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Cheating Death - Act 2

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pony fan-fic cover commission.

as the story for act 2 introduces more characters, they will be un-blocked in the cover.

I'm only gonna wait until chapter one is posted though. I worked too hard on this thing to wait for Wil's writing speed.

Felix Jackson, the human. Harvey Stir, the grey unicorn. Shadow Step, the green Pegasus. Iginus Fusion, the yellow unicorn. her best friend, Ruby Spines, the dragon. and Soft Spoken (Bob), the lanky, kind hearted minotaur.

ponyville house vectors collected from :iconmlpfimonline: everything else is free handed. (including the windmill)

read act 1 here: [link]
read act 2 here: [link]
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This is the only place we at FiMfiction will be able to see the full cover art pic for Cheating Death - Act 2.... seems that the author is dead (or at least very indisposed) as the story has just up and died before chapter three every came about.
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When a crew as mis-matched and er... 'eccentric'... as this one gets together under the aegis of the Higher Powers, you can always be sure that Discord's will shall be done! ;)
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Nice to see an HiE story where the protagonist ISN'T a whiny, mopey bitch of a person, almost always makes for a good read. I haven't read Cheating Death yet, but if Act 2's cover art is in any way indicative of the writing quality, I'm sure it will be more than worth the read.
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WazagaHobbyist General Artist
I do recommend it. if anything, you'll be laughing yourself sick for the first 3 chapters. then be fairly surprised by the outcome at the end of act 1 :)
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I've gotten to Chapter 5 by now, after a decent reddit session. I've made good progress.
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Best pic of a human I've ever seen on a pony story cover o.o
He actually fits in pretty well
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WazagaHobbyist General Artist
thank you kindly :)
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Hah! The Grim Reaper as a pony lol.... and Harvey Stir (harvester)? One of the funniest play on names since this other story I read where Discord (disguised as a goat) calls himself "Disarm Honey" lol. Anyways, great piece of art.
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WazagaHobbyist General Artist
yes, as in a "harvester of souls" :XD: which is usually what a reaper does.

thank you for the complement :)
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Very cool!
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haha, such a lovely 'gardener in black' there, but still no one to outshine mort.
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UnmeimiruHobbyist General Artist
there's moar?? I figured it was done.

picture's got me curious now....
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WazagaHobbyist General Artist
each of those characters are fully vectored in color :)

once the first chapter is posted, I'll update the full image with a list of names.

also, one of these ponies is already in my gallery :XD:
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munomanaHobbyist Interface Designer
This is actually a fantastic picture! I've scarcely seen pictures like these around.
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WILIZINHobbyist General Artist
HEY! My writing speed is quite good! I just get distracted easi- Ooooooo shiny.
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Looks very cool. c:
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