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Cuddly toys must die

Wow ... Almost 5 weeks since I've submitted a deviation. So here goes! :)

Here's Louis scowling at a cuddly toy. ;) .. After all, cuddly toys must suffer claws and teeth!

What happened next? Have a look here .. ;)

Louis is part of the Jazz litter and he was named after Louis Armstrong. :aww:

Full view highly recommended!

Some facts:
Breed: Ocicat
Gender: male
Color: Black/silver spotted tabby (OCI ns 24)

Age: 12 weeks old when the photo was taken (born February 10th, 2007)

More info about Ocicats?
CFA breed profile
Wikipedia Ocicat article

More info about the (N)Oliveroci's ocicats?
(N)Oliveroci's home page (Norwegian)

Technical stuff:
Camera: Nikon D200 dSLR
Lens: 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor
Exposure: 1/60s at f/2,8
Lighting: Nikon SB-800 AF Speedlight on-camera flash

Quick FAQ:
"How many cats do you really have??"
I get asked this quite a lot. And I 'only' have two cats myself. They can be seen in my deviant ID. For more questions and answers, check out my FAQ journal.

"Can I use this image for [purpose]?"
I get asked this quite a lot too. Some don't even ask. My images are not stock and should not be treated as such. You may not use my images for manipulations and you may not submit my images to any other site. You may however use any of my images as a reference to a drawing or painting. Please send me a note if you use my images for reference.
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awwww, this reminds me of my cat! exept she looks at people like that....
knockeddown's avatar
you just know he/she is conspiring something evil!
Iornor's avatar
:rofl: Oh I love this one, Really great shot. :highfive:
psychotic-4-life's avatar
Well said, the title is just perfect. I laughed so much at this photo! Great shot :D!
Thats the look my kitten gives me. "I keel yoo"
The pattern on his fur is beautiful. And also.. I really love the shape of his eyes.
wazabees's avatar
Thanks so much for your kind comments! I appreciate it ;)
Little-Dark-Soul's avatar
The title and photo matches together. Classic.
NaturallyUndefined's avatar
What an adorably evil cat. Cuddly toys must die. XD
wazabees's avatar
hehe, thanks for commenting! ;)
gregshepherddesign's avatar
He looks so cute when he's angry ahhaha
yabbles's avatar
selected for journal feature! [link]
happy monday :wave:
Clair54SD's avatar
He looks like a little evil genius.
kets13wolf's avatar
I agree with Louis!
LeoCats's avatar
Great photo, the eyes are very expressive :) Beautiful kitty!
wazabees's avatar
Thanks for commenting :)
PandaxxBear's avatar
wazabees's avatar
Thanks for commenting ;)
ghostcharmer's avatar
ahahahaha!! ^w^ love da expression

(am i giving you de ja vu??)
sekai333's avatar
Supert katte-blikk:D Sååå klar for å kaste seg over den stakkars leiken!
wazabees's avatar
Tusentakk for hyggelige kommentarer! :)
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