
axellover123spyro's avatar
i love Spyro hes my childhood friend
Seku's avatar
THat has to be the most awesome pokeball i have ever seen
Krypt07's avatar
this is so epic
SaneMora's avatar
Amazing... Absolutely amazing.
AngelicHeart612's avatar
frost-747's avatar
oh god fantastic!
joeltonongkh's avatar
so cool. love the detail.
xCanadaxKunx's avatar
i LOVED spyro~! til they changed him....
nitewolfhuntress20's avatar
Same here. I'll stick with my original games, thanks. :)
OptimusPrimePax's avatar
Wow , Spyro ball is awesome :)
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Lumineo's avatar
Unfortunatly sypro isnt a pokemon. I wish he was! go spyro! use lightning breath attack!
GalaxyStone's avatar
awesome. I like Spyro!
Pliok14's avatar
Your work was featured here [link]
nitewolfhuntress20's avatar
Dragon-of-Faith's avatar
now THAT is amzing!
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