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Straxus is after you

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You stole his golf clubs. Now he is after you.

Done for my own amusement, obviously, as it's backlit. ;)

Figure was pencilled, inked, scanned, coloured in Photoshop. The background is all Photoshop.
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"Mercy is not dispensed here, fool... Only DEATH!!!!"
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Very, very cool. I always liked the style of his helmet and his battleaxe.
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fargnayHobbyist Digital Artist
man, straxus rocks!! great pic
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GreyScale9Student General Artist
OO *runs*
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My favourite "obscure" TF from the marvel comic era... along with Emirate Xaaron!! cool drawing!
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I love Straxus. The more he shows up, the better.
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Another Staxus masterpiece. :D

Maybe I should know the answer to this question already, but why do you like Straxus so much? He could've been a great character, but he was obviously dreamed up to be thrown away from the get go. :shrug:
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He's fat ( I did not chub him up quite enough, ) he's got a cool face, he's got a killer backhand, and he had the Insecticons as his lieutenants. What more is there? ;)
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Doh, I should have remembered he had the Insecticons with him way back when. ^^;
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I like it! Except I hope he doesn't try to kill me. I'll bite his head and see how long I can stay attached before he whacks me. <_<;
Excellent job as always! :D
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DarkStaticHobbyist General Artist
Very nice...makes sense; after all who stole his clubs?
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So this is how you keep the Insecticons in line. ;)

Really good. You make him look fluid and graceful. Marvel Comics always drew him blocky and he looked like he'd move like a brick.
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there's no way I'd would want him(Straxus) after me :aww: :D :sprint:
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*runs away in terror*

Aah! Nasty pointy axe! Nasty angry Straxus! No clue who he is, but he look dark and angry! Aah!

All right, laughter aside, nice do! The pose takes the cake.

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awesome action shot. straxus is kind of an underused character in the modern universe.

straxus playing golf....bahahahahha!!
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Golf clubs? Heh. The mental picture of Straxus playing golf is better than your picture; I couldn't tell you if that's a good or bad thing. Perhaps you should draw it for comparison.
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Sketched it once. Is horrible because I wasworking from memory and not reference, but it gets the point across: Straxus playing golf
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diseasedpandaHobbyist Digital Artist
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