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Judge Nez

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I've decided on my OC... had to go to a family reunion today, so all I got done today were inks and flats. will shade later and add info once I pick up the Judge's template from the group.

for now, observe and contemplate that rather odd looking water tailed lemur... who may, or may not have made an appearance or two in my gallery. he's getting a very much needed update :nod:

EDIT: large shaded version... since the reff sheet will be slightly smallish.

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Looks great, both character and familiar! :-)
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Are they starting a new one?
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I see. *smirks* I'm gonna do it this year Waz, all out. No excuses no stops. I saw the journal on the page, is there any more information up? If the tourney starts in January I want to be sure that I'm ready with my best material. And I'm not expecting any favors either, though super congrats on becoming a judge.
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heh, thank you.

we'll still ironing out some details. but auditions will start in January for sure. this we're all agreed on. so just save up your awesome plans until the big announcement :)
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Awesome. I can at least start on my own ref sheet. XD Tryin to put a peg out who my team will be.
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0.o Judge for what? Is this new or old? *found it in a Favorites gallery* OH MY WORD are you judging for Artists at the Ready how did I not hear about this!?
Whatever the case, this looks awesome, and the lemur thing is SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE! (Plus ANYTHIGN with glowign blue anything on it = instant win.) If you are, in fact, a judge, things will be most epic. Most epic indeed.

P.S. Hooded vests and cool armbands ftw.
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yeah, AatR3 is under construction for a 2013 run :meow:
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OH yes, I knew THAT. :icongrin--plz: It's who the judges are that I'm still rather unaware of. Now at least I know one of the people to thank for bringing it around for another go. ;) I have several friends who will be entering and who are quite excited! (Entering is currently not an option for ME of course, not with this side story I'm still working on from the LAST one, but I am excited nonetheless!)
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Seeing the determined look, I wonder what Phi will do to you this time...
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I remember that little water-lemur, or his casting form anyway. Your judge's outfit looks really cool by the way. Are those stars on the inside of the hood?
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yes... but in real life they are just blotches :XD:
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looks super cool!
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Hmmmmm! Is this your official character choice, then? I like the rehaul!
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yes, but that's his mini form. I just finished inking his casting form (which is a slight update to the water lemur you already know :) )
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Nez, you look like a boss as a judge. Awesome pic!

...who is that OC by the way? I don't remember it...
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he only appeared twice in his caster's form in my gallery. once for a meme and once for a lineart practice. this is his dormant or simple form.
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I see. Sounds pretty cool.
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Bad ass Nez is Badass.
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YAY! Too cute! I'm glad you went with someone new, even if I love your original team! Can't wait to see more!
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yes, this looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes
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