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time to fight

this is one of my old pictures longlong ago. the story tells that a samurai and an old bonze looked at each other ,they will fight soon. I used a lot of brushes to make the serious atmosphere. I think the old bonze is more powerful then the samurai
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This is awesome!
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I love your work ! Great Job O_0
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Very nice work! I don't know what kind of brush i need to use to make such a thing. Congrats :D
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Telling an epic story with the mark making of his brush. Epic.
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You indeed succeed in making this piece very serious. The use of the brushes is amazing, well done!
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omg that background O.O
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I absolutely love the background, I could stare at it for ages ... :D
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Gorgeous. I love the atmosphere. You can feel the tension, like the calm of the storm.
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I really enjoy your style.
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This is awesome and reminds me of musashi
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fantastic art!!
Fantastic atmosphere!
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You have some amazing works in your gallery...if you don't mind asking...what kind of brushes you use to get that "paint brush" look? the default ones that come with PS?
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VERY nice work, yo.
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the background is intense. cya
your art is very good...samurai vs monk? I root for both!
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I feel the snow will turn red"!!!
that's awesome!! your great!
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