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Out Of Love

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Published: May 20, 2013
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Possibly unpopular opinion incoming. If you can't handle a simple opinion, please leave now. Think before you comment, please.

I do this, because no matter what it is I like or love, nothing is perfect. What people need to realize is, just because someone is a fan of something, it doesn't disallow them from criticizing it for its flaws/inconsistencies, questioning some things about it, or making jokes about it.

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britts-demesneHobbyist General Artist
I agree with your stamp. Anyone can like or hate a thing. And, it's okay to poke some fun at a thing, or even criticize it, because that said thing is not the Divine squirt from God -or, any resemblance of one.-

It was a thing that was made by a handful of people that made mistakes on it, and had to hand in their progress to the 'head's-up' before the deadline was due.

Once again, thank you for making this stamp. :°D
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a-paralyzed-mindHobbyist Traditional Artist
Damned straight!
If anything it's a sign of how deep my endearment for something is. :D
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YouTube poops and TeamFourStar dubs in a nutshell.
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stoned-ocean-420Student Digital Artist
Yeah, true. I love TFS idk they’re just really funny. And NKPower is a really funny YTPer who mostly does Peppa Pig and LazyTown but most of them have been deleted due to copyright...(they’ve been reuploaded thank goodness uwu)
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Rahula87Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I completely agree, loving something doesn't mean you have to enjoy it blindly, nothing is perfect this is life.
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I thought I was alone XD
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KyoyaP90xHobbyist General Artist
I recently now like Dark Pit after a long time of firing bullets of vitriol at him and his fans. Still doesn't excuse me from acknowledging and making fun of how edgy he is.
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tooni-piHobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE the Amazing World of Gumball (and other cartoons), but sometimes I like to rag on it. X)
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xXC00LKlDSXxHobbyist Digital Artist
Same here XD
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YoshiondiviantartHobbyist Digital Artist
I always make sure I make fun of the stupid Pokemon designs Game Freak has created, and the broken mechanics of Generation 1. Seriously, 6 eggs classifies as a Pokemon? I didn't know I had a wild Exeggcute living in my fridge. XD
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Jaguar24Hobbyist General Artist
Yep, totally when I was playing Kirby "i want you inside of me!"
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GraniteCheeseStudent Digital Artist
I picked at the dumbest or craziest parts from the season four finale of my little pony,
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And here I thought I was the only one. :D
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