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Grass Type Pokeball

stock care of demoncherrystock: [link]

Band care of:

hope u like!!

:):):)OK guys the latest poll is up , head over to my home page and vote for the all new pokeball line!!:):):)

:):):)And don't forget to watch me to have the chance to feature in the watcher pokeball II:):):)
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how do you get the pokeball? is it a picture? if so could you send me it? :)
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The type that will forever got me hook on pokemon
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That is one awkward way of holding a pokéball
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Beware the power of the Grass-Type. Harm it, and fear the wrath of nature.
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Looks awesome
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As a grass type trainer, FUCK YEAH FOR THE RECORD BOOKS!!!
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I love all of your pokeballs so much, I'm saving them all to roleplay in my head :3
No, I'm jk xD Or am I? :linktrollface:
Love! <3
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Grass types ftw!~:heart:
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Gotta love the grass types! :D
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Its so pretty, I want one! :)
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Very cool picture! :)
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Stop it. Your shit sucks.
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everyone!!!! the trolls are coming!!!
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Im not a troll. Do you know what a troll is? It's someone who lies to rile people up.

Im not lying, his work is shit.
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if you really hate his work wouldn't it be better for you to offer helpful criticism instead and explain what makes it so horrible so that he can improve on his work.
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His work is uncreative. The first few were decent but now he's just doing it for popularity.

Plus many people have already told him that his photo-manipulations are shoddy, and that he takes official artworks from Pokemon, which is illegal.

Everything that can be said, has been said and he refuses to listen. He's just terrible and doing it for attention now.
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good your saying your opinion which is fine. But what you said before sounded like you were being a troll
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